Do Goldfish Need a Bubbler? 5 Ways to Increase Oxygen Flow

If you have recently purchased a goldfish, you may wonder what accessories they need to ensure they thrive in their aquarium. So, do goldfish need a bubbler in their tank?

Goldfish are popular freshwater aquarium fish in various colors, shapes, and sizes. If you own one or more goldfish as pets, it’s essential to ensure they have insufficient oxygen levels in their tank.

A bubbler increases oxygen flow and maintains healthy water quality for your finned friends.

One of the more critical items people only consider is a bubbler or aerator. But do goldfish need a bubbler?

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of adding additional aeration to your aquarium and identify five ways to introduce more oxygen into the tank environment.

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Bubblers not only help create added oxygen for your fish but can also improve the overall water quality and provide extra fun for the fish.

So, do goldfish need an air bubbler? Read on to discover why adding a bubbler to your fish tank may be vital in creating an ideal environment!

What Is A Bubbler?

An air or water pump is an aquarium accessory that adds oxygen to the water by creating bubbles. It produces thousands of tiny air bubbles that rapidly move around the small tank, adding more oxygen to the water and increasing its aeration.

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Bubblers, also known as air stones, diffusers, or air stones, can be powered by either an air pump or an external power source. Bubblers come in different shapes and sizes, so you can find a model that’s perfect for your tank size and shape.

Do Goldfish Need a Bubbler in the Tank?

Does a goldfish need a bubbler? No, goldfish do not need a bubbler in their tank. While some people may use one to help aerate the water and increase oxygen levels, it is unnecessary for goldfish since they can tolerate lower oxygen levels than other fish.

Too much oxygen can be stressful for them, so a bubbler is recommended if your fish bowl or tank has high organic matter and needs more aeration.

It’s also important to note that if you choose to use one, it should run at least 8 hours per day because keeping it on constantly could result in excessive gas exchange, which is terrible for the fish.

What Is The Pros and Cons of An aquarium Bubbler?

Do fish need a bubbler? A bubbler is a great way to increase oxygen levels in your aquarium and help keep your goldfish healthy. However, there are a few cons to consider before investing in one.

For starters, bubblers can be pretty noisy, depending on your chosen type and size. Additionally, too much aeration can cause cloudy or foamy water, harming your goldfish.

However, if you choose the right-sized bubbler for your tank and use it correctly, you’ll enjoy increased oxygen levels that benefit you and your tropical fish!

How To Improve Aquarium Water Oxygenation?

Increasing water surface movement is the quickest and easiest way to improve oxygenation in an aquarium. Adding a pump or air stone can help create turbulence and improve air circulation, which encourages gas exchange at the surface area of the water.

This will allow carbon dioxide to be replaced by all the needed oxygen from outside the tank, thus raising O2 levels in your aquarium.

Additionally, you can add aquatic plants; they produce oxygen during their photosynthesis process and release it into your tank, raising the tank’s oxygen levels.

Lastly, regular partial water changes are essential for proper gas exchange and will also help freshen up oxygen in the tank.

5 Ways to Increase Oxygen Flow in Your Goldfish Tank

Bubblers are only a little good for adding oxygen to your tanks. Here are several suggestions to maintain an optimal oxygen level within the goldfish’s water.

1. Adding Air Stones

Airstones may improve the flow of oxygenated water into the aquarium. These stones use air-pump technology which makes the airflow out. These stones are also suitable for calm goldfish due to their silent air dissipation around large areas.

2. Adding Aquatic Plants

Aquariums improve aesthetic appeal and oxygenation in fish tanks while reducing water pollution. They help in absorbing gases and protecting your fish. This plant is good because it is low in nitrogen in fish tanks. Choosing a living plant should have more significant and healthier looks. Goldfish may eat small-looking plants or eat them. It reduces their efficiency in oxygenating the water.

3. Make Frequent Water Changes

Change the tank water to improve air quality. It reduces waste accumulation. When a water change is made, a sip will remove trapped particles and gases. You should change water levels in a smaller tank if your water supply is more significant than in a larger tank. The video is available on our website.

4. Invest in a Bigger Tank

Having bigger tanks increases their potential lifespan and promotes their growth. Since oxygen enters the tank through its surface, the larger the water surface, the more oxygen flow. Wastes produced by goldfish grow faster and thicken in smaller places, causing more carbon dioxide to accumulate and increase.

5. Add Flexible Bubble Walls

Flexible walls are constructed of plastic materials that are available in a variety of length sizes. Depending on your choice, the bubble can be rotated, coiled, or spread around your tanks.

