TOP 10 Smallest Breed of Goldfish That You Can Keep As Pets

Goldfish are not only adorable but also great pets to have. Interestingly enough, did you know that the smallest breed of goldfish comes in various types and sizes? Some of them may surprise you!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 10 smallest breeds of goldfish you can keep as pets. We’ll detail their size, lifespan, and maintenance requirements.

So if you’re considering adding one or more of these little creatures to your home aquarium setup, don’t miss out on reading our helpful guide!

Can You Get Small Goldfish?

Yes, you can get small gold fish! As mentioned before, there are various small types of goldfish. Some are incredibly smallest goldfish species (as small as the size of your fingertip), while some can grow to be quite large.

can goldfish live in a bowl

The smallest breed of goldfish typically found in pet stores is the Bodian. These little fish can reach a maximum size of 1-2 inches in length and usually don’t live for more than two years.

Other small goldfish breeds popular among aquarium hobbyists include the Celestial Eye, Celestial Pearl, peacock tail goldfish, Jikin Goldfish, ranchu Goldfish, Fantail Goldfish, and Ryukin Goldfish. In addition, there is a wide range of colors and patterns available for each type.

TOP 10 Smallest Species of Goldfish in the World

Pompom Goldfish

The Pompom goldfish is the smallest and most intriguing species. These small golden fish breeds weight grow to around 5 inches. They are best known for having the enlarged nasal septum in their heads as flesh-outgrowths that can detect acoustic noise.

Often these are called pompoms though they have a different name. It is available in red, orange, white, black, brown, and orange colors. There are egg-shaped heads, two tail fins, and two anal fins without aortic slits.

Butterfly Tail Goldfish

Butterfly goldfish is another goldfish genetically derived variant that is spectacular. Generally, they have long flowing tails that resemble butterflies from below. They have the same shape and body structure as regular goldfish but with a few differences.

They are more powerfully built and more proportionately shaped than traditional goldfish. The fins are also long and unique, making them stand out from the other breeds.

Celestial Eye Goldfish

The celestial bubble eye goldfish is an exceptionally uncommon goldfish that requires much maintenance. Those who have worked hard to get them can only be hobbyists. The Celestial Eye can grow to 5 inches in diameter.

They feature a dual wing and double anal fin, whose color is available from orange to red and black. As young adults, their eyes appear normal, but as they grow, they extend and protrude off their sides and ultimately become fixed upwards.

Eggfish Goldfish

Eggsfish Goldfish is raised from goldfish bred with fantails and has very similar physical characteristics but lacks dorsum fins. They are shaped like eggs, and the name is misleading.

Eggfish has pointed ears without growth. There are white, red, gold & bicolored variants. Goldfish Phoenix resembles Eggfish but has shorter tails.

Their caudate tail appears as though it was moving, making them fast swimmers and vulnerable to nipping off the bottom. They appear similar to the Goldfish Veiltail with no dorsal fin. It makes for a highly prestigious variety and is also very rare and expensive.

Pearlscale Goldfish

Pearl scale goldfish can also be considered one of the best small goldfish species. Often a golfing fish called gold is also known for its rounded belly.

The pearls shaped scale around their body are beautiful. They have a large scale which grew from extra calcium carbonate underneath their skin. Upon maturation, the rounded bodies develop beautifully.

Pearl-scale goldfish are genetically raised and are therefore found in no wild habitat. They are available in various shades, including oranges, whites, blacks, blues, calicos, and sombers. It has a height of 4-5 inches.

Ryukin Goldfish

Ryukin goldfish is the most popular smallest gold fish species of all. They are among the most peaceful and easy-to-domesticate fish in the world. They often have a long fin, egg-shaped body, and humped backs.

Ryukin goldfish variety has been developed from the fantail and is similar in size. It can also be bred to produce a variety of colors, such as red-and-white, orange-and-white, and black-and-white. Their bodies can reach up to 12 inches in length, depending on their care.

