Do Catfish Eat Goldfish? (Top 9 Most Safe Goldfish Mates)

Do catfish eat goldfish? It’s one of the most common questions when stocking an aquarium, and for a good reason – you don’t want a hungry catfish snacking on your beloved Goldies!

Thankfully, finding suitable tank mates for your golden-gilled friends is surprisingly easy.

In this blog post, we look at which fish can coexist peacefully alongside their smaller cousins and outline some tips on keeping everyone in the tank happy.

Do goldfish need tank mates

Whether you are looking for compatible species or hoping to find out more about why certain fish are not suitable as companions, you can ensure that your tank’s inhabitants will remain safe from harm by reading this blog post.

So if you have been wondering whether getting a catfish means saying goodbye to your finned family members– worry no more!

Are Catfish Aggressive to Goldfish?

Will catfish eat goldfish? Catfish are not typically aggressive towards goldfish; however, some species of catfish, such as the red-tailed catfish, have been known to be territorial and become aggressive when they feel their territory is threatened.

In general, it’s best to avoid keeping any species of fish together that could conflict or compete for resources.

Do catfish eat goldfish in fish tank

If you decide to keep both types of fish in the same tank, provide them with plenty of room and hiding places within the tank so that each fish can find a spot where they feel safe from aggression from another fish.

Additionally, providing various food sources and enough space for each type of fish will help reduce competition and aggression between them.

Do Catfish Eat Goldfish?

The short answer is no; catfish do not eat goldfish. However, it’s important to note that the size of your particular catfish species and tank setup can mean there is a chance of them nipping at the fins or tail of a goldfish if they feel threatened or stressed.

Therefore catfish are formidable predators, capable of reaching sizes that can easily overpower a large goldfish. If you want to keep them in the same tank, they should be similar, or you should opt for a larger tank size.

What Kinds of Fish Go Well with Goldfish?

Now that we’ve answered the question ‘Do catfish eat goldfish?’ it’s time to focus on the fish that make suitable tank mates for goldfish.

Good Goldfish Tank Mates

Below are nine species that can happily coexist alongside your Goldies:

1) White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes)

2) Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus)

3) Endler’s Livebearer (Poecilia wingei)

4) Bala Shark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus)

5) Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia spp.)

6) Gourami (Trichogaster spp.)

7) Corydoras (Corydoras spp.)

8) Loaches (Various Species)

9) Brown Bullhead Catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus

The above fish are all good goldfish tank mates. However, it’s essential to consider the size of your aquarium and the species you have when stocking your tank.

For instance, larger species such as the Bala Shark and Angelfish are suitable tank mates for goldfish, but they require much larger tanks than most other species.

compatible pictus catfish tank mates

Pictus catfish are generally peaceful and friendly fish, making them well-suited to a variety of tank mates. However, there are some essential factors to consider when choosing their companions:

Size: Pictus catfish can grow up to 5 inches long, so it’s essential to avoid housing them with much smaller fish like neon tetras, which might become snacks. They can also do well with similar-sized or slightly larger fish.

Temperament: Pictus catfish are not aggressive, but they can be a bit boisterous at times. Avoid pairing them with aggressive or territorial fish like Jack Dempsey cichlids, as they might bully them. Peaceful fish like rainbowfish, gouramis, and danios make good choices.

Water parameters: Pictus catfish prefer slightly acidic to neutral water (pH 6.0-7.5) with a moderate temperature range (75-80°F). Ensure their tank mates have similar water preferences.

Here are some good tank mates for pictus catfish:

  • Giant Danios: These active fish are peaceful and can handle the same water parameters as pictus catfish.
  • Rainbow sharks: They are algae eaters and scavengers, helping to keep the tank clean. They can be territorial towards other algae eaters, so monitor them closely.
  • Opaline gouramis: These beautiful fish are peaceful and relatively shy. They prefer slightly acidic water but can adapt to neutral levels.
  • Raphael striped catfish: These catfish are small (around 2.5 inches) but peaceful and good scavengers. They can help clean up any leftover food and residue.
  • Rubber plecos: These algae eaters are good tank mates for pictus catfish as they occupy different niches in the tank. Just ensure the tank is large enough for both species.
  • Other pictus catfish: Pictus catfish are social and do well in groups of three or more. Consider keeping them with other pictus catfish of similar size.

Some fish to avoid:

  • Aggressive fish: Avoid cichlids, Jack Dempsey fish, and other aggressive species that might bully the pictus catfish.
  • Tiny fish: Neon tetras, guppies, and other small fish might end up as snacks for the pictus catfish.
  • Fish with different water preferences: Some fish, like discus cichlids, require particular water parameters that might not be compatible with pictus catfish.

