Can Glofish Live with Goldfish? Let’s Clear Up the Confusion

Glofish are a unique species of fish developed to provide aquarium hobbyists with the ability to enjoy vibrant colors in their tanks. But can glofish live with goldfish?

While glofish look like traditional goldfish varieties, they differ in one major way – genetically engineered fish.

It’s no wonder that when fish keepers want to stock their tank but don’t know much about maintaining a healthy aquatic environment, they often ask: can I keep glofish species and goldfish together?

It’s important to understand how compatible these two groups are. To ensure your beloved pet fish get along harmoniously, 

Can glofish live with goldfish 1

This blog post will closely examine what science says about the mixability between glofish and goldfish so you can make the best decision for your aquatic family!

Can Glofish Live with Goldfish?

Can goldfish live with glofish? No, Glofish should not be housed with goldfish. While they may look similar, they require very different water parameters and tank sizes.

Glofish (genetically modified zebrafish) are a tropical species that need warmer temperatures between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas goldfish prefer cooler temps of 68-74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can glofish live with goldfish

Additionally, Glofish require much more oxygen than most other coldwater fish, so it’s best to keep them in an aquarium with lots of aeration.

Lastly, due to their dynamic nature and larger size compared to goldfish, glofish need a much larger tank space – at least 20 gallons for each glofish versus around 10 gallons for each goldfish.

Reasons why you shouldn’t Keep Glofish and Goldfish together

1. Glofish and Goldfish Need Different Temperatures

Can glofish and goldfish live together? As I mentioned earlier, glofish are produced from genetically modified tropical animals. Glofish tetra and goldfish need different temperatures. Generally speaking, GloFish prefers a bit warmer water than your typical goldfish tank

Goldfish can thrive in temperatures between 65°F and 75°F while GloFish prefers a range between 72°F and 82°F. It’s important to ensure you have the right temperature for each fish species so they can stay healthy and live long lives.

2. Incompatible Behavior

Glofish are active, territorial, and aggressive. On the other hand, goldfish are peaceful and can end up getting bullied by glofish tank mates. They’re also very social and must be kept in groups of at least four or more.

3. Fish Tank Size Differences

Glofish requires at least 20 gallons of water to feel safe and comfortable. On the other hand, goldfish can be housed in tanks as small as 10-15 gallons. ConclusionIt’s not recommended that you house glofish and goldfish together due to their incompatibility in water temperature requirements, diet needs, and overall behavior.

4. Goldfish Will Make the Tank Inhospitable For Your Glofish

Goldfish aren’t real. The industry produces enormous amounts of trash daily. They can always be in touch with you to maintain the water quality. Since goldfish produce considerable amounts of waste, they evolved over centuries to be largely substandard in the environment.

5. You Will Need A Super Big Tank, To Begin With

The largest species in glofish families are sharks with lengths of around six inches. Most glofish varieties can reach about 6 inches. Moreover, some common and coma goldfish species have a length of over 1 foot. They’ll need huge tanks! Imagine keeping them with glofish sharks that use only 50-gallon water.

What Fish Can Live with Glofish?

What fish can glofish live with? GloFish are hardy and peaceful fish that can generally be kept with other small fish in the same temperature range (72-78°F). Common tank mates for GloFish include Tetras, Rasboras, Danios, Zebra danios, small Barbs, and other GloFish.

It is important to note that any fish you introduce should be roughly the same size as your Glofish so they don’t become prey or a potential bully.

Additionally, ensure they are all compatible regarding water parameters like pH and temperature.

Can Goldfish Be Mixed With Other Fish?

Goldfish are a mild-mannered species, so they can be kept with most other tank inhabitants that exceed the size of their mouths – making your aquarium an ideal community for aquatic coexistence.

When choosing fish to keep with your goldfish, select compatible species in size, water parameters, and temperament.

Overall, it is possible to keep Goldfish and Glofish together properly. Still, it is not a good idea due to their different dietary needs, water temperature requirements, and overall behavior.

how do goldfish mate
how do goldfish mate

It is best to keep them separate to provide the best living environment for each species.

What Fishes Can Live with Goldfish?

Choosing the right tank mates is essential to creating a harmonious underwater environment for your goldfish. We’ve experimented and done our research, so here are 10 beneficial buddies that can make an excellent addition to their aquatic home!

  • Zebra Danios
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnows
  • Celestial Pearl Danio
  • Tiger Barbs
  • Platies
  • Swordtails
  • Mollies
  • Cory Catfish
  • Bristlenose Pleco
  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Betta fish
  • Rainbow shark

When keeping any of these species with your goldfish, it is important to remember that they should all be similar in size and compatible in terms of water parameters and temperament.

