Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies (7 Safest Betta Tank Mates)

Can you keep betta fish with guppies? Are you considering adding some guppies to your betta fish tank but are still determining if they get along?

While there is much conflicting advice, the truth is that it can be done safely if certain protocols and precautions are taken.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the topic of betta fish living with guppies in an aquarium, as well as seven other potential tank mates for your betta.

can betta live with guppies

We will discuss compatibility levels among different fish breeds, proper environment setup guidelines, and tips on keeping a peaceful balance within your aquarium. Keep reading to find out more!

Can Betta Fish Live with Guppies?

Can betta live with guppies? The answer is yes, but it has its risks. While some aquarists have succeeded in keeping guppies and bettas together, it’s important to understand the needs of each species and keep a close watch on their interactions.

Bettas are territorial and may feel threatened by more active fish, especially those with long-flowing guppies. If your betta is particularly aggressive, it’s best to avoid adding guppies.

It’s also important to ensure your aquarium is large enough to accommodate both species. Generally speaking, an aquarium of at least 15 gallons is needed to provide enough space for two or more species.

Will a Betta Fish Kill a Guppy?

Despite being two of the most popular tropical freshwater fish, it’s important to be aware that guppies and bettas may not always coexist peacefully with other mates.

Bettas can exhibit a fierce temperament, while guppies tend to have nippy tendencies, thus increasing the risk of one causing harm or death to another in an aggressive altercation.

If you plan to go ahead with this combination, it’s important to ensure that your betta is appropriately territorial. You should also closely watch the interactions between both species and remove any guppies harassed by the betta.

Male or female betta can be introduced to a mixed group of Guppies for an attractive aquarium. Selecting non-vibrant males from the guppy set is recommended, as overly colorful fish might draw unwelcome attention from the betta!

Can Female Bettas Live with Guppies?

Can a female betta live with guppies? Female bettas are more docile than their male counterparts and can often be kept with other fish.

However, the proceeding is still important, as some females can display aggressive behavior towards smaller fish.

It’s important to provide the largest space possible. To keep peace in your tank,

That way, bettas and guppies will have ample room for territorial boundaries and swim freely. To ensure success when adding a betta to an existing guppy fish population – always introduce them last!

Can Male Betta Fish Live with Guppies?

While female bettas can often coexist peacefully with guppies, males are typically more aggressive and may be more difficult to keep in the same tank.

If you decide to house male bettas and guppies together, it’s important to provide plenty of hiding places for the fish (like caves or live plants) and keep a close watch on their interactions.

With a lush plant cover, you can ensure the safety of your Female Guppy fry, who otherwise may become an unfortunate snack for either parents or predators.

It’s also important to note that male betta should not be housed with multiple female guppies, as this could lead to the male chasing and harassing the females.

Pros and Cons of Keeping a Betta with Guppies

While there are many potential benefits to keeping bettas and guppies together, some risks must be considered.


  • Peaceful environment: Both species tend to be docile and peaceful when living together.
  • Diverse aquarium life: Adding other species of fish helps create a dynamic ecosystem.
  • Colorful display: Combining bettas and guppies can be visually pleasing for aquarium owners.


  • Territorial aggression: Male bettas may become aggressive towards other fish, especially when housed with multiple female guppies.
  • Disease transmission: Bettas and guppies are susceptible to various illnesses that could easily spread in an overcrowded tank.
  • Compatibility issues: If not properly monitored, the two species may exhibit incompatible behaviors that disrupt the balance of the aquarium.

What Fish Can Bettas Live With?

What fish can live with a betta? While many fish can coexist peacefully with a betta, some are better suited than others.

Other peaceful species like cherry barbs, guppies, platies, and tetras are the best tank mates for bettas. Avoid more aggressive or territorial fish, such as cichlids or large goldfish, as they may bully or attack your betta.

7 Best Betta Fish Tank Mates & Companions

There are several good choices to house your betta with other fish. Here is a list of seven of the safest and most compatible Siamese fighting fish mates:

1. Otocinclus Catfish – These peaceful bottom-dwellers are great for keeping algae under control and won’t compete with your betta for food.

2. Cory Catfish – These small catfish are peaceful bottom dwellers that can help keep the aquarium clean.

3. Neon Tetras – Brightly colored, relatively peaceful fish that stay close to the fish tank bottom; tetras make great companions for bettas.

4. White Cloud Mountain Minnows – These small schooling fish are hardy and peaceful but will still add movement to a tank.

5. Platies – These calm fish need plenty of swimming space and hidey holes, so they don’t get nipped by a territorial betta.

6. Ghost Shrimp – These scavengers are a great addition to any aquarium and help keep the tank clean.

7. Mollies – These peaceful fish are great for adding color and movement to the tank, but watch out for aggression from your betta.

So, can bettas live with guppies? Generally, betta fish can live with guppies safely if certain protocols and precautions are taken. However, it’s important to understand the needs of each species and keep an eye on their interactions.

Providing plenty of swimming space and hiding places is also key to ensuring everyone gets along peacefully. Seven other potential aquarium companions make excellent companions.

Can Guppies Live with Bettas in a 5-Gallon Tank?

Tank Size and Other Requirements: Guppies and betta 5-gallon tank can be a great combination, but it’s important to ensure plenty of room for all the fish.

A 5 gallon of water tank might need to be bigger for a betta and guppies, as both species need adequate swimming space and hiding places. If you opt for this size tank, it’s best only to keep one betta and a few guppies.

how to clean fish tank after betta dies

The perfect environment for a betta fish and guppies to cohabitate is within an adequately sized tank – the larger, the better. More than 10 gallons would not provide proper space or nourishment for both fish species.

How Do you Set Up a Fish Tank for Betta and Guppies?

Setting up a tank for bettas and guppies can be done relatively easily. It’s important to remember the basics of aquarium care when setting up any tank.

• Choose the right size tank: Bettas and guppies need plenty of exploring space, so make sure you choose an adequate-sized tank.

• Use the right substrate: To keep your guppies comfortable, make sure to use a soft and smooth substrate.

• Add hiding places: Providing plenty of plants and decorations will give bettas and guppies somewhere to hide if they feel threatened.

• Monitor water parameters: Make sure to test the water regularly to ensure the pH and temperature are correct for both fish.

• Use a filter: Setting up an aquarium filter will help keep your tank clean and the water oxygenated.

Following these steps, you can create the perfect environment for your betta and male guppies to live happily together.

How to Keep a Betta with Guppies?

Bettas are popular fish, but you need help to care for them if you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing. 

Many people think keeping a Betta is simple, but it’s a little more complicated than just putting the fish in water.

In this video, we’ll show you how to keep a Betta with Guppies by correctly setting up the guppy tank and providing the right environment and food.

Which Fish Should You Get – Bettas or Guppies?

Whether to get a Betta or a Guppies will depend on the size of your tank and the type of fish you want.

Bettas are best suited for tanks at least 10 gallons in size and need plenty of plants and decorations in their environment.

Guppies, on the other hand, are better suited for tanks at least 20 gallons in size and prefer an environment with plenty of plants and hiding spots.

Regarding personality, Bettas tend to be more territorial, while female Guppies are more social and active.

A Betta is a way to go if you’re looking for a hardy and peaceful fish. If you’re after a colorful and lively fish, then a Guppy fish might be the better choice.

Regardless of your type of fish, it’s important to remember to keