Ember Tetra and Shrimp Compatibility: (The Dangerous Truth!)

Ember Tetra and Shrimp are popular for beginner aquarists due to their vibrant colors and ease of care. However, there is a dangerous truth that many may not be aware of – their compatibility in the same tank.

While these two species can technically coexist in the same environment, some important factors must be considered before combining them.

Ember Tetras are known to be quite active and may sometimes display aggression towards smaller Shrimp, especially during feeding time.

This can result in stress and potential harm to the shrimp population.

Ember Tetra

Additionally, dwarf Shrimp are known to be sensitive to water parameters, and the presence of tetras may further stress them out.

In this article, we will explore the compatibility issues between Ember Tetras and Shrimp and provide guidance on how to ensure harmonious cohabitation in your aquarium. 

Are Ember Tetras Aggressive: Do Ember Tetras eat Shrimp?

Ember tetras are peaceful fish that are not generally considered aggressive. They are schooling fish, so they do best in groups of 6 or more. They are unlikely to bother other peaceful community fish. So you should be fine.

However, Tetras are omnivores, so they will eat Shrimp if they can fit them in their mouths. This is especially true for baby brine shrimp. If you want to keep ember tetra with Shrimp, providing plenty of hiding places for the Shrimp, such as live plants or moss, is essential.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind if you are considering keeping ember tetras with Shrimp:

  • The size of the tank: Shrimp are more likely to be eaten in a small tank.
  • The temperament of the ember tetras: Some may be more aggressive than others.
  • The Type of Shrimp: Some types of shrimp are harder than others.

Can Ember Tetra live with Shrimp?

Ember Tetra are tiny Nano fish that thrive in a heavily planted tank setup. Many aquarists wonder if they can live peacefully with Shrimp like cherry shrimp in a community tank.

Some forums suggest that Ember Tetra does not bother Shrimp and can make good tank mates. Though there may be instances where the Tetras may mistake small shrimp fry for food, they tend to ignore the Shrimp.

It is vital to ensure that the shrimp tank is adequately dense planted to provide hiding spots for the Shrimp.

A well-fed Ember Tetra is less likely to hunt for Shrimp. Keeping Tetras in a tank with many plants and perhaps some other small peaceful fish like Harlequin Rasboras or Celestial Pearl Danios is recommended.

Ember Tetra and Shrimp: Peaceful Coexistence, with a Caveat

Ember tetras fish and Shrimp can be compatible tank mates but with a bit of an asterisk. Here’s a quick overview:

The Good News:

  • Peaceful Ember Tetras: Ember tetras are known for their calm temperament and are unlikely to harass adult shrimp.
  • Complementary dwellers: Ember tetras occupy the mid-water level, while shrimp are bottom feeders. This minimizes interaction and potential conflict.

The Potential Issue:

  • Shrimp Snacks: Embers are omnivores and will opportunistically eat anything that fits their mouths, including shrimp fry (baby shrimp).

Key to Success:

  • Hiding Places: To increase baby shrimp survival rates, provide ample hiding spots for Shrimp, such as live aquatic plants or moss.
  • Tank Size: Larger tanks offer more space and hiding opportunities for Shrimp, improving their chances of thriving alongside ember tetras.

In Summary:

While ember tetras won’t actively hunt adult shrimp, a thriving shrimp colony might be challenging to achieve. If you prioritize a thriving shrimp population, consider a shrimp-only tank. But if you’re OK with some breeding population control by the tetras, they can be exciting tankmates.

What fish go well with ember tetras?

Ember tetras are calm community tank fish! Good tankmates include neon tetras, harlequin Rasboras, guppies, and Corydoras catfish. Choose similar-sized, calm fish for a harmonious tank.

What shrimp can live with tetras?

Shrimp can live peacefully with tetras such as ember tetras, Neons, and white clouds in a 10-gallon tank. These tiny fish and Shrimp can coexist peacefully if they are well-fed. Some breeders even recommend setting up a planted tank with java moss and driftwood to mimic their natural habitat.

Will black neon tetras eat Shrimp?

Black neon tetras are likely to eat baby shrimp. Adult shrimp are generally safe, but they provide hiding places, like plants, for successful breeding.

Is it OK to let Shrimp eat dead fish?

Yes, Shrimp are scavengers and will eat dead fish. Removing the fish if it’s large or the water quality concerns you is OK.

What fish won’t eat Shrimp?

Adult shrimp are generally safe with peaceful, small fish like celestial pearl danios, neon Rasboras, or Otocinclus catfish. However, most fish will eat shrimp fry.

Are tetras safe with Shrimp?

Smaller tetras can be OK with Shrimp, but they will likely eat baby shrimp. Provide ample hiding spots for Shrimp, such as plants and moss.

Will flame tetras eat Shrimp?

Flame tetras may nibble on Shrimp, especially young or weak Shrimp. Provide ample hiding spots and choose adult, larger Shrimp like Amano Shrimp for better cohabitation.

Are Ember Tetras possible threats to any dwarf baby shrimplets?

Yes, ember tetras may eat dwarf shrimplets. Provide ample hiding places, such as plants and moss, for the baby shrimp to survive.

Can guppies live with Shrimp?

Guppies and Shrimp can coexist but with caution. Guppies might eat baby shrimp. Dense plants and a good shrimp population can help shrimp thrive.

Would you keep fish such as Ember Tetras within the same tank as shrimplets, juveniles, and some adults?

Ember tetras are generally peaceful with adult shrimp. However, they might see shrimplets as snacks. Provide ample hiding spots like plants for successful shrimp breeding.

Can I keep cherry shrimp and ember tetra in the same tank?

Yes, ember tetras and cherry shrimp can be tankmates! But, ember tetras might nibble on shrimplets. Provide ample hiding places for successful shrimp breeding with ember tetras.


In conclusion, exploring the compatibility between ember tetra and shrimps has been a fascinating journey. We have learned that these two aquatic creatures can coexist harmoniously in the same tank with proper consideration and care. Providing ample hiding spots and ensuring a well-balanced environment with ideal water parameters is crucial. The peaceful nature of Tetras and the gentle presence of Shrimp create a captivating display of colors and behaviors.

Observing their interactions shows us a delicate dance of curiosity and harmony. The Ember Tetras’ vibrant hues beautifully contrast with the Shrimp’s graceful movements, resulting in a visually stunning aquarium. Additionally, their compatible requirements make them an excellent choice for aquarists seeking a diverse and captivating aquatic community.

So, if you’re looking to create a captivating underwater world, don’t hesitate to consider the compatibility of Ember Tetra and Shrimp. With proper attention to their needs and a well-designed tank, you can witness the enchanting symbiosis between these two remarkable aquatic species.

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