Additionally, make sure you provide plenty of space for each fish in the tank so they can move around freely without feeling.

Can Tetras Live with Goldfish?

Can goldfish live with tetras? Yes, tetras can live with goldfish – but the size of the tank is important.

Tetras (like many small schooling fish) prefer to be kept in groups of at least 5-6 individuals and are quite active.

On the other hand, goldfish do best when kept singly or sometimes in pairs depending on the tank size.

The combination can work, but you must provide plenty of room for both fish and keep an eye on the water parameters such as pH, temperature, etc. Additionally, make sure to choose compatible tank mates in temperament and size.

Therefore, while keeping goldfish and tetras together is possible, it is always best to consider the size of your community tank and provide plenty of space for both species.

Can You Put Glofish in a Regular Fish Tank?

Yes, you can put Glofish in a regular freshwater fish tank. However, to ensure their health and development, they should be kept in 20- to 40-gallon aquariums or larger.

Glofish were developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s through genetic engineering techniques to add bright colors, such as red and green fluorescent pigments, to three fish species of Danios (zig zag danio, redline danio, glowlight danio).

To maintain their shiny color in captivity, it is important to provide them with optimal conditions for growth—namely, a temperature range between 72°F-79°F (22°C-26°C), disease prevention with proper water changes and filtration systems as well as providing nutrients from quality foods.

Additionally, plenty of hiding places, such as driftwood or rocks, will help create a more natural environment for them.

Will Glofish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, GloFish can eat other fish. Certain types of GloFish, such as the Starfire Red Tiger Barb, Electric Green, and Sunset Orange Tiger Barbs, are aggressive and can attack even the same fish species.

It is best to provide adequate space when housing multiple GloFish together since they may become territorial and start attacking each other.

Do Glofish Need a Heater?

Yes, Glofish needs a heater to help maintain a healthy water temperature and to prevent sudden temperature changes. A good rule of thumb is to use an aquarium heater with a wattage equivalent to 3-5 watts per gallon of water.

Additionally, the temperature should be kept between 74–82 degrees Fahrenheit (23–28 Celsius). Finally, ensure the heater is well-secured, so it doesn’t move within the tank, as this can cause dead spots where fish may gather and burn themselves.

Can All Glofish Live Together?

No, not all GloFish can live together – some species are more territorial than others, so it is important to choose compatible tank mates in size and temperament.

The most common GloFish types, such as Starfire Red Tiger Barbs, Electric Green Tiger Barbs, Starfire Red Danio, and Electric Green Danio, are all suitable for community tanks and can be kept together, provided there is ample space in the tank.

It is also important to keep an eye on any aggressive behavior, as these fish may become territorial towards each other.

Therefore it is best to provide hiding places such as plants or rocks so they can escape from any aggressive behavior. Additionally, it is important to monitor water parameters such as pH and temperature to ensure the health of your fish.

Can Goldfish Live with Goldfish?

Yes, goldfish can live with other goldfish, given enough space.

Goldfish are social and schooling fish and do best when kept in groups of at least 5-6 individuals and in larger tanks ranging from a minimum of 30 gallons to much larger depending on the number of fish.

Goldfish should also be kept with other goldfish compatible in size, temperament, and color. Avoid keeping them with aggressive fish such as cichlids or larger species such as koi.

Additionally, providing plenty of hiding places, such as caves and plants, for the more timid specimens is important.

Will Goldfish Eat Glofish?

Yes, goldfish will eat Glofish – but only once they have grown large enough. Glofish are designed to be “feeder fish” for larger species like goldfish, so it is important to wait until the goldfish has reached a size that can safely accommodate them before introducing them as food.

Glofish are also quite hardy and can tolerate cooler temperatures than most goldfish, so it is important to carefully monitor water parameters (pH, temperature) when keeping them together.

Finally, larger goldfish should not be kept in tanks with GloFish due to the risk of them being eaten by the larger fish.

It is always best to research tank mates carefully before setting up an aquarium with GloFish. As long as the fish are compatible in size, temperament, and water conditions, they should be able to coexist harmoniously.

Will a Goldfish Eat a Neon Tetra?

Yes, goldfish can and will eat small fish like neon tetras. However, it is not recommended that you keep both types of fish in the same tank, as goldfish are known to be aggressive predators and will gobble up any smaller fish they come across in their environment.

Since neon tetras are so small, there would likely be several casualties if these two species were housed together.

Can Goldfish Eat Glofish Food?

Goldfish can eat glofish tetras food, but that could be better. Goldfish must consume various foods containing fibrous substances, like vegetables and fruits, to prevent diarrhea; goldfish have no real stomach and sometimes have digestive problems. The consumption of tropical fish only increases the possibility of constipation.

