What Fish Can You Put with Goldfish? (15 Ideal Tankmates)

If you’re a goldfish keeper, you might wonder what other fish are compatible with your beloved pets. But what fish can you put with goldfish?

Goldfish make excellent tankmates for many species, so there is plenty of options available to choose from.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 15 best goldfish tank mates and discuss compatibility and size requirements. So, what fish can be with goldfish?

What fish can go with goldfish

With the right advice and an understanding of all the complexities of sharing a tank, any aquarist can create an amazing multi-species environment for their aquatic friends to enjoy.

Do Goldfish Need Companionship?

A lively aquarium is best enjoyed with two or more goldfish – the perfect companions for engaging activity and fun.

Goldfish may not be the most social of fish, but they do benefit from the presence of other species, particularly if those species are similar in size and temperament.

That said, it’s important to remember that goldfish aren’t always compatible with all other fish species; mated pairs should never be housed together as this can cause aggression and territorial conflicts.

In addition, goldfish should never be kept with fish that require warmer water conditions or fish that are much larger than them.

Can You Mix Goldfish with Other Fish?

Yes, you can mix goldfish with other fish – however, it is important to consider the size and temperament of the two species before doing so.

Goldfish are relatively big fish that require much space to swim freely. If they are put in a tank with smaller and more active fish, such as tiger barbs or other tropical fish, they may not survive due to overcrowding.

Additionally, some fish species have aggressive tendencies and could become territorial towards small fish if they feel threatened by their presence. Research all potential tankmates before mixing them to ensure everyone remains safe and healthy in the tank!

What Fish Can You Put with Goldfish?

What fish can go with goldfish? Fish that can live with goldfish include common danios, white cloud minnows, guppies, platys, weather loach , mollies, tetras, and corydoras.

These fish are peaceful and small enough not to become aggressive toward the goldfish. They can also tolerate water conditions similar to goldfish, making them ideal tankmates.

Other good tankmates for goldfish include kuhli loaches, algae-eating fish, weather loaches, and snails. These species can help keep the tank clean and healthy while providing interesting viewing opportunities.

when is goldfish breeding season

It’s important to remember that all of these species must be chosen based on their size requirements, compatibility, and the size of your tank. Research each fish before adding it to the aquarium to ensure everyone is happy and healthy!

What Makes An Ideal Goldfish Tank Mate?

What are the rules for choosing goldfish tank mates? Goldfish tanks have several factors that you should consider. When you have goldfish, they will make you happy first of all.

Of course, you must also consider how to improve the health of the other fish. What are the main factors to keep in mind? 

Here are a few things to look for when selecting the best tankmates for your goldfish:

Fish That Also Require Low Temperatures

Goldfish are considered cold-water fish but need hot water for good health and longevity. Goldfish prefer temperatures of between 20°C – 23°C (68 °F – 74°F). So it would help if you dodged a goldfish with others who enjoy the cold.

Fish That Are Too Big to Get Eaten

Goldfish are excellent fish, though not in harmony with other animal species. Ensure your tiny fish companion animal in the tank doesn’t mistake it for food! Keep bigger mates to avoid problems at mealtime.

Easy-Going Temperament

Goldfish are generally gentle and pleasant. Neither of the two is territorial. It is recommended to keep away from any species that exhibits aggressive behavior. The fish can no longer defend themselves from strong-shooting fish.

This happens especially with a fancy goldfish and slower variety. Moreover, a fish that aggressively and territorially fishes may cause unneeded stress on both parties.

Fish That Have a Peaceful Temperament

Goldfish can be a very useful fish to keep in an aquarium. This animal comes in various shades with friendly personalities and is not territorial like most fish and freshwater creatures.

It only has one disadvantage: it prefers using every available room to fulfill its large-size needs (between 5 & 10 liters per gallon).

Learn what minimum tank size you want for Goldie. It can be difficult to install decorations such as driftwood branches alongside glass surfaces to make your Goldie feel lonely while swimming in his pool daily.

Matching Activity Levels

Finally, matching activities between every animal in your community tanks is necessary. It helps you reduce stress and prevents accidents too!

There’s a wide variety of goldfish – over 200! Some move slowly, while some are extremely active. Goldfish are often found in the same places. It is short scuba diving, and he can quickly run across tanks.

It also applies to comet goldfish and shubunkin. Combining the Goldfish with Slowmovers would only create a problem. They can rip off ornamental fish fins, causing undue stress in animals that like to enjoy life.