In addition, tiny holes on the surface allow bubbles out of the water and out of the hose. If the hose you’re considering using is a flexible bubble wall, be careful not to clamp or weigh it down so it does not fall onto the ground.

Avoid Overfeeding Your Fish

Overfeeding can cause problems for your fish. Excess food sinks into the tank and becomes waste causing carbon dioxide formation. Feeding goldfish the maximum amount allowed to consume in 1 minute is best.

Can Goldfish Live Without a Bubbler?

Can a Goldfish Live Without an Air Pump? Goldfish can survive without a bubbler, but it is not recommended. A proper aeration system in the tank helps keep oxygen levels high enough for your fish to stay healthy and happy.

Bubblers also help reduce stress by creating calming ripples on the cooler water’s surface, which can benefit you and your fish!

Do goldfish need an air pump and filter? So, while keeping a fish tank without a bubbler is possible, we recommend investing in one.

How Do I Know If My Goldfish Needs More Oxygen?

How do I know if my goldfish has enough oxygen? If your goldfish shows signs of stress, such as lethargy, difficulty breathing, or darting around the tank, it could be a sign that they are not getting enough oxygen.

How Do You Know Your Goldfish Needs A Bubbler? Other signs include gasping at the surface of the water and discolored gills. If you notice any of these symptoms in your fish, increasing the sufficient oxygen in your tank is essential.

Signs Your Goldfish Tank Does Not Have Enough Oxygen

You’ll need an explanation of the behavior of the goldfish when they don’t have any oxygen to provide their tanks. Those who have seen this warning can take action quickly to protect their fish.

Gasping for air at the surface

If your tanks have low water pressure, it can look like the fish is smelling for oxygen. They typically do it at the tank’s surface so the air gets into it more quickly.

These frantic motions are severe indicators of an insufficient supply, and they must be taken soon as the oxygen needs to be pumped.

Increased Gill Movement

Your goldfish gill will move quickly if you struggle with getting enough air. It also shows that your goldfish can barely breathe.

Goldfish Size and Number

The bigger your tank, the larger the oxygen needed in your tank. Your fish will be overcrowded as they go. Not only is there not enough room for them to swim, but toxic material accumulates quickly, causing an inadequate oxygen supply.

High Water Temperature

In contrast to other fish types, goldfish prefer cooler water. Low temperatures help to cool the ice. In addition, water is more oxygenated at temperatures below 0C. Keep water temperature very low; it means adding oxygen to the golden fish tank. Warmer water does not contain as much oxygen as cooler water.

Are Air Bubbles Good for Goldfish?

Are air pumps good for goldfish? Yes, air bubblers can benefit goldfish when used correctly in the aquarium. Air bubblers are a great way to add oxygen to the tank water, providing your goldfish with a better quality of life.

In addition, they create valuable surface agitation, which helps keep suspended solids from settling on delicate gill surfaces.

Additionally, air pumps and bubblers help move water around the tank, creating more air circulation and better filtration for any debris or fish waste that may accumulate in corners or other areas within your tank.

Lastly, these aerators can provide good visual appeal for humans and fish alike!

Do I Need a Bubbler If I Have a Filter?

Do you need an air pump if you have a filter? It depends on the size of your tank and how many fish you have in it. A filter is essential for any goldfish aquarium, but if you have a large tank with many fish, you may need to add an air pump or bubbler.

Goldfish with big heads

This additional aeration will help keep oxygen levels high and improve your cold-water fish’s quality of life.

Overall, a water filter helps to keep the water clean, while an air pump or bubbler helps to keep your fish healthy by providing them with oxygen. Both of these are essential components for any successful goldfish tank!

Other Ways To Add More Air In A Goldfish Tank

You can increase airflow and reduce noise without having a compressor. The best method of effective implementation includes the following.

  • Use a spray bar to push the water over the tank’s surface gently. This will help oxygenate the water as well as reduce the amount of noise.
  • Use an air stone to help oxygenate the water and add some visual appeal.
  • Utilize a powerhead to create additional surface turbulence, which aids in oxygenation.
  • Install an air diffuser or bell on the tank’s intake to help oxygenate the water.
  • Utilize a protein skimmer to create additional aeration and remove waste from the water.
  • Incorporate live plants, which naturally oxygenate the water and shelter the fish.

These are all great ways to ensure your goldfish have plenty of oxygen in their tank and remain healthy.

But remember, if you still don’t feel like the oxygen levels are up to par, you should consider adding an air pump or bubbler. Doing so can help provide your fish with the best quality of life possible!

How Long Can Gold Fish Live Without a Bubbler?

How long can a fish go without a bubbler? Goldfish and their wild crucian carp relatives can live for extended periods without access to oxygen. Recent studies show they can survive up to five months without an air bubbler!