General tips:

  • Always research the needs of your chosen tank mates before adding them to the tank.
  • Start with a few fish and gradually add more over time, monitoring the compatibility and water quality closely.
  • Provide plenty of hiding places and escape routes for all tank inhabitants.
  • Maintain good water quality through regular water changes and filtration.

By carefully choosing your tank mates and providing a suitable environment, you can create a thriving aquarium where your pictus catfish and their companions can live happily and healthily.

Can Catfish Live with Goldfish?

Can you put catfish with goldfish? Yes, catfish and goldfish can live peacefully in the same tank. 

As long as you provide them with enough space and hiding spots within the tank – and avoid keeping fish species that could become aggressive or compete for resources – both types of fish can happily coexist.

Corydoras catfish are the perfect addition for aquatic tanks looking to accommodate smaller goldfish species, such as fancy goldfish. These petite tank mates are only mature at a length of 4 inches or less!

When stocking your aquarium, it is also important to remember that Goldfish and Catfish prefer different water temperatures.

Goldfish are coldwater fish, meaning they thrive in tanks between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-22 degrees Celsius). On the other hand, most species of catfish prefer warmer waters– ideally up to 77°F (25°C).

Can Catfish Eat Goldfish Food?

Yes, catfish can eat goldfish food. Although goldfish are omnivores and catfish are usually herbivores, both species can benefit from the nutrition provided by quality commercial goldfish food.

Additionally, adding variety to their diets – such as live or frozen foods – will ensure optimal health for your catfish.

Be sure to research the particular species of catfish in your tank to ensure that you provide them with a balanced diet that you can get from any nearby pet store.

In short, goldfish and catfish can live peacefully in the same tank – but it is vital to consider their size, temperament, water temperature preferences, and dietary requirements when choosing tank mates.

What Kind of Fish Do Catfish Eat?

Catfish are omnivores and mainly eat a wide variety of small fish, mollusks, insects, crayfish, snails, clams, and frogs. The list includes other aquatic animals, such as shrimp, tadpoles, and some plant materials, such as algae.

Different catfish species exhibit different preferences in their diets; however, most will consume whatever is readily available to them in their environment.

What do Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish eat?

These two fish are commonly referred to as trophy catfish. Catfish differ significantly in age and size from the channel cat. Flatheads and blue catfish have always been considered opportunity prey since their introduction.

They aren’t picky either. Fish they may consume daily are a good option for eating other food. Any prepared bait will work in trophy blue catfish and trophy flathead catfish fishing.

What Do Catfish Eat in the Wild?

Catfish are not picky eaters. All of us consume anything we can swallow. Because catfish do not usually eat teeth, they limit their size to their mouth size as well as their mouth size. Feeds change with each growth and may vary by catfish.

At a young age, their bodies consume various foods ranging from algae to insects, beetles to fish eggs. During the growth of the organism, they eat. It eats snails and other plants. Moreover, the live fish is served as a starter for the meal.

The large species can feed on frogs and other aquatic animals. Catfish are spotted eating stray animals. There’s an exception and no rule.

Do Catfish Eat Other Fish in a Pond?

Several fish owners and others in our ponds are curious to know how often our stocked catfish eats all other fish species. Will Catfish Eat My Other Fish? Yes, catfish can eat live water fish. The situation has forced some owners of ponds into avoidance.

Flathead catfish are predatory and can consume many species of aquatic life. The catfish usually feeds from pond water on small, dead fish and sometimes egg-feeding fish.

But if there is an abundant source of food like other fish or insects, they will also feed on them. It’s best to stock catfish with other species that are about the same size or larger than them.

You can have a happy and healthy pond with catfish and other species with proper management and a balanced food supply.

What Fish Eat Goldfish?

Many species of fish eat goldfish, such as larger Bass and Carp, Catfish, Trout, Walleye, and Northern Pike. Goldfish are often a favorite food for these fish due to the small size of their body.

Other predatory fish like Largemouth Bass or Sunfish are also known to eat goldfish when given the opportunity. Large Cichlids also have been known to consume goldfish occasionally, as well as Sturgeons in some cases.

What Fish Can Live with Goldfish?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, several fish species can safely be housed with goldfish in the same aquarium. These include African Dwarf Frogs, Corydoras Catfish, Kuhli Loaches, Snails, and White Cloud Mountain Minnows.

When selecting tankmates for your goldfish, ensure they are at most two inches in size and will not compete for food or resources.

Additionally, you should thoroughly research any potential tank mate, as some may require specialized care or a different temperature/water chemistry than what goldfish need.

Lastly, keeping an eye on all aquarium inhabitants is crucial, as aggressive behavior between members should not be tolerated.

