Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish? (You Might Be Shocked)

Can bettas live with goldfish? Are you a passionate aquarist looking to create a harmonious underwater community in your aquarium? Perhaps you’ve found yourself pondering the possibility of housing bettas alongside their lively counterparts, goldfish. 

It’s a compelling idea to witness the vibrant colors of a betta swimming alongside the graceful movements of goldfish. But before you fill your tank with these captivating creatures, it’s essential to explore the intricacies of their compatibility.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for there to be a successful cohabitation between these two ordinarily competitive species of fish.

But as any experienced aquarist will tell you, successful interspecies tanks are only sometimes a challenging feat!

can beta fish live with goldfish

This article will unravel the truth behind the age-old question: Can a betta fish live with a goldfish? Prepare to dive into a world of aquatic wonder as we uncover the secrets of cohabitation and provide insights to help you make an informed decision for your underwater haven.

So if you wonder “can goldfish live with bettas” Read on to learn about the potential risks and some critical tips for keeping your tank inhabitants safe, healthy, and happy!

Can Betta Fish Live with Other Types of Fish?

Generally speaking, betta fish can live with other types of fish when the tank conditions are appropriate. However, it is essential to be selective about which species you choose.

Bettas are fighting fish bred for aggression and territorial behavior.

purple betta fish

As such, there are some species (like guppies and other small fish) that bettas should never be housed with.

The Betta may become territorial and attack or even kill its tankmates.

On the other hand, goldfish are relatively peaceful and have much slower swimming speeds than bettas.

Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish in the Same Tank?

Can goldfish and betta fish live together? Although many fish keepers believe it is possible to keep Bettas and Goldfish together in the same tank, this is not a good idea.

The two fish species have drastically different water temperature needs, with Bettas needing warm water temperatures (76-82F) while goldfish do best in cold waters (65-72F).

Keeping them both at an optimal temperature for either would be nearly impossible, leading to health problems for both fish. 

In addition, goldfish are very active swimmers who enjoy plenty of space which often requires larger tanks than what’s suitable for the Betta, who likes more shallow tanks where they can easily explore the bottom without being overstimulated.

Furthermore, goldfish produce a lot of waste than Bettas, making their tank mates more prone to ammonia poisoning if the tank isn’t large enough or cleaned regularly.

Finally, males of each species may fight due to territoriality and boldness as they try to defend their respective territories within the shared environment. This could lead to increased stress or death on either side, so it’s best avoided altogether. 

To sum up: No! Not! Keeping Betta Fish and Goldfish together in one aquarium is just asking for trouble and should be avoided at all costs.

Will a Betta Fish Kill a Goldfish?

Do betta fish eat goldfish? No, a Betta fish will not kill a Goldfish. While the two species have some similarities in terms of their size and habitat requirements, they are highly incompatible when it comes to tank mates due to the aggression of Bettas.

Bettas are infamous for their territorial behavior and aggressive attitudes and, as such, should never be housed with any other fish. Their instinctive desire to patrol and claim an area will likely result in a physical confrontation with any other species sharing its waters.

Furthermore, Bettas have been known to attack members of their species due to their inherent solitary nature, making them particularly unsuitable tankmates for goldfish who naturally form schools in the wild. 

Since goldfish can grow quite large compared to Bettas (upwards of 10 inches compared to 3 inches or less)

a Betta may attempt to protect itself from perceived threats by attacking or harassing its larger neighbor even more commonly than it would another smaller species (e.g., Guppies).

Therefore, if you plan on introducing either one into an aquarium environment, ensure both are given enough space, so there is no chance of conflict between them.

Can Female Betta Fish Live with Goldfish?

Can a betta fish live with a goldfish? Short answer, No. Female Betta fish are far more aggressive than Goldfish cold water fish, and keeping them together in the same tank is not recommended. Species such as goldfish prefer larger tanks and need very different water conditions than Bettas.

Keeping these two types of fish in the same tank could put both species at risk due to possible conflicts over territory or competing for food resources.

