How to Stop Guppies from Breeding? (9 Effective Ways & FAQ)

Are you a guppy parent? If yes; to many guppies, then doubts are common when it comes to breeding them. People usually get overwhelmed by the thought of control guppy population’ Breeding as there is no such sure-shot way of preventing them from producing babies now and then. So, How to stop guppies from breeding?

Don’t worry! We understand your concern, which is why we’ve brought together some essential tips and tricks on how to stop guppy fish from breeding that may prove helpful in providing solutions for all your queries!

From water quality management and predator fish to tank size regulation and separate female and male guppies

This blog post, covers natural ways of stopping unwanted overpopulation in your aquariums with guided FAQs.

how to stop guppy fish from breeding

So read ahead attentively if you want to know how to control the guppy population and put an end to those baby guppies taking over the entire area!

Understanding Guppy Fish Breeding Habits

Before we learn how to stop guppy breeding, we must understand their behavior and the conditions that trigger them to breed.

Guppies are usually overcrowded in aquaria due to their reproducing habits, which makes it difficult for pet owners to manage the number of baby guppy fishes in the tank.

Guppy Breeding

The female guppies store sperm and get pregnant females even after months of mating with males, which means they can produce offspring without a to keep only male guppies present in the fish tank.

Moreover, like other Livebearers fish species, guppies tend to breed more when the water temperature is high (above 77°F), and the water quality is optimal.

How to Stop Guppies from Breeding? 

How to stop my guppies from breeding? – It is a common query that can be answered with the help of specific methods that involve controlling the water quality and adjusting other factors to reduce their exposure to mating conditions.

Here are some practical tips that may help you prevent guppies from uncontrolled Breeding: 

9 Effective Ways ON “How to Stop Guppy Fish From Breeding”

Now that we’ve discussed guppies’ breeding habits, it will be easier to understand how to control their population in an aquarium. So let’s dive into the solutions!

1. Separate Female and Male Guppies:

Separating female and male guppies is the simplest way to prevent guppy fishes from breeding. Keeping guppies in a separate tank will help reduce the chances of impromptu mating inside the female-only guppy tank.

2. Reduce Hiding Places and Aquarium Size:

Guppies usually prefer to hide before mating and breeding, so reducing the hiding spots in the tank is advisable. Also, you can downsize the aquarium size as smaller tanks don’t help them find suitable reproducing spaces.

3. Increase Water Flow Rate:

Increasing the water flow rate is another way to control their breeding habits, as guppies usually take a rest in stagnant water.

4. Keep Only Male Guppy:

If you want to avoid separating male and female guppies, then keeping only females and males in the tank is another solution. It may help prevent a population explosion as no female guppies will be present for mating.

5. Lower Water Temperature:

Lowering the water temperature may also reduce the chances of all the male and female guppies breeding. So if you cannot control their population, try setting the aquarium temperature below 77°F.

6. Introduce Catfish:

Introducing catfish in your fish tank may also be helpful, as they are known for eating baby guppy fish. This way, you won’t have to deal with overpopulation usually caused by their breeding habits.

7. Keep Only Female Guppies:

Keeping only female guppies in separate tanks may be helpful, as they cannot produce offspring without one male guppy presence mixed in a gender tank.

8. Buy Virgin Females:

If you want to enjoy the loveliness of guppies but don’t want to worry about their population, buy virgin females, as they cannot reproduce for some weeks.

9. Keep Them With Other Fish That Will Eat the Fry:

You can also keep guppies with other fish species that will eat the guppy fry, such as barbs, cichlids, or tetras. This may help control the number of baby guppy fish in your tank without much effort.

These are the most effective ways to stop guppy fish from breeding. However, it is significant to remember that these methods may not work for all guppies as their behavior and preferences can vary depending on the tank’s conditions.

Solve the problem of housing multiple female betta fish without overcrowding small fish – introduce a single female fish to your tank. Enjoy watching her flourish, with none of the potential risks that come from keeping two or more males nearby.

Additionally, providing your fish with plenty of food is advisable, as overfeeding can increase their population. Therefore, it is essential to feed them the right amount of food per their requirements and ensure that your tank has the optimal water quality to breed healthily.

Finally, check the number of guppies in your tank and take necessary measures to control their breeding if the population exceeds. Following the tips mentioned above can help you prevent guppies from excessive breeding, thus making it easier for you to manage them in your aquarium.

Are Guppies Hardy?

Yes, guppies are pretty hardy and can adapt to various water conditions. However, they will thrive in clean freshwater with temperatures between 72°F-82°F.

Additionally, it is crucial to provide them with enough hiding spots and food sources to breed healthily. Maintaining adequate water quality and temperature in the fish tank is also recommended, as it will help keep them healthy and happy.

Do Guppies Breed Easily?

Yes, guppies are known to breed easily and quickly. They can produce so quickly if kept in the right conditions.

For this reason, it is vital to control their population using the methods mentioned earlier. 

You can also separate and introduce fish and remove female guppies from the tank if you don’t plan to breed them.

Overall, guppies are easy to care for and breed. However, it is essential to research before bringing any guppies home, as they can quickly multiply if not kept in the right conditions.

Why Do Guppies Breed So Much?

Guppies are known to breed easily and quickly due to their short lifespanThey can reach sexual maturity in 6-8 weeks and give birth to several litters in a year.

These hardy creatures are commonly known as ‘Million Fish’ for a good reason; their pattern of rapid reproduction has earned them widespread notoriety.

Additionally, they have been known to breed in groups and prefer living in large communities as it increases their chances of survival.

Moreover, breeding is more straightforward if plenty of hiding spots and food sources are in the guppy tank. This encourages them to breed more often, thus leading to rapid population growth.

How Can You Tell Guppy Genders Apart?

Guppy genders can be easily determined by looking at the size and color of the fish. Typically, female guppies are slightly larger than guppy males and have a duller coloration.

Additionally, only male guppies often possess long, colorful tails lacking in females. So, Check the shape of the guppy’s tail fin. Usually, the tail fin in males is more pointed and slender than that of females, which have shorter tail fins and is rounder with a temporary extension at the bottom.

What to Do with Unwanted Guppy Fry?

I just got a lot of fry and didn’t know what to do with them! Do I Get rid of unwanted fry? You’re not alone. A lot of fish keepers find themselves in this situation every day.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some things you can do with unwanted guppy fry: 

Keep the Guppy Fry with Adult Guppies:

This is the most popular option as it allows the guppy fry to grow in a familiar environment with food and shelter readily available.

Give Them Away for Free:

If you don’t have the space or resources to care for all your guppy fry, then giving them away is a great option. You can find guppy enthusiasts online or in your local area who may be willing to eliminate guppy fry production and give them a good home.

Sell Them for Profit

Selling your guppy fry is an excellent option to make extra money. You can post an ad in your local pet store or online and make money from the sale.

Prioritize Space for Adult Guppies

Add more plants, rocks, and decorations to the tank to give them their own space. This will prevent overcrowding issues and help keep the adults healthy and happy.

Research and purchase a separate tank for unwanted fry

Consider buying a separate tank if you want to keep all the fry and have the space. This will be the ideal environment for them to thrive and grow.

Invest in quality food and supplements.

Please provide the best nutrition control breeding for the fry to ensure they have strong immune systems and are healthy. This will also help them grow faster so you can get them to the market sooner.

Offer fry as pets or donate to local aquariums.

Some may be unable to keep all the fries, and offering them up as pets or donating them will ensure they still get loved and cared for.

Be aware of unusual behavior among guppy fry.

Watch out for signs of illness or injury so you can take proper action and ensure the fry is safe and healthy.

Grasp Basic Guppy Breeding Knowledge. 

Knowing how to breed guppies and when to separate the guppy fry from adults is essential to maintain your fish’s and tank’s health.

These are just some things you can do with unwanted guppy fry. With these tips, you’ll be sure to find the best solution for your needs. Good luck!

Commonly Asked Questions About How to Control Guppy Breeding (FAQ)

How Long Does It Take for Guppies to Breed?

The young guppies’ age and size will also determine how quickly they can breed. Generally, it takes about four weeks for a female guppy fish to be ready to mate. The gestation period is usually around 28 days, and the guppy fry is born in small batches of up to 50.

Will Guppies Stop Breeding?

Guppies will not stop breeding on their own, so if you do not want them to produce, it is essential to take steps to prevent it. This can be done by separating males and females, removing the female guppy before she is ready to give birth, or adding more plants and decorations to the tank so there is less room for them to breed.

What is the Best Way to Control Guppy Breeding?

The best way to control guppy breeding is by separating the males and females. This will ensure the fry is not born in large numbers, which can quickly overcrowd the tank.

At What Age Do Guppies Stop Breeding?

Guppies usually stop Breeding by the age of two or three years. However, some guppies may continue to breed until they are four or older.

How to Prevent Guppy Breeding? 

How to stop guppy fish from breeding? The best way to prevent guppy breeding is by separating the males and females or adding more plants and decorations for aquarium lovers to create more space if they are already in the same tank. You can also remove the female guppy fish before she is ready to give birth to prevent guppy fry from being born.

How to Stop Guppies from Fighting?

Guppies can become territorial and aggressive if they feel threatened or overcrowded. To stop them from fighting, ensure the tank is large enough to accommodate your guppies, and add more plants and decorations to create separate spaces.

How to Prevent Guppies from Jumping?

Guppies are known for their ability to jump out of the tank, so it is vital to take steps to prevent this from happening. Ensure the tank is covered with a lid and any gaps are sealed. You can also purchase aquarium guards to help keep them from jumping out.

How to Stop Guppies from Eating Their Babies?

Guppies can sometimes eat their fry if they feel threatened or overcrowded. To prevent this, ensure the tank is large enough to accommodate your guppies and add more plants and decorations to create separate spaces.

Do Guppies Produce a Lot of Waste?

Yes, guppies produce a lot of waste, which can quickly build up in the tank if not correctly taken care of. Make sure to do regular water changes and use a filter to help keep the tank clean. Also, ensure plenty of oxygen in the tank for your guppies to stay healthy.

Will Guppies Eat Their Own Fry?

Guppies sometimes eat fry if threatened or overcrowded in the female-only tank. To prevent this, make sure the tank is large enough to accommodate the number of guppies you have and add more plants and decorations.


So, how to control the guppy population? In conclusion, guppies are popular fish because they’re relatively easy to care for and come in various sizes and colors. However, if you want to avoid your tank is overrun with hundreds of new guppy fry every few months, it’s a good idea to take proactive steps to help curb the guppy fry population size. Utilizing one or more of the nine methods highlighted in this post – such as buying only one gender of guppy or adding predators into the tank – can help relieve overpopulation.

Be sure to research any predation risks that could be present in your guppies tank before introducing new species, such as a catfish or pleco. Moreover, if any complications arise during these procedures, it’s best to contact an experienced fish owner or veterinarian who can offer appropriate advice and recommendations. Ensuring your few guppies stay healthy and happy should be a priority – now and throughout life.

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