Ember Tetra Water Parameters: PERFECT Water in 3 MINUTES!

What are the perfect Ember tetra water parameters? Are you a proud owner of Ember Tetras, or are you considering adding these vibrant fish to your aquarium? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Creating the perfect aquatic environment for your Tetras is crucial for their health, happiness, and overall well-being.

This blog post will unveil the secrets of Ember Tetra parameters that will transform your aquarium into a haven of aquatic bliss in just three minutes!

Ensuring the ideal water parameters is essential for these small fish to thrive. From the temperature and pH levels to the hardness and cleanliness of the water, every aspect plays a vital role in their overall quality of life.

Ember Tetra

By understanding and implementing the correct water parameters, you can create an environment that mimics your Tetras’ natural habitat. This will allow your Tetras to showcase their vibrant colors, exhibit their playful behavior, and flourish in their new home.

So, get ready to dive into the world of Ember Tetra water parameters and learn the secrets to achieving the perfect aquarium setup that will make your fish feel like they’re swimming in paradise. Let’s unlock the key to their happiness together!

What is the Best Ember Tetra Water Parameters?

Hyphessobrycon amandae, or the Ember Tetra, is a popular choice for freshwater fish enthusiasts looking to add a splash of color to their planted tank. These dwarf shoaling fish are native to the Araguaia River basin and are known for their vibrant red coloration.

When keeping Ember Tetras, it is important to provide them with a heavily planted aquarium. They prefer soft, acidic water with a pH near 6.5 and a dark substrate. 

How Many Ember Tetras in a 10 Gallon Tank

A minimum tank size of 10 gallons is recommended for a shoal of Tetras, as they tend to swim at the middle level of the tank. These adaptable fish will thrive in a community aquarium with peaceful species like Rasboras, neon tetras, and catfish.

Regarding water parameters, Ember Tetras do best in slightly acidic water with a pH of around 6.0-7.0 and a water temperature between 73-82°F. Providing high-quality water is essential for the health of these fish, so regular water changes and good filtration are necessary.

Ember fish are not picky eaters and will gladly accept a variety of fish foods, including flakes, freeze-dried, live food, brine shrimp, and other small invertebrates.

Ember Tetra Parameters – Temperament and Tank Mates

Ember Tetras are a widespread freshwater fish known for their vibrant red-orange coloration. They are peaceful schooling fish that make a great addition to a community tank.


These Tetras species are peaceful fish that do best in schools of 5 or more. They are shy and can become stressed if kept alone or with aggressive tank mates.

Peaceful Ember Fish Tank Mates

Good tank mates for Ember Tetras include other peaceful fish that are similar in size. Here are some excellent options:

  • Rasboras
  • Corydoras catfish
  • Neon tetras
  • Harlequin rasboras
  • Celestial pearl danios
  • Dwarf shrimp (adult only – Embers may eat baby shrimp)

Ideal Ember Fish Water Parameters

Ember Tetras are relatively adaptable to water parameters but thrive in soft to moderately hard water with a slightly acidic to neutral pH. Here are the ideal water parameters for Tetras:

  • Temperature: 72°F – 84°F (24°C – 28°C)
  • pH: 5.0 – 7.0
  • Hardness: 5 – 15 dGH

It is essential to maintain stable water conditions in your aquarium. This will help to keep your Ember Tetras healthy and happy.

Here are some additional tips for caring for Ember Tetras:

  • Please provide them with a well-planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places.
  • Feed them a high-quality diet of flakes, pellets, and frozen or live brine shrimp.
  • Perform regular water changes to maintain water quality.

What are the ideal water parameters for ember tetras?

Ember tetras thrive in a freshwater Nano tank with live plants! Aim for soft to moderately hard water (GH 5-15 dGH) with a slightly acidic to neutral pH (6.0-7.5) and 72-82°F temperature. Regular water changes are essential to keep them happy.

Can ember tetras live in hard water?

Do ember tetras like hard water? Yes, they can adapt to moderately hard water. Ideally, their environment should mimic their natural habitat of soft water, but they are resilient fish.

What are the best water parameters for tetras?

Tetras thrive in soft, slightly acidic water. Aim for a pH of 6.0-7.5, water hardness of 4-8 dGH, and a temperature of 72-82°F. Live aquarium plants can help maintain these conditions.

How sensitive are ember tetras?

Tetras are relatively hardy fish. However, they prefer stable water conditions and can be sensitive to fluctuations. Start with a 10-gallon aquarium and avoid overcrowding. They’re peaceful and enjoy spending many times a day at the bottom of the tank.

How hardy are ember tetras?

They are generally considered hardy fish for beginners and can tolerate a wider range of water conditions. However, for optimal health, aim for a stable tank size of at least 5 gallons for ember tetras.

Are ember tetras easy to take care of?

Yes, ember tetras are generally easy to care for. They thrive in a well-maintained tank with stable water conditions, a peaceful community, and a varied diet.

Can you keep tetras in hard water?

Some tetras can tolerate moderately hard water (up to 20°dH), but many prefer soft, acidic water—research specific tetra species for their ideal water hardness.

How many ember tetras per gallon?

Aim for 6-10 ember tetras per 10 gallons of mature, planted tank. This ensures enough space and maintains good water quality for your ember tetras.


As you can see, providing the right environment for ember tetras is simple enough. By carefully monitoring their water conditions, offering a balanced diet, and providing enriching elements, you can create a thriving ecosystem where these finned fish will flourish. Remember, a healthy and happy ember tetra is a beautiful sight, their vibrant orange hues shimmering like tiny flames in your aquarium.

Before welcoming these captivating fish into your home, ensure you understand their needs. Research the ideal ember tetra water parameters to ensure a smooth transition and a healthy life for your new aquatic companions. With a little effort and dedication, you can create a stunning miniature world where your tetras will become the show’s stars.

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