Can Guppies Live with Goldfish Peacefully Without Eating?

Can Guppies Live with Goldfish in the same tank? Are you considering adding guppies to your aquarium but want to know whether or not goldfish might eat them?

You’re not alone in this concern—many fish lovers are hesitant to add these two different types of delicate creatures together due to fears that the goldfish will make a meal out of the guppies.

Fortunately, with a little bit of know-how and some insightful tips from experts, it is possible for peaceful coexistence between guppies and goldfish.

Can Guppies and Goldfish live together

In this blog post, we discuss if it is safe to house guppies and multiple goldfish together without worrying about one becoming preyed upon by the other.

Can Guppies Live with Goldfish Peacefully?

The answer to this question is yes—guppies and goldfish can live together peacefully. In fact, with the right tank conditions and some simple precautions, guppies and goldfish can make excellent companions!

When adding any new fish to an aquarium, it’s essential to consider the size of the tank, the water parameters, and the type of goldfish you’re adding.

For guppies and goldfish to live peacefully together in a fish tank, their environment must meet their needs.

Goldfish and guppy fry sometimes get along – when housing them together, it’s essential to know that the larger fish may not provide a hospitable habitat for their smaller peers. It takes specialized care to ensure both guppies and goldfish thrive in harmony!

Do Goldfish Kill Guppies?

Goldfish are not known for being aggressive or predatory, so in most cases, goldfish will not kill guppies. That said, it is essential to remember that goldfish are opportunistic eaters and may be tempted to nibble on a small guppy if given a chance.

To prevent this from happening, you should take the necessary steps to ensure plenty of space in your tank and enough hiding places for guppies to hide.

Planting live java fern plants can also help keep the goldfish away from the guppies, allowing them both to feel safe in their environment.

Can Guppies Live in Cold Water with Goldfish?

Yes! Guppies and goldfish can live together in the same tank of water. As guppies are tropical fish, they prefer warmer temperatures, so it is best to keep them away from colder areas of the tank.

Goldfish, on the other hand, is a cold water fish and can tolerate a broader range of temperatures and usually do just fine in cold water conditions – so it is possible to keep both species happily swimming together as long as suitable precautions are taken.

Can goldfish live with glofish

To ensure each species ‘ health and safety, a good filtration system is installed in the freshwater fish tank to maintain stable water parameters such as pH levels, oxygen content, etc.

Additionally, consider their size and temperament when selecting fish for your aquarium; large or aggressive varieties may cause stress for small fish like guppies.

The Reasons for Keeping Guppies and Goldfish in the Same Habitat

Why do aquarists prefer keeping the two fish in the same aquarium? I have listed below the reasons the hobbyist have a number of guppies and goldfish housed in the aquarium:

  • Both species have different dietary and environmental needs, so they can benefit from each other when kept together.
  • Guppies and goldfish are peaceful fish that do not require much maintenance or specialized care – making it easy to take care of them in the same tank.
  • Watching the interaction between different types of fish species can be fascinating and amusing, adding an extra layer of interest to the aquarium.
  • Keeping goldfish and guppies together will save time and money while reducing your carbon footprint, as less water needs to be changed in one tank than in two separate ones.
  • Guppies help keep algae levels down in the tank, which benefits the goldfish and other inhabitants.

In conclusion, guppies and goldfish can live in harmony with one another when given proper care, suitable conditions, and plenty of space. With a little bit of knowledge and some simple precautions, you can enjoy watching these two peaceful species interacting with each other.

Ideal Water Parameters of Goldfish and Guppy Fish

Guppy fish are best adapted to temperature ranges between 73-80 degrees. Guppy fish can be found in water at pH levels of 6.7 to 7.8. Goldfish can be found at temperatures of 68 – 74 degrees Celsius. Goldfish live at a pH of 7.4.

When setting up a fish tank for goldfish and guppies, it is vital to ensure correct pH levels. While both species can survive in slightly different pH ranges, having a consistent level between 6.7-7.4 will be best for both species.

Tank set-up for Guppies and Goldfish

The tanks should be larger, depending on how big you need to house Guppies and Goldfish. Moreover, larger tanks will help keep the water tank temperature stable.

Change water temperature and pH at common values. Water temperatures are among the most common failures in maintaining goldfish and guppies in the same aquarium. The temperature range between Guppies and Goldfish can be established easily and quickly.

During winter, temperatures of 70 – 75 degrees (21 and 24-36 degrees) can be regulated at seven ppm. Guppie and goldfish are happy if they have an optimal balance. The heating unit needs control to maintain a constant temperature.

Invest in a Bigger Aquarium

Larger aquariums will accommodate fish and guppies more quickly than smaller ones. Both species can move freely. Likewise, water conditions remain stable in a large tank.

Include Plants, Rocks, and gravel.

These items protect the Guppies and Goldfish. Besides, they offer hiding spots when any of them feel harassed.

Provide Proper Filtration

When two or more species live together, the filter must be strong enough to keep the water clean. Installing a powerful filter with adequate carbon is essential.

Set the Right Water Temperature

Goldfishes are generally capable of sustaining a lower water temperature. That’sThat’s a good reason. Usually, the goldfish in the aquarium do not require heating or filtration. However, you must be sure the temperature of the water will stay constant.

Add Live aquatic plants to your guppy-goldfish tank.

Live aquatic plants help fish feel safe and secure, add oxygen to the environment, promote filtration, and reduce nitrates.

Can Goldfish Live with Mollies?

Can Molly and goldfish live together? Keeping Goldfish and Mollies together in the same fish tank is not recommended. Goldfish thrive best in cool and slightly acidic, whereas Mollies prefer warm water that is more alkaline.

In addition, they are pretty different in size—Goldfish can reach 4-6 inches while Mollies typically stay around 2-3 inches–which can cause a problem regarding food competition.

Therefore, although possible, keeping these two species together can be challenging and should not be attempted by beginners or those with little experience in fish care.

Can a Guppy Mate with a Goldfish?

No, guppies and goldfish are not truly compatible. Though they can live in the same tank, they have different requirements for water temperature, pH levels, and oxygen levels.

Additionally, their body sizes and anatomy differ significantly – without special care to facilitate mating between the two species, it would be difficult for them to breed together successfully.

Can Goldfish and Guppies Eat the Same Food?

Yes, guppies and goldfish can both eat the same food. Generally speaking, they are omnivores that sometimes feed on small crustaceans or insects.

In captivity, a variety of foods can be fed to them, such as flakes, pellets, mosquito larvae, live foods (bloodworms and brine shrimp), freeze-dried foods (tubifex worms), and even blanched vegetables like zucchini. Mixing different types of food for more balanced nutrition is also possible.

However, it is better to avoid overfeeding either species as excesses can lead to health issues such as obesity or digestive problems.

What Fish Can Live with Goldfish?

Fish that can live with goldfish in an aquarium include Zebra Danios, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Corydoras catfish, Dojo Loach, and Platy.

These fish prefer slightly acidic water pH levels (6.5-7.0) and a temperature range of 68 to 74 °F (20 to 23 °C). Generally speaking, all the species should be similarly sized so that no one gets hurt or intimidated by the larger fish.

The presence of plenty of hiding places is also essential, as well as adequate filtration and regular water changes to keep their water clean and healthy.

These fish get along well with goldfish, but it’s always best to introduce them slowly into the tank while monitoring their interactions. Hence, they form a harmonious community without any issues!

Will Oranda Goldfish Eat Guppies?

No, generally, goldfish won’t eat guppies. However, the size of your particular goldfish and your particular guppy may determine whether one can eat the other.

If you have a giant goldfish and a small guppy, the big goldfish may try to eat the smaller guppies in its environment. In this case, it is best to separate them into different tanks as a precautionary measure.