TOP 15 Best Goldfish Tank Mates (Safe & Compatible)

Here is a list of 15 good goldfish tank mates for your beloved goldfish:

Zebra Danios (Danio Rerio)

Zebra danios are small, rapid fish capable of withstanding temperatures as low as goldfish of a good size. Beware, they’re too small for adult fish to eat. Despite their speed, they are very swift and much faster than most goldfish.

Giant Danios (Devario Aequipinnatus)

Giant Danios are great tankmates for your goldfish. This blue and yellow stripes fish can grow up to 8 inches in size and love swimming at the top of the aquarium. Giant danios are peaceful, schooling fish that requires plenty of space in their environment.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys Albonubes)

This minnow is a great choice for goldfish. They inhabit the same temperatures as goldfish and can reach a size of up to 2 inches. White cloud mountain minnow is peaceful freshwater fish that swim at the top and middle level of the tank, making them a great choice for goldfish.

Japanese Rice Fish

The Japanese rice fish Medaka as they are known as is a wonderful nano coldwater fish which lives alongside goldfish. The fish are available in many colors, from silver to gold. Asian rice fish is hardy and is a good choice for goldfish tanks.

Dojo Loach

Although dojo loaches aren’t easy to keep, they are a good companion for golden fish. The oats hold up to 70 gallons per man and need to be numbered with other similar mounts for longevity! These bottom feeders reach up to 3ft (20cm), enabling a good position alongside taller swimming.

Banded Corydoras (Scleromystax Barbatus)

Corydoras is a species of South American catfish. They have a social population and should be kept together for five or more years. All the people were happy! The fish is incredibly clean and very enjoyable. The species usually take much work to locate at live fish stores.

However, it makes good use for goldfish because it can tolerate the right temperatures and is at least four inches tall, much bigger than the goldfish can eat.

Rosy Barbs (Pethia Conchonius)

Rosy barb and goldfish are ideally combined, but the job is important. This colorful freshwater fish must always be kept in fewer than five groups. It’s a school fish, so being in fewer groups may make them too aggressive.

As many barbs, as they can, the more they will concentrate on one another and avoid gold. Observe them for fins nip. Rosy Barbs are lovely little creatures that shoal very nicely.

In the trade, most are orange-colored, but many other colors exist. They are hardy and understandably small.

Corydoras Catfish

Corydoras catfish provides another great alternative to goldfish tank mates. They are as a scavenger as a bristlenose catfish. They are bottom dwellers and can be up to two inches in length. They prefer a warm environment, so any goldfish tank should be warm enough for them.

Hoplo Catfish

Hoplo catfish are natives of South America. Despite being hardy in warmer temperatures, this fish will survive. It is a resilient fish that lives across varying conditions.

Somewhat quiet hoplocatfish are less than devoted to hectic aquarium activities because they’re such good goldfish tank mates. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist at community tanks.

They’re usually hidden under logs and sometimes under trees. Hoplo catfish feeds during the day. They will also be seen grabbing food from time to time. Cherry shrimp are a good substitute for fish.

Hillstream Loach

Hillstream Loach is sometimes confused with catfish, but it comes in the Balitorid family and is an outstanding goldfish tank mate for your goldfish. They have a few distinct attributes that also set them apart: their habitat is mostly shallow rivers, and they live in lower temperatures.

Hillstream Loaches are also known for their highly mobile bodies and the disc-shape. They’re peaceful fish that will perform nicely with goldfish. Hillstream Loaches are also very hardy and easily adjust to different water conditions.

Platy (Xiphophorus maculatus)

Platy is a beautiful colorful fish species that adds color to any tank, including those with goldfish. They are vibrant and active and can be found in various colors. Platy can grow up to 3 inches long, making them the best goldfish tank mates.

Hog-Nosed Brochis

Hog-nosed bronchitis is a tropical fish that tolerates cold temperatures. This is because goldfish live in waters as cold as 70 degrees Celsius. The thick-set body and large size of these corydoras ensure it’s safer for tankmates like common corys and other small tanks. Still, it is however important to understand before adding one to the aquarium.

Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.)

Bristlenose plecos are an excellent tank mate for goldfish. They have bristly tentacles on the head and long bodies that can reach up to 6 inches in length.

They are peaceful fish and will scavenge for algae and uneaten food that falls into the aquarium’s substrate. They will also stay away from goldfish and not compete for enough food.

Mystery Snails

Mystery snails are good tankmates for goldfish. This cute fish snail looks great in the aquarium. It keeps the water in your tanks clean as it eats the leftover waste. They can even help with the maintenance of your glass surface!

Unfortunately, young snail species may not be protected against hungry and curious goldfish. The snail is also very small and can reach a height of 2 inches, which will never make you a goldfish!

Can goldfish live with other animals other than fish?

