How to Tell If a Guppy Is Pregnant? (Exact Signs & Behavior)

Having a pregnant guppy can be an exciting and overwhelming prospect for fish owners. So, How to tell if a Guppy is pregnant?

However, understanding if your Guppy is expecting is the first step to ensuring they stay healthy throughout the pregnancy and deliver.

In this blog postwe’ll discuss how to tell if Guppy is pregnant and provide helpful advice on taking care of them during the gestation period.

How to tell if guppy is pregnant

If you still wonder how to know if guppy is pregnant? So you can ensure that your little one gets everything it needs for good health!

How to Tell If a Guppy Is Pregnant? 

How to tell if Guppy is pregnant or fat? It is possible to know if a female guppy is pregnant by looking for signs of gravidity. The most obvious sign of pregnancy in guppies is a dark spot under their tail toward the backside of the stomach.

How to tell if guppies are pregnant

This dark spot will typically be black or brown and can range from small to large depending on how far she is in her pregnancy.

Additionally, you may see small bumps on either side of the abdomen, which are filled with developing eggs. Notice that your female guppies also tend to have larger abdomens when carrying fry (baby fish).

Pregnant Guppy Behavior

Female guppies get much more aggressive as they become pregnant. This aggressive behavior is because their hormones will increase, making them more irritable and quick to fight or nip at other fish in their tank.

It’s recommended that you keep a close eye on pregnant females and consider separating them from the rest of your tank until after giving birth, as this aggression can lead to injuries for the other fish.

What to Do If Guppy Is Pregnant?

If you think your Guppy is pregnant, moving her from the main tank to a separate breeding tank is the best course of action. 

This separate tank will help ensure that she has proper space and water conditions for giving birth and raising her fry (baby guppies).

It will also protect any other fish in the tank from being disturbed during this time. A breeding fish tank should have plenty of plants and hiding spots so the mother can take shelter while giving birth.

It’s essential to make sure that the water temperature in this new tank stays constant at 79°F-81°F (26°C-27°C), as this will provide a safe environment for both the mother guppy and her fry once they are born.

How Long Are Guppy Fish Pregnant For?

A guppy’s pregnancy generally lasts from 21 to 30 days. 

As the gestation period nears its end, it is best to provide extra fish food and plants in your tank so that the mother-to-be can give birth comfortably and safely. After giving birth, you may find up to hundreds of guppy fry swimming around the tank!

When to Separate Pregnant Guppy?

The best time to separate pregnant guppies from healthy fry is when they are about to give birth. 

This will help ensure that the mother and fry have enough space to swim comfortably and prevent other fish from eating the fry.

Please pay close attention to your Guppy as they near giving birth, so you can be sure you’re separating them at the right time. When you start noticing that their abdomen is enlarged, or if they seem restless, it’s a good indication that they’re getting ready!

Do All Female Guppies Have Gravid Spots? 

Do female guppies always have a gravid spot? Is Guppy gravid spot not pregnant? Not all female guppies will show a gravid spot, even when pregnant.

A dark spot under the tail does not always mean your Guppy is pregnant – it can also indicate disease or infection. If you have any concerns about the health of your fish, then it’s best to consult your veterinarian.

Overall, it’s important to remember that guppy health and happiness are essential to successfully breeding guppies. Provide your guppies with high-quality food like frozen brine shrimp, spirulina flakes, and plenty of clean water, and one gets everything it needs for good health!

Why Is My Expecting Fish’s Gravid Spot Orange?

The gravid spot in expecting fish turns a bright orange color. This is caused by increased pigmentation of the cells that make up the spot, resulting from hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

The orange coloration is believed to be an adaptation that helps other fish know when the female has eggs and should not be harassed for mating purposes. It also signals to other guppies in the tank that the female is pregnant and needs to be left alone.

Understanding why your fish’s gravid spot has changed color can help you better understand their behavior and ensure they are healthy. With proper care and attention, you’ll soon have plenty of little Guppy fry swimming around your tank!

Pregnant Guppy Fish Stages

Pregnant guppy fish have four distinct stages of pregnancy.

  • The first stage is courtship, when a male guppy actively pursues and breeds with a female.
  • The second stage is called gravidity and lasts for 3-4 weeks. During this time, the female’s stomach becomes noticeably swollen due to the growth of her eggs.
  • The third stage is known as parturition or birth. This will usually take place within 5-6 weeks after mating. At this point, the female guppies will release 20-50 live young in one go!
  • Finally, there’s postpartum care – where both parents care for their fry until babies grow enough to fend for themselves.

Guppies can produce two clutches per year if conditions are right, making them some of the most prolific breeders!

How Do You Know If a Guppy Is About to Give Birth? 

