Goldfish Poop Guide: Let’s Clear Up All the Confusion (FAQ)

It’s a common issue among goldfish owners – how often should I change the aquarium, and why do I have to scoop up that little Goldfish Poop? If this confusion is familiar, you’ve come to the right place!

This Goldfish Poop Guide has gathered some of the most commonly asked questions about goldfish waste and answers them in an easy-to-understand format.

From understanding what your fishie is trying to tell you with their waste to tips on keeping your goldfish tank clean.

Gold fish poop

We’ll clear up all the confusion so you can provide your pet with healthy living conditions.

With actionable advice from experienced goldfish keepers, this article promises to have all the goldfish pooping information that you need for a healthier and happier fishy friend!

Do Goldfish Poop a Lot?

Do goldfish poop and pee so much? Yes, goldfish do poop a lot. An average goldfish can produce up to 10 percent of its body weight in daily waste! 

That is why ensuring your fish tank has proper filtration, and regular water changes for your goldfish poop gang is essential.

Should I Worry About the Color of My Goldfish Poop?

Yes, goldfish poop can vary in color. A normal, healthy goldfish poo should be dark greenish-brown and stringy in texture. If the goldfish shit is white, yellow, or red, there could be a potential health issue that needs to be addressed.

Absolutely! The color of your goldfish’s poop could indicate a health problem. Healthy goldfish poop should appear as a long, dark-colored string, but other colors, such as yellow, white, red, or goldfish-tinged brown poop, can indicate an underlying issue.

If you notice any changes in the color or consistency of your goldfish’s stool, it is best to contact a vet immediately to investigate further.

How Often Do Goldfish Poop?

Goldfish typically poop 2-3 times a day, depending on the type of food they are given. Goldfish diet consists mainly of proteins and carbohydrates, which promote digestion, producing waste that needs to be expelled regularly.

As with most fish, keeping your goldfish in clean water and adequately maintained tanks is vital to keep their digestive systems healthy.

What Does Goldfish Poop Look Like?

What do goldfish poop look like? Goldfish fish poop varies in appearance depending on what diet your goldfish are eating. If you feed your goldfish flake or pellet food, their poop will usually be pellet-like and contain some excrement material.

Goldfish poop is typically dark greenish-brown in color, stringy and thin. It should be solid enough to float on the surface of the aquarium and quickly scooped out.

What Is The Normal Goldfish Poop Color?

This varies according to what the fish is fed. Whatever goldfish you own, they have the same colors. The standard goldfish poop color should be dark greenish.

If their waste is a different color, such as yellow, goldfish clear poop, or red, it could indicate a health issue and should be checked out by your vet.

Goldfish Poop Colors and What They Mean

Similar to animals, goldfish poop, but unlike other species, they have no stomachs or digestive system. Digestion occurs most commonly in the intestines. After nutrients enter the intestinal tract, they turn into wastes.

Goldfish ingest the waste from the anus located in their rear tail. Below are some color of goldfish poop and their impact on fish health.

Same Color as the Food They’ve Eaten

Goldenfish’s poop looks just as tasty as their food. If they eat pellets in reasonable quantities, the goldfish shit may look similar in appearance to pellets.

Goldfish eating vegetables produce green poop, while the animals whose diet includes meat have pink poop. Goldfish poop textures should be small and chunky and sink into the tank’s bottom.

Brown Or Red Goldfish Poop

Golden fish containing internal bacteria can produce red poop and yellow poop. Those gold fish poop have solidified and sunk on top of them. Vets recommend fish antibiotics therapy for fish infection. Also, goldfish red poop can occur from overcrowded fish tanks or a higher temp than the correct water temperature. Remember, In the cold water, fish are not able to digest their diet.

Green Goldfish Poop

Green poo is created when green pellets are fed on vegetation or plants. Remember, goldfish poo has an identical hue to food.

Black Goldfish Poop

The leading causes of goldfish black poop are medication – or eaten worm-like foods. If your fish is taking medication, this may explain the color change. In addition to eating dead worms, goldfish black poop indicates that the worm has digested and left the intestine.