Can Cory Catfish Live with Goldfish?

Cory catfish and goldfish can live together in a community aquarium if the tank is properly maintained and monitored. Corydoras catfish are a peaceful species that will generally ignore goldfish, and the two species should coexist in the same tank without any issues.

However, it is essential to note that even though these two species can live together, the Corys fish may not be able to compete with goldfish for food.

Therefore, it is vital to feed the Corydoras fish separately from the goldfish, as the larger fish may eat all of the food before the Cory can get to it.

Can Goldfish Live with Other Goldfish?

Yes, goldfish can live with other goldfish. Goldfish are social creatures and will generally form schools if given the opportunity. When kept in pairs or groups of 4-6, they’ll benefit from one another’s company.

As long as there is plenty of space, food, and a suitable environment for them to flourish in, goldfish can live happily and healthily in the same container.

Be sure to provide plenty of hiding places for each fish to escape any potential threats or aggression that might arise between individuals.

Tank conditions for fish to live with goldfish

To ensure the healthiest environment for your goldfish and other tank-mates, you’ll need to provide several key elements.

  • The first is an appropriate fish tank size; generally, a 10-gallon aquarium will comfortably house two or three goldfish.
  • Additionally, you’ll want to use the right kind of filtration system and substrate (gravel) on the bottom of your tank.
  • Also, it’s important to choose fish compatible with goldfish – shy schooling species like platies, zebra danios, and tetras make good companions for these social creatures.
  • Finally, it would be best if you had plenty of natural decorations in the tank, such as live plants or plastic replicas, as well as hiding havens like caves or driftwood, which will allow each species their own space from one another.

With these conditions in mind, your goldfish and their fellow occupants can thrive together!

Commonly Asked Questions about Corydoras Goldfish Mix (FAQ)

Do Channel Catfish Eat Goldfish?

No, channel catfish do generally not eat goldfish. However, they can become aggressive towards smaller fish in the tank and may attempt to consume them. Therefore, keeping an eye on these two species when they are housed together and removing any potential threats that may arise is essential.

Do Goldfish Eat Catfish?

No, goldfish are not naturally predatory and generally ignore the presence of catfish in the tank. However, if a goldfish is particularly hungry, it may try to eat a smaller catfish.

Can Corydoras Live with Goldfish?

Cory catfish with goldfish can coexist in the same tank as long as there is enough space and resources. However, it is essential to note that Corydoras may not be able to compete with goldfish for food, so it is best to feed both species separately.

Do Flathead Catfish Eat Goldfish?

No, flathead catfish are not typically predatory toward goldfish. However, they should be kept in a large tank with plenty of hiding places and should not be housed with smaller species as they may become aggressive.

Do Catfish Eat Small Fish?

Yes, some catfish species are known to become aggressive and may attempt to consume smaller fish in the tank. Therefore, it is important to research your particular type of catfish before adding them to a tank with other fish and observe their behavior closely.

Why Should You Not Keep Pictus Catfish and Goldfish Together?

Pictus catfish are known to become aggressive and can sometimes overpower smaller fish. Additionally, they compete for food which may lead to malnutrition for both freshwater fish species.

What Bottom Feeders Can Live with Goldfish?

Many bottom-feeders can live happily with goldfish, including Corydoras, Loaches, and Otocinclus catfish. However, it is essential to research the particular species and ensure they are compatible before adding them to your tank.

Do Catfish and Goldfish Get Along?

Yes, certain species of catfish can live with goldfish in the same tank as long as there is plenty of space and resources. However, it is important to understand the personality of your particular fish and be aware that some catfish may become aggressive.

Can pictus catfish live with goldfish?

No, pictus catfish and goldfish are not compatible tank mates. you shouldn’t keep pictus catfish with goldfish in the same tank, Pictus catfish are tropical fish that prefer warmer water temperatures, while goldfish are coldwater fish that prefer cooler water temperatures.

How big do Gulper catfish get?

Gulper catfish reach around 10-12 inches long, though some giants hit 14 inches! These bottom-dwellers pack a surprising punch, swallowing prey even twice their size.

Are pictus catfish aggressive?

Pictus catfish are generally not aggressive towards other fish, but they are opportunistic feeders and may eat smaller tankmates.


So, do catfish eat goldfish? While it’s not the most expected pairing, goldfish and catfish can be safely kept together. Goldfish are generally docile creatures that won’t fight much when paired with their more aggressive counterparts, meaning there is little danger of injury. However, it’s still important to research before making any decisions about fish compatibility, as even the best-case scenario could result in some pretty stressful living conditions for your pets. We hope this article has helped you determine whether or not keeping goldfish and catfish together suits you and your aquarium!

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