Fantail Goldfish

The Fantail Goldfish may have the usual traits among the giant goldfish. They don’t have big eyes. These are, in fact, the genetics of several goldfish varieties. They have oval eggs with two-finger sexes and sometimes anal fins. The body looks like a fan in the sky.

The shorter tails are called fantails. The fantail grows between six and eight inches and is offered in black, white, orange, or red.

They have become one of the most challenging fish on Earth since they have adapted to warmer waters and live at the bottom of the pond. Similar to Ryukin, Fantail Goldfish can compete with each other tank mates.

Veiltail Goldfish

Veiltail Goldfish is a true bride to an impressive goldfish family. The tail is much like the fantail but has an oval body with an extended tail that flows smoothly while navigating.

Its double tail is thin, translucent, and has a length of 4 inches. They have a larger dorsal fin than the fantails and can reach 2 inches and look larger.

Veiltails can withstand cold temperatures and are slow swimmers because of their large bodies and short fins. There will be no race for food. The sensitive horns can also suffer injury. You can’t put them in a competition fish.

Lionhead Goldfish

Lionhead Oranda GoldFish are Chinese fish and are popular hobby fish. The body is egg-shaped, rounded, and shaped. The tail has two fan-shaped tails and is not covered with dorsals.

Among the most visible characteristics it has is an apricot-shaped skin that it calls a hat. Unlike hooded vehicles, their heads can be larger for growth. This hood also grows in cheeks and gill plates and looks like a lion’s head hence its name.

These goldfish are 6-8 inches in size and come in red, orange, blue, and black. Calico, tricolor, or bicolor varieties have also become very common. The Lion Head has a circular body without a dorsal fin and can swim rapidly.

Telescopic or Moor Goldfish

Telescope eye and moor goldfish have several varieties of colors. Despite the differences, the eyes have the same shape that looks similar to telescopes which grow larger when mature. They are sometimes called “Dark Bubble Eye Goldfish.”

Their length is 6 – 8 cm, and their fins and tails can be large flowing. They were all delicate Goldfish varieties with eggs on their heads with terrible vision. Popular species are black moor goldfish. It’s lighter in color as juveniles and turns black with age.

Tosakin Goldfish

Tosakin Gold Fish originates from Japan. After the World War II bombing of the nation, only some Tosakin goldfish survived.

All Tosakin Goldfish spawning now comes from these animals. It remains rare worldwide and is most likely found in their home state. Tosakin Goldfish have an exquisite tail that is unique. It is the first goldfish of the species to have two separate tails at the bottom.

It’s fantastic looking down at these fish from above, their tails are gorgeous, and they have been nicknamed Cherry blossom tails. It possesses an egg-shaped body and a full dorsal fin.

Wakin Goldfish

Wakin Goldfish is an uncommon fish that can grow in ponds and aquariums. There’s a definite connection between a comet, golden fish, and fantails.

The body looks similar to Comet goldfish, but its tail fins resemble a fantail. These fish are sturdy and a strong swimmers. They have no special requirements, so you must also be very careful with your companion fish.

Amidst their fierce competition and enormous cravings, they won’t give food to fast-swimming goldfish. In aquariums, these fish should reach about 10 feet in height, and some Wakin Goldfish have grown much more in ponds.

What Is the Smallest Tank a Goldfish Can Live In?

The smallest goldfish tank size is usually 10 gallons or more, with one goldfish per gallon of water. For example, if you wanted to keep two goldfish in the same tank, you should get a 20-gallon tank.

Larger tanks are recommended because goldfish produce more waste than other aquarium fish and need a bigger tank to keep the water clean.

It is also important to note that goldfish should never be kept with other fish, as their size and waste production can be overwhelming for different small goldfish types.

How Long Do Small Goldfish Live?

Depending on its proper treatment, it can last 10+ years or more. Many owners of mini goldfish have reported having their fish live longer than 10 years.