However, there are better living situations than this. Goldfish and other fish will always do better with access to fresh oxygen. If you don’t have an air bubbler, it’s essential to ensure your fish live in the best water conditions possible and get enough oxygen from the environment.

If you can’t provide an air pump, ensure plenty of filtration and water flow within the tank. This will help keep the water clean and provide your fish with enough oxygen.

Should I Put a Bubbler in My Goldfish Tank?

A bubbler is a great addition to any fish tank. They provide your fish with a better quality of life by adding oxygen, creating surface agitation, and providing visual appeal.

Whether you need an air pump or bubbler depends on the size of your tank and how many fish you have in it. If you have a large tank with many fish, adding an air pump or bubbler would be wise.

What Are the Types Of Aquarium Bubblers for Goldfish?

Goldfish have various bubblers like airstones and blown-water bubble wands. All this does improve the fish tank’s water supply for healthy fish.

The third most popular type of aquarium bubbler is a powerhead, which creates additional turbulence in the water that helps to oxygenate it.

Finally, you can also use protein skimmers to create aeration and remove waste from the water. No matter which type of bubbler you choose, make sure to keep your fish tank clean and oxygenated for the health of your fish.

You can create a happy home for your aquatic pets with the right supplies and care!

Goldfish Air Pump: (Best Air Pump for Goldfish)

A good air pump is essential for keeping your goldfish healthy and happy. We’ve compiled a list of the best Goldfish Air Pumps on the market, so you can be sure your fish are getting the oxygen they need.

Our top recommendation is the Tetra Whisper Air pump, which features a quiet operation and adjustable output. It’s perfect for small to medium-sized tanks.

For larger tanks, the Marineland PH0660 Head Pump is an ideal choice. It’s energy-efficient and powerful enough to oxygenate any tank size.

Finally, the Eheim 8596 100 Air Pump offers a reliable performance and adjustable output. It’s perfect for tanks up to 600 liters.

Whatever air pump you choose, ensure your goldfish have plenty of oxygen to keep them healthy and happy!

How Can I Oxygenate My Fish Tank Without a Bubbler?

Without a bubbler, you may wonder how to oxygenate your fish tank. Unfortunately, bubblers are the most efficient way of adding oxygen to a fish tank; however, there are ways for you to increase the oxygen content in your tank without one.

The simplest and most effective method is to increase surface water movement in the aquarium. This can be done by using powerheads or airstones inside or outside the tank.

Also, suppose you have a HOB (hang-on back) filter with a spray bar attached to the end outlet tube. In that case, you should set it up to create vigorous surface agitation when water passes through it and exits via its spray bar holes into the aquarium.

Surface agitation will help keep more dissolved oxygen in your tank and promote gas exchange between air and water molecules within its environment.

Lastly, increasing light will also help add dissolved oxygen levels since plants absorb CO2 during photosynthesis, adding extra O2 into their environment and giving fishes access to more breathable air!

Commonly Asked Questions about What Do Goldfish Need (FAQ)

Do Goldfish Need a Filter?

Yes, goldfish need a filter. Goldfish produce a lot of waste; a filter is essential for keeping the water clean and toxins-free. Your filter should be able to turn over the entire tank volume at least 4 times per hour. This will ensure that your fish have clean and oxygen-rich water.

Do Goldfish Need a Light?

In most cases, goldfish do not need light. If you have live aquatic plants in your tank, providing them with light is an excellent idea to help them grow. Otherwise, goldfish prefer low lighting and can often become stressed if kept in brightly lit environments.

Do Goldfish Need a Heater?

Goldfish generally do not need a heater. Goldfish originate from cold water environments and can tolerate temperatures as low as 45°F. However, if you keep your tank in a warm water environment where temperatures can fluctuate, it would be wise to invest in a heater.

Can Goldfish Survive Without Oxygen Pump?

Can goldfish survive without an air pump? In short, Yes With much water movement, goldfish can thrive without the assistance of an air pump – ensuring a healthy and vibrant aquatic environment.


In summary, do goldfish need a bubbler in their tank? The answer might depend on your circumstances. Many experts suggest that having a bubbler in your tank is generally helpful for creating aeration and movement in the environment. Of course, selecting the right size and type of bubbler for your tank is essential, as well as monitoring its performance regularly once installed.

Goldfish can adapt to somewhat stagnant environments but, like any living creature, tend to do best with more oxygen-rich water, which can be attained with the help of a bubbler. Ultimately the decision should be based on the needs of your fish and familiarity with your set-up whether you choose to introduce a bubbler or not; happy fish keeping!

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