To ensure harmony between your aquatic pets, ensure that if the size ratio of your goldfish and Betta isn’t balanced, they should be kept in a separate tank.

Can You Feed Goldfish Betta Fish Food?

Is it possible for goldfish to have betta food? Goldfish are omnivores fish and can eat various food and proteins as part of their diet.

Unlike most mammals, Bettas require high-protein foods for their health, essential for maintaining good bones. The delicious protein may tempt goldfish in betta food, yet they must be equipped to handle it properly.

A diet rich in slow-digesting plant matter and amino acids tailored for their primitive digestion is critical for goldfish’s health – otherwise, intestinal gas, swim bladder infection, or even kidney failure might occur from consuming high-protein foods explicitly designed for a betta fish.

Is It Worth Keeping Betta Fish and Goldfish Together?

Can a betta fish live with goldfish?” must have been answered immediately by everyone who reads our article here at least once a day.

These two fish have significantly different nutrient needs. Bringing these together doesn’t sound like an excellent idea. Goldfish are widely believed to fit the environment, and it does in part.

Nevertheless, this would only reduce their lifespan and increase their disease risk. In summary, this is no humane way to care for pet fish.

Potential Problems with Betta and Goldfish Living Together

Having both Betta and goldfish in an identical aquarium can create a lot of challenges. List some good reasons for the separation of these fish.

Size Matters

But unlike betta fish, goldfish do not exist as nano fish. Goldfish need large tanks and an efficient filtration system to reduce their large waste.

Goldfish can be grown in all varieties to a vast size, and those cute Orandas you purchased at the supermarket can quickly grow to six inches stunners with beautiful flowing fins.

Unfortunately, bettas are found in small betta fish tanks without filters. Generally, bettas prefer to establish territories that cover a lot of parts. Like goldfish, a small bowl could be better.

They Require Different Water Parameters

Designing fish tanks around species’ water parameters is essential for their health. Fish with proper water conditions have fewer chances for parasitic and bacterial infection.

Unfortunately, golden fish require cold water as much as betta fish. Goldfish originated in the colder waters of China and prefer water temperatures around 67°F. to 70°.

The betta fish, in comparison, comes from warmer waters in Thailand. So the water temperatures start at 75 °F and reach the low 80.

Betta Fish Are Aggressive (Fin Nipping)

The fact that they are often spotted at pet stores is that they are notorious for aggression. This’s how these fin nippers are called Siamese fighting fishes.

A contrasting contrast, the goldfish is a highly patient creature. Unless you have hungry fish, you’ll take up the needed space. In both cases, male betta fish sometimes run after goldfish in shared tanks.

Betta fish can try to snip on your golden fish fin, causing infection. Goldfish will never take their bite. You could also anticipate that they chase your bass fish to the end and try to grab its fins.

You’ll Need a Large Tank

If the room is unavailable, bringing home a goldfish is not a solution. Goldfish are often much more significant than Betta. This requires more enormous aquariums for swimming and diluting the waste produced to avoid the dangerous accumulation of ammonia.

Should you have the area to purchase more tanks, we suggest putting the more giant tanks on the bigger one as much as possible so that the bettas and fish can stay as happy as possible.

Water Cleanliness

Goldfish are considered very dirty, producing large quantities that cause toxic ammonia spikes in tank water or poison other fish.

Therefore extreme attention has to be given primarily to the situation, and frequent water changes should be considered. TIP When checking tanks, look in the surface water to see any excess scum growth.

Maintenance of the water tanks is critical if a person wishes to prevent contaminated sewage or ammonia.

What Fish Can Live with Goldfish?

Certain fish compatible with goldfish include Danios, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Barbs, and Kuhli Loaches. Depending on the size of your tank and goldfish, consider adding Robandis Rays or Blue Gouramis.

All these fish are peaceful and will usually get along with your goldfish! It is crucial to research any fish before you decide to buy it and ensure that they are compatible with your tank’s water parameters.

Additionally, be mindful of the size of your tank and the size of your fish so that everyone has plenty of space to swim around comfortably.