However, the keys to a long life include providing the fish with a good and clean environment, regular water changes, and excellent nutrition. Keeping the tank away from direct sunlight or other heat sources can also help your fish live longer.

With the proper care, goldfish can live up to 20 years in some cases. Therefore, it is essential to take good care of them and give them a healthy environment to ensure they live for as long as possible.

What Is the Smallest Breed of Goldfish?

The Pompon Goldfish is the smallest breed of goldfish, typically having a maximum length of 5 inches (12.5 cm). They feature short, round bodies and long, drooping fins that give them a “pom-pom” look.

This goldfish also has an upward swimming pattern and unique movements as it swims around in the tank or pond. Pompon Goldfish are in many colors, making them a great addition to any aquarium or pond.

Can You Put a Goldfish in a One Gallon Tank?

No, keeping a goldfish in a one-gallon tank is not recommended. Goldfish require a minimum of 10 gallons for the first fish and an additional 5 gallons for each other fish.

Keeping them in a small tank can lead to numerous health issues, such as increased levels of ammonia, risk of disease outbreaks, stunted growth, and poor water quality.

Additionally, due to their natural swimming patterns and needs for space and activity – keeping goldfish in small tanks can also be cruel since they cannot move or swim as much as when kept in larger aquariums.

What Size Fish Tank Do I Need for 1 Goldfish?

Regarding fish tanks, size is one of the most important factors to consider. A basic rule of thumb for one goldfish is that you should provide a minimum tank size of 10 gallons.

However, 20 gallons or more would be ideal as this will give your fish room to grow and swim comfortably. Additionally, larger tanks are better for goldfish as they are messier than other types of small goldfish and require more space for filtration systems and water changes.

What Are Small Goldfish Called?

Which goldfish stay small? Small goldfish are typically referred to as “fancy tail goldfish,” but the most common type is “common goldfish.”

This type of fish grows to about 3-4 inches in length and can live up to 10 years when properly cared for. They come in various colors and patterns, making them popular with aquarium hobbyists.

Small Goldfish Price

The price for small goldfish depends on the species and other factors such as availability, quality, and size.

Generally, smaller fish can be bought at pet stores and aquariums for around $3 – $5, while larger varieties can cost up to $15 – $ 20.

Wild-caught fish are also an option, but they tend to be more expensive due to a long supply chain between capture and sale. Some tropical fish may even cost over 100 dollars each!

How Big Do Small Goldfish Grow?

The goldfish are generally around 2 – 2 inches long and rarely grow beyond 6 inches (16 centimeters). Goldfish are usually about 15 inches in diameter (30 cm) long.

The size of your fish will depend on the tank and the care you provide, with larger tanks allowing for more growth. In addition, providing good nutrition and clean water will ensure your fish have the best chance at reaching their full potential size.

Water Requirements for small goldfish

Goldfish ideally need temperatures from 70°F – 60°F while small fancy goldfish like temperatures ranging from 65° F – 70. Typical Ph is between 7.7 and 8.5, but they can handle more.

Also, water temperature changes rapidly, resulting in goldfish damage though this can be fatal. Goldfish can be kept healthy by adding 1-3 tablespoons salt to water every five gallons.

During the operation of sound filtration systems, a vacuum cleaner is used; the water must be changed 10 – 10 times weekly. The addition of an air conditioner helps maintain your goldfish’s water temperature.

Can You Keep Goldfish Small Size?

Can goldfish stay small? Goldfish are generally significant. If the tank is too tiny, fish will fail in growth or deform easily. The water quality in smaller tanks can be affected, too, and the fish could be exposed to nitrite poisoning too.

In general, keeping goldfish in tanks smaller than 10 gallons is not recommended. Providing the giant tank possible that fits your budget is best. This will give them space to grow, swim, and thrive.

Can a Small Goldfish Live in a 2 Gallon Tank?

Despite common belief, goldfishes are not suitable in small aquariums. They had to use 20 gallons for a fish and 10 for a different fish.

Can a Goldfish Live in a 2.5 Gallon Tank?