How do you know when guppies are about to give birth? Giving birth is a momentous occasion for any mother, but it cannot be easy to understand when a guppy is ready to give birth. 

Guppies are known for being prolific breeders, and giving birth can be stressful for the mother and her fry. 

This video will show you how to tell if a guppy is about to give birth so that you can provide the necessary support and care.

Signs that a guppy is about to give birth include an enlarged abdomen, restlessness, and the appearance of a gravid spot. If you notice these signs, separating the mother guppy pregnant from any other fish in the tank is essential so she can give birth comfortably and without interference.

Understanding when a guppy is ready to give birth can help ensure the mother and Guppy fry stay healthy and happy! Once you see these signs, give the pregnant Guppy extra attention and care. She may become more active and swim around the tank more frequently.

Are Guppies Pregnant for 2 Months?

No, guppies are not pregnant for two months. In fact, on average, the gestation period of guppies is 28-31 days. This means female guppies can give birth to batches of up to 50 fries each in about a month!

After giving birth, female guppies come back into breeding condition quickly. They can produce another batch of fry as early as 10-14 days after birthing their last fry immediately after the brood.

How Many Babies Can a Guppy Have? 

How many babies will a guppy have? A female guppy can have 50-60 young at one time! The average litter size actual birth for a female guppy is between 30–40 offspring, but in the wild, they are known to give birth to much larger numbers due to good environmental conditions.

The number of fries from a single guppy pregnancy depends on many factors, including the age and health of the mother, as well as water temperature and food availability.

Guppies can also store sperm for up to three months, meaning they can conceive multiple times over this period, even without mating again.

What Does It Look Like When Guppies Give Birth? 

Pregnant Guppy giving birth is a fantastic process to witness. Before giving birth, a female guppy’s gravid spot will darken in color, and Guppy’s belly will become noticeably swollen.

Once the female Guppy is ready to give birth, she will start swimming around the tank actively, often with her mouth wide open. This is a sign that she’s about to release her fry and will usually occur within 5-6 weeks after mating.

Once the birthing process has finished, you will notice a group of tiny guppy fry swimming around in the tank. The little guppies are usually bright orange or yellow and will stay close to their mother for protection.

Pregnant Guppy Signs of Delivery

Female guppies can take up to a year and 28 days to give birth, depending on their size and the fry they carry. The signs that a female guppy is about to deliver include her abdomen looking larger, her fins becoming more pointed, and her tail dropping lower than usual.

Some other common signs of impending labor in a pregnant guppy include hiding near or in vegetation, reduced activity levels, not eating as much food as normal behavior usual, and excreting excess mucus.

If you notice these changes in your pregnant fish, she is likely getting ready to have her fry soon!

How to Tell If a Guppy Is Male or Female?

The simple way to tell if a guppy is male or female is to check the shape of its tail fin. Males tend to have intensely colored, fan-like tails with pointed tips and more defined edges, while female guppies usually have shorter rounded tails that are less brightly colored.

Additionally, males are typically smaller than females, so their features will appear more delicate. Female guppies may also have a small black spot near their anal fin that is not present in males. This black spot is called the gravid spot, which darkens in color when the female is pregnant.

By looking closely at a guppy’s tail fin and gravid spot, you can quickly tell the difference between male and female guppies.

How to Care for a Pregnant Guppy?

Caring for pregnant guppies can be a rewarding experience. There are several things you should do. To ensure your pregnant female Guppy’s health and the health of her fry, 

First, it is crucial to provide a proper diet for your Guppy.

A healthy diet comprises high-quality flake or pellet food supplemented with live or frozen snacks like bloodworms and daphnia. Second, make sure that the water quality in the tank is optimal.

This means regularly performing partial water changes and monitoring pH levels and other parameters such as nitrates and ammonia levels to ensure that everything stays stable.

Third, provide plenty of places for the female to seek shelter, like plants or other decorations, so she does not feel threatened by male guppies during her pregnancy.

Finally, watch for signs of labor, such as difficulty breathing, which will signal when it’s time to move her into a breeding net! By following these simple steps, you can ensure your pregnant female Guppy has a safe delivery and raises healthy babies!


So, how to tell if guppies are pregnant? In summary, it can be tricky if you have adult guppies and want to know whether one is pregnant. Look out for physical changes like a plump-looking belly and increased size of the female Guppy. Additionally, it would help if you observed behaviors like hiding away and refusing to eat. Lastly, if you’re unsure, take your pet fish to a veterinarian who can examine her to determine if she is carrying babies or has excess weight.

With the proper knowledge and care, you can ensure pregnant female guppies in your tank have healthy babies! So watch for the signs of guppy pregnancy in your darling fishy friends to ensure their journey crossing the pond goes as smoothly as possible! Keep reading the complete article and learn how to know if guppy is pregnant?

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