When housing Betta fish alongside other species, a minimum tank betta fish of 15 gallons is recommended; meanwhile, if you plan on keeping goldfish with their aquatic neighbors, look for an aquarium that can hold at least 30 gallons!

Goldfish Tank Mates:

Goldfish can easily communicate with a wide range of fish. These fish can be extremely painful in isolation and even in the absence. We recommend having another species to stimulate and protect goldfish for longer-term health.

Here are a few suggestions as to what kind of fish can live with goldfish:

  • Danios
  • White Cloud Mountain Minnows
  • Barbs
  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Robandis Rays
  • Blue Gouramis

Researching the water parameters and size requirements of any fish you consider adding is essential. Keeping the tank environment healthy will ensure that all occupants have plenty of space and remain healthy together!

Finally, if you plan on having multiple species in the same tank, be sure to add a variety of plants and decorations to keep everyone stimulated and comfortable. With these tips, your goldfish will thrive with their good tank mates.

What Fish Can Betta Live With?

Betta fish can live peacefully in a community tank with other true tropical fish species, provided that the betta tank is large enough and there are plenty of hiding spaces for your Betta.

Suitable betta fish tank mates include Corydoras, Mystery Snails, Ghost Shrimp, Harlequin Rasbora, and African Dwarf Frogs.

It’s vital to ensure all fishes have compatible personalities and share similar water requirements regarding temperature and pH levels. To ensure lasting peace among your fish, 

We recommend utilizing a quarantine tank to ensure a comfortable transition for your Betta from one environment to the next. This will provide him with an ideal habitat while easing potential stress from being placed in an unfamiliar situation.

Can a Black Moor Goldfish Live with a Betta Fish?

Can Betta live with goldfish? Although Betta and Black Moor Goldfish might not be the same, their different housing and dietary needs make them unsuited for sharing a tank.

Black Moor Goldfish need a large, well-filtered tank, while betta fish are best suited to living in smaller tanks. Also, the waste produced by goldfish is much more than that of a betta and can lead to dangerous ammonia levels in the water.

Ultimately, it’s recommended for these two species to live separately in a different tanks. It’s best to keep them separate and provide them with the optimal habitats for their needs.

Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies?

Bettas are hard-wired to be on high alert for potential threats, so having just one guppy in their tank is usually a bad idea.

Opt instead for creating an entire colony of two or more – that way; your Betta can’t single out any one fish and provoke unnecessary aggression.

Also, ensure they have plenty of hiding places and floating vegetation. Should your Betta become overly aggressive, this will give the guppies a safe hiding place.

Lastly, remember that bettas and guppies are sensitive to water quality, so regularly check for ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite levels to ensure a healthy environment for them to live in.

Can Comet Goldfish Live with Betta Fish?

No, Comet Goldfish should not be kept with betta fish. Betta fish are territorial and will likely attack the comet goldfish and damage their fins if they are added to the same tank.

Additionally, the comet goldfish require a much larger tank with more filtration than bettas, and their waste could lead to ammonia levels that are dangerous for your Betta.

For these reasons, keeping comet goldfish and bettas together in the same tank is not recommended. That being said, holding different types of goldfish in a single tank is possible if you provide plenty of space, hiding places, and clean water.

Be sure to research the care requirements for each species before attempting to mix and match them in the same aquarium. That way, you can create a safe and comfortable environment for all your fish!


So, can Betta fish live with goldfish? If you are considering adding a Betta fish to your Goldfish tank, the answer is simple; No! As established in this blog post, both types of fish require different living environments and have starkly different dietary requirements. This means that while they may get along in the short-term, keeping them together could be highly detrimental to one or both of their lives – not to mention it can be very costly on the pocket.

For both types of fish to flourish, they should live separately. If you want to keep both fish in your home, consider getting two separate aquariums and alternating days when each type is allowed out. By doing this, you will provide both Betta and Goldfish ample opportunity to enjoy one another’s company in a safe and healthy environment for all!

So if you still wonder “can bettas live with goldfish” We hope this article has helped you understand the differences between betta fish and goldfish so you can better choose your aquarium. Good luck!

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