Can Goldfish Live with Tropical Fish?

Although Goldfish and Tropical Fish can cohabitate in an aquarium, it is not recommended due to the differences in their natural habitats.

Goldfish prefer cooler water temperatures (below 70 °F), while tropical fish thrive in warmer waters (75-80°F). The temperature difference can cause stress on both species, making them more susceptible to disease and death.

Additionally, certain tropical fish may become aggressive towards the slower-moving goldfish or take advantage of them as a food source. It is best to separate these two types of fish for their safety and well-being.

Can Guppies Live with Glofish?

No, it’s not a good idea to keep guppies and Glofish together. While both species belong to the same Cyprin genera, they are, in fact, quite different when it comes to their habitat requirements and behavior.

Guppies prefer hard, alkaline water, while goldfish prefer acidic water with high carbon dioxide levels for optimal health. Each other’s behavior can easily stress the two species, so combining them in one tank is rarely a good idea.

What Fish Can Live with Guppies?

Guppies are a popular fish for aquariums, and many other fish species can happily coexist with them. These include Suckermouth Catfish, Cory Catfish, Swordtails, Common Molly, and Platy Fish.

These species need similar environments as guppies regarding water temperature (72-78°F) and pH balance.

So if you’re looking to add some variety to your guppy tank without compromising the well-being of your fish, consider adding some of these other fish species!

7 Reasons to Not Mix Guppies and Goldfish in the Same Tank

1. Guppies Are Fin Nippers

Guppies have different temperaments. Indeed, you can only keep guppies from males because they’re colorful but do not reproduce. Several actions occur among adult guppies. Goldfish is a peaceful fish. Combined, they’d be fighting goldfish.

Adding extra room may solve the problem, but they’ll always find each other. Mixing can result in many broken tails, especially if you get goldfish with long-tailed fins.

2. The Temperature Difference is too Big.

The cold weather will cause me to keep guppies and goldfish in separate tanks. Guppies are fish that requires warm climates in tropical waters. Goldfish are more suitable in ponds, however. It is a coldwater fish, These Coldwater pond fish species prefer cold water.

The guppy thrives at a water temperature of about 70 degrees. What is the temperature in tropical countries if you don’t? Goldfish can survive at this hot temperature for brief periods.

3. Goldfish Grow Way Too Big

Although goldfish are different subspecies, the majority will grow larger. Some fancy goldfish varieties can reach up to six inches (10 cm) tall, while others, more widespread goldfish, can be as big as 30 cm long and weigh up to 50 grams.

When a goldfish and a guppie are purchased in a shop, they may grow so big that they might even be safe to keep inside an aquarium. But after he has outgrown his friends, goldfish can be seen as a tasty snack.

4. Feeding Will Become a Problem

Although goldfish do not need food for many different types, they are incredibly greedily hungry. It’s going on for the rest of your life. Imagine this little guppy trying to reach the food. Yes, guppies are fast, but goldfish in aquariums can cause difficulties in feeding guppies. We need to find out for sure that everybody is eating well.

5. Aggressive Male Guppies

Guppy males can be aggressive. The male and female guppy populations constantly battle to secure dominant and mating rights. This can be prevented by keeping an adult guppy with three females. Then males would avoid stress and reduce aggressive behavior by avoiding goldfish and female guppies.

6. Risk of Diseases

Almost every day, guppies get sick because they live within guppies tanks. The greedy goldfish can cause poor feeding for many puppies and even babies. In the case of poor health, guppies have weakened immune and inflammatory cells and are susceptible to infections.


So, can Guppies Live with Goldfish? Although guppies and goldfish can coexist peacefully, you should consider several things before adding these two types of fish to your aquarium. The size difference between the two species can cause problems, as goldfish may view their smaller tank mates as food. Guppies are also known to be jumpers, so a lid on your aquarium is necessary to prevent them from escaping. With careful planning, however, you can create a beautiful and peaceful environment for goldfish and guppies in your home.

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