Yeah. The Best Goldfish Tank mate list has other animals, including mystery snails and cherry shrimp. Other fantastic and good goldfish tank mates include clam worm, ghost shrimp, and apple snail.

By consuming debris, these goldfish tank mates will help keep the aquarium tidy and clean. They also provide extra entertainment for your goldfish since they usually move around the tank and scavenge for food.

Can Betta Fish and Goldfish Live Together?

Unfortunately, no. Householding Betta fish and goldfish together is not recommended because both species have different tank size requirements, water temperatures, and dietary needs.

Additionally, the aggressive nature of Bettas makes them more likely to attack smaller goldfish for food or territory.

In cases where goldfish are much larger than the Betta, they may bully the smaller fish, which could put great stress on your Bettas and potentially cause physical harm.

Keeping these two species separate is best to ensure their long-term health and happiness!

Can Goldfish Be Mixed with Tetras?

Goldfish and tetras in the same tank are not recommended as goldfish are coldwater fish and tetras are tropical. Goldfish prefer cooler water, whereas most tetras require warmer water, so creating an environment suitable for both species would be difficult.

Furthermore, goldfish tend to be larger and more voracious eaters than tetras and can be quite aggressive in pursuit of food or territory.

This could lead to problems with the smaller tetras, such as stress or physical harm. It’s best to keep these two species separate. To ensure their long-term health and happiness, 

Can Goldfish Live with Other Goldfish?

Yes, goldfish can live with other goldfish if their tank is large enough to accommodate them all and they are given the right environment. Goldfish generally get along well with other species of fish and will often form schools or shoals together.

It’s important to ensure enough space for the goldfish to swim around so they stay calm and relaxed.

Additionally, larger tank decorations should have wide open areas to swim through without getting stuck or tangled up in plants or décor.

Overcrowding can lead to a higher risk of disease, so it’s best practice to stay within 1 inch of fish per gallon of water to keep your goldies healthy and happy!

Fantail Goldfish Tank Mates

Fantail Goldfish can be kept with other peaceful fish species, including White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Celestial Pearl Danios, and Nerite Snails. These tankmates will add extra color and life to your aquarium!

Fantail goldfish are slow-moving fish, so it’s important to refrain from any too active fish, as they can easily outcompete the hungry goldfish for food or occupy their territory. It’s also important to avoid any aggressive or semi-aggressive species.

Finally, other freshwater snails can be a great addition to your tank as they’ll help to keep it clean and tidy by consuming debris. With the best goldfish tank mates, Fantail Goldfish can be a fun and peaceful addition to any tank!

Goldfish Tank Setup

It can be hard to set up a Goldfish Aquarium correctly, but do you want your fish to stay alive? Setting up a Goldfish Aquarium the wrong way can lead to disaster. You could lose your fish, and then where would we be without our little gold friends?

Watch this video and learn how to set up your aquarium correctly. We’ll show you how to pick the right tank size, add gravel and decorations, choose the best filter and heater for your tank, and much more.

Commonly Asked Questions about Best Goldfish Tank Mates (FAQ)

Can You Put Catfish with Goldfish?

Catfish are generally not recommended as suitable goldfish tank mates for goldfish due to their different temperatures and oxygen requirements. Goldfish prefer cooler temperatures, while catfish thrive in warmer waters.

Can Guppies and Goldfish Live Together?

Can guppies live with goldfish? By ensuring the water temperature range is set at an optimal 72-74°F, it’s possible to cohabit with guppies and goldfish in one tank. This higher-than-usual “room temp” will suit both species perfectly!

Can Angelfish Live with Goldfish?

It is recommended that each species have its tank. To ensure both angelfish and goldfish thrive, Putting these two together can be disastrous as the competition for space and resources will do more harm than good – leading to stress-induced aggression in your aquatic pets!

Can You Put Shrimp with Goldfish?

Goldfish and shrimp can peacefully coexist in a tank with the same dietary needs! Provide plenty of hiding spots with aquatic plants for optimal harmony amongst inhabitants.

Can Rainbow Fish Live with Goldfish?

Goldfish and rainbowfish should be kept separate as they can become aggressive in the same tank environment. However, if provided with adequate space, some varieties may get along.


So, what fish can go with goldfish? Overall, it is clear that a variety of creatures and fish can safely be paired with goldfish in an aquarium. Doing thorough research and working with a local fish specialist before making any decisions is best. Selecting the right tankmates for your goldfish will create an appealing underwater kingdom full of life, color, and excitement. However, the compatibility of two or more species depends on several factors: their size difference, water temperature requirements, natural living conditions, dietary needs, and the size of the tank. So to know what fish can be put with goldfish, experiment and test different combinations carefully – good luck!

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