Goldfish Habitat

Goldfish habitat can be found wherever you encounter freshwater. It can range from rivers and reservoirs to lakes. Many rock plants and fish will be in your path in such terrains.

This vast water means that goldfish can use more room in the pool for scuba diving which will give them a huge advantage. We’re always looking for a replicated experience at home.

Domesticated Chinese have rescued and brought goldfish into other countries to fight mosquitoes. Goldfish are an omnivorous food-consuming insect that is very tasty! Are goldfish and minnows a common sight?

Conditions Required To Keep Glofish

Each glofish requires different fish tanks since they have different kinds. Despite these similarities, we can have several generalizations about Glofish. These genetically modified fish are found in schools and should always be kept in groups of five or six fishes.

Glofish Tank Requirements:

Generally, Glofish must be in a group of at least four people. Our recommendation is 4-8 fish per school. You will need 20-liter tanks and 20 liters of additional water per school.

The longer you have the tank, the higher the temperature of the water. Glofish swims within a water-filled tank, but they dart whenever there’s an opportunity to get food!

GloFish Living Conditions:

GloFish is a fish produced with fluorescent dye. They are commonly used in tank lights that can be blacked out to give an intensely glowing fluorescent hue.

These fish do not belong to a specific species; most are regular fish like Tetra Danio and Barb that were genetically engineered for fluorescent. They have specific requirements that can be created through genetic engineering.

Glofish Diet:

Glofish is an Omnivore too! The young ones may enjoy tropical meals like powders, flakes, and pellets or freeze-dried food like bloodworms and brine shrimp. Use your goldfish diet for the best results!

In addition, it is recommended to give Glofish a balanced diet containing beta carotene as they will be bright and colorful! Betacarotene occurs in foods such as spinach, kale, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Glofish Temperament:

Glofish are peaceful, but there can be conditions for it. Glofish are schooling fish and need to be kept in a larger group for their contentment. Some of them are known to fight or occasionally chase in their groups, but this’s normal – no worries about this. In the absence of adequate schooling, these fish can develop severe debilitating symptoms from the stress that ultimately results in a short lifespan. For the keeping of such fish, the fish should go to schools. Does goldfish have the same temperament?

What Happens If The Water Is Too Cold For Glofish?

Each of the 5 fish is native to Tropical Seas. Therefore, it thrives in cooler conditions. When a fish’s water is cold enough for him or herself, this slows its metabolism. In the long run, metabolic problems harm our health and the appetite and stress we are experiencing.

When stressed out, fish’s immune system cannot produce the necessary amounts of blood to help them fight infection. The fish has weakened immunity, so it’s exposed mainly to numerous diseases. Beneficial bacteria have been found able to dissolve ammonia to a temperature above 65 ° F.

How to Keep Goldfish and Glofish Zebra Danios

Can goldfish and glofish live together? Keeping goldfish and Glofish zebra danios is a relatively simple task. Start by providing the fish with an adequate aquarium size. A standard 10-gallon aquarium can comfortably accommodate 1-2 fish, whereas a 20-gallon aquarium will comfortably house 3-4 goldfish or Glofish Zebra Danios.

Be sure to utilize a good quality filter, with regular water changes, for optimal health and longevity. When it comes to feeding, goldfish should be fed daily with a variety of high-quality foods such as frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, brine shrimp, etc., while GloFish Zebra Danios prefer flake foods that are rich in protein and fat content.

Make sure to observe their eating behavior regularly to ensure they receive the correct amount of food each day. Lastly, provide plenty of hiding places within your tank, such as rocks and plants, so your fish can feel secure and find relief from environmental stressors.


Can glofish tetras live with goldfish?

No, glofish tetras are not ideal tankmates for goldfish. Goldfish grow larger and may nip fins or compete for food. Consider separate tanks for each.

Can you put glofish with goldfish?

Can i put glofish with goldfish? No, it’s not recommended to keep glofish tetra with goldfish together. Glofish need warmer water and different care requirements than goldfish.

Will goldfish eat glofish?

It’s possible, but unlikely. Goldfish are generally not aggressive eaters. However, glofish are smaller and may be vulnerable if the goldfish are very hungry or if there’s limited space.

Can glofish and goldfish be in the same tank?

Can glofish be with goldfish? No, it’s not recommended to keep glofish and goldfish together in the same tank. Their needs are different in terms of water temperature, diet, and care.

Can glo tetra live with goldfish?

No, it’s not recommended to keep Glo Tetra and goldfish together. GloTetra require warmer water temperatures than goldfish, and their care needs are different.


So, Can glofish live with goldfish? After reading this article, you should better understand Glofish and whether they can live harmoniously with goldfish. We hope that you found this information helpful and informative. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us for more help.

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