Yes, a Goldfish can live in a 2.5-gallon tank – but it is not recommended. Goldfish typically need more space to swim, so they should be kept in tanks with at least 5 gallons of water.

Smaller tanks do not provide the necessary water movement or filtration that larger tanks do, making them unsuitable for long-term goldfish care.

Additionally, due to their high bio-load (waste production), goldfish produce more waste than other species. Frequent water changes are essential – which can be difficult if you have a smaller tank.

Can I Have 2 Goldfish in a Small Tank?

No, keeping two goldfish in a small tank is not recommended. Goldfish are large and active fish, meaning they need a larger tank and more filtration than other fish.

A 10-gallon tank is the bare minimum size for one goldfish; they will need more than this if you plan to keep two.

Additionally, two goldfish in a small tank can lead to overcrowding, water quality problems, and even aggressive behavior. It is best to provide a larger tank if you want to keep two goldfish together.

What Is the Cutest Tiny Goldfish Breed?

The Celestial goldfish is one of the cutest tiny goldfish breeds. This breed has a beautiful iridescent coloration and is distinctively round in shape.

Its delicate fins are fringed with a slight tint of blue, and its eyes are large and black. The Celestial goldfish is best suited for tanks of 10 or more gallons and is a peaceful fish that can live peacefully with other peacock goldfish small species.

Twisty Tailed Goldfish for Sale

The Twisty Tail Goldfish is an exciting and unique breed, distinguished by its distinctive tail. It has a long body, large eyes, and typically a bright orange color.

This breed is often kept in tanks of 20 gallons or more, though it can live in smaller tanks if cared for properly. If you are looking for Twisty Tail Goldfish for sale, they can be found at most pet stores and online retailers.

Twisty-Tailed Goldfish Tank Size

The Twisty-Tail Goldfish needs plenty of space to swim, so it is best kept in a tank that is 20 gallons or larger.

This fish produces a relatively large amount of waste and therefore needs good filtration to keep its water clean, so be sure to choose a tank with an appropriate filtering system. Additionally, you will need to perform frequent water changes to ensure the health and safety of your fish.

Commonly Asked Questions about World’s Smallest Goldfish Breeds (FAQ)

What is the smallest fancy Goldfish breed?

The smallest fancy Goldfish breed is the celestial goldfish, which grows to about 2 inches in length.

Are small goldfish tanks ok?

No, small goldfish tanks are not recommended due to the high bio-load of goldfish and the limited filtration these small size goldfish tanks provide. Goldfish should be kept in at least a 10-gallon tank and preferably larger.

How Many Small Goldfish In A 20-gallon Tank?

It is possible to keep one goldfish per tank for 20-gallon tanks. However, if you plan to stay multiple goldfish, it is best to have a larger tank of at least 30 gallons.

How Big Do Single-Tailed Goldfish Get?

Single tail goldfish usually grow to around 18 inches in length and can live up to 10 years with proper care.

How Big Are Dwarf Goldfish?

Dwarf goldfish typically grow to 1 and 2 inches in length, though some can reach up to 3 inches. They are smaller than the common goldfish variety, which can grow up to 12 inches in length. Dwarf goldfish are characterized by their short fins and moderate size compared to other types of goldfish.

What types of goldfish that stay small?

What goldfish stay small? These types of goldfish that stay small, Celestial Eye, Pom Pom, Egg, Ranchu, and Lionhead goldfish are just a few varieties that stay under 6 inches, making them perfect for smaller tanks.

What is the smallest goldfish?

The Panda Telescope Goldfish takes the crown as the smallest goldfish breed! These cuties typically reach only 2-3 inches in length, making them perfect for miniature aquariums or nano tanks.


If you’re looking for the smallest breed of goldfish that only takes up a little space, consider one of the top smallest types of goldfish. These small goldfish types are perfect for small tanks or bowls and don’t require much maintenance. So, what are you waiting for? Start your search for the smallest type of goldfish today!

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