Why Is Goldfish Poop White?

You can have goldfish with white poop for several reasons. Often a goldfish turns black, and that’s a sign that something’s going on with them.

Please see the details of the project below. If a fish has white poop, it’ll be a problem for a few reasons. List some causes of poop.

Causes of Stringy White Poop in Goldfish

Why Is There Poop Hanging from My Fish? A poor diet, an internal bacterial infection, or a parasitic infection usually causes white and stringy poop in goldfish.

Often high protein foods that aren’t explicitly designed for goldfish can cause this type of waste output.

Make sure to provide your goldfish with a diet specifically designed for them and ensure their tank/pond is kept clean to help prevent any potential infections from taking hold and causing further issues.

1. Parasites – Goldfish white poop indicates that a fish has contracted parasites in their digestive tract, usually from poor water quality or contaminated food.

2. Stress – White poop can also be a symptom of stress, as some sick fish are prone to releasing white goldfish poop when stressed out.

3. Diet – An unbalanced diet can result in gold fish white poop as well, as the fish cannot digest or process food correctly.

4. Disease – Goldfish white poop may also be a sign of disease, so it is crucial to monitor your goldfish closely if you see this type of poop.

It is essential to seek veterinary advice and treatment if you see goldfish clear poop, as it can be an indication of a severe health issue. Always ensure that your goldfish is well-fed, has access to clean water, and is stress-free to keep your fish healthy and happy.

How Often Should I Clean My Tank?

Keeping your goldfish’s tank/pond clean is important, as dirty water can cause various health problems. Depending on the size of your goldfish tank and the number of fish you have, cleaning your tank at least once a week is recommended.

Removing fish waste from the tank will help to keep your fish healthy, as it can prevent the spread of infection and parasites. When cleaning, use a siphon or gravel cleaner to remove any solid waste and uneaten food and perform a partial water change of about 10-25%.

Why Is My Fish’s Poop Not Falling Off?

Why Does My Goldfish Have Poop Hanging Out? Goldfish poop stuck to the body is usually a sign of constipation. This may be caused by an improper diet, overfeeding, or insufficient water changes.

If you see goldfish poop hanging out of your fish, It is essential to ensure your aquarium fish eats a balanced diet and that the tank water is kept clean. It is best to seek veterinary advice for treatment if it persists. To help address constipation in goldfish, 

It is also important to note that some goldfish, such as Orandas, are more prone to constipation than others. If you have an Oranda goldfish, it is best to ensure its diet is fiber and low in fat to help prevent constipation.

Do Goldfish Have Long Poop?

Yes, goldfish have long poop. On average, long goldfish poop should be about 1 inch in length and thin, transparent in color. However, if you notice your goldfish shit is longer than usual or appears very stringy and transparent, Goldfish long poop could be a sign that the fish isn’t eating correctly.

Is It Normal for Goldfish to Have Long Poop? Goldfish long and stringy poop is usually a sign of parasitic or bacterial infections. This type of waste output is often associated with poor water conditions or contaminated live food, as these conditions allow for internal parasites and bacteria to take hold in the fish’s digestive system.

Ensure your goldfish has a healthy diet, regular water changes, and a clean tank/pond to help prevent any potential infections. If you notice your goldfish’s poop is unusually long, it is best to seek veterinary advice and treatment.

How does goldfish poop look like?

What should goldfish poop look like? Healthy goldfish poop is small, short, and thin, reflecting the color of their food (orange, green, black).

What Does Stringy Poop Mean in Goldfish?

Goldfish poop stringy poop may be a sign of parasites or other infections. Long and stringy poop is often associated with poor water parameters or contaminated food, as these conditions allow for parasites and bacteria to take hold in the fish’s digestive system.

What Is the White Thing Coming Out of My Goldfish?

Goldfish poop white things can be a sign of a range of issues. It is important to consider potential causes such as contamination, an unbalanced diet, swim bladder disease, or constipation. To determine what is causing the white poop,

What Eats Goldfish Poop?

Various aquatic animals and invertebrates, such as plecos, corydoras, shrimp, and snails, can eat goldfish poop. All of these creatures act as natural cleaners for the goldfish aquarium tank. They help keep the water clean by consuming goldfish poop and other organic waste accumulating in the tank.

Will Goldfish Eat Their Own poop?

Usually, goldfish don’t eat their poop. Golden fish occasionally eat their poop on accident or if they are starving. If they eat their waste by chance, but they often spit it out.

What Is the Japanese Saying for Goldfish Poop?

Goldfish poop Japanese is translated to “kin no unko” or “goldfish poop.” The phrase is commonly used to refer to something small and insignificant. Though it is sometimes used negatively to describe someone’s opinion or behavior, it can also be used positively to express appreciation for something small but important. For example, you might say “kin no unko” when someone does something that goes unnoticed but still has a positive impact.

Why Does My Fish Have Brown Stringy Poop?

Brown stringy fish poop is a sign of an internal infection. This fish waste output is often associated with poor water quality or contaminated food. These conditions allow parasites and bacteria to take hold in the fish’s digestive system.

What Does It Mean When a Goldfish Has a String Hanging?

A goldfish poop long string hanging from my goldfish could be a sign of an internal infection, such as a bacterial or parasitic infection. This type of waste output is often associated with poor water quality or contaminated food.

Do Goldfish Pee? 

How do goldfish poop? Yes, goldfish pee, but in a much unlike way from mammals. As their kidneys expel contagions from the body through urine. However, goldfish use their gills to filter nitrates & ammonia.

What is the long string coming out of goldfish?

The long string coming out of your goldfish is most likely its waste, called fecal matter. Long poop can be normal, but if it happens frequently, it might indicate overfeeding or low-quality food.

Do goldfish eat their own poop?

Yes, goldfish may eat their own poop. Their short digestive system might leave some nutrients behind, or they might just be scavenging for any food particles.

Can goldfish cause green poop?

Yes, If they eat veggies, algae, or green peas, goldfish droppings will naturally turn green. It’s nothing to worry about the goldfish green poop!

What is the brown string hanging from goldfish?

The brown string hanging from your goldfish is most likely feces. It’s a sign of constipation or excess feeding.

Why is my goldfish poop red?

Red string hanging from goldfish for a few reasons. It could be food coloring from their diet, internal injuries, or parasites. If you see goldfish pink poop, monitor your fish and tank health.

Why do goldfish poop so much?

Goldfish poop a lot because they’re constantly eating! They have a short digestive system that extracts nutrients quickly, leaving more waste.

Why Your Goldfish Are Not Pooping

If your fish is not pooping, you may have constipation. Goldfish get constipated by eating poop in the intestine without food in the mouth.

What fish can you put with goldfish

The excessive intake and consumption of food can result in gastrointestinal problems in fish, and several factors may contribute to diarrhea.

Symptoms of constipation in goldfish include bloated skin and dull skin. You could see goldfish sometimes pooping if it doesn’t cause constipation. So take some time to examine the water tank and check your constipated goldfish.

Why Goldfish Poop Have Air Bubbles

If your goldfish has a spout of air, they have a decreased oxygen supply. This can be attributed to overstocking. Temperatures are usually lower than expected.

You could correct that by bringing goldfish into bigger tanks. Add air bubblers to evaporate water. Try lowering tank temperatures to prevent smog because warm water is a much healthier option.


Why does my goldfish poop looks like worm? Watching how much your goldfish poop and what it looks like is essential, as changes can indicate various health issues. Following the advice outlined throughout this post, owners can safely and healthily handle whatever mess their fish might leave behind safely and healthily. Additionally, understanding goldfish pooping behavior can help owners manage it better and optimize for best aquarium hygiene practices. With the proper knowledge and precautions, owners won’t have to worry about their finned friends or the poop they may produce. After all, a little research will provide you and your pet peace of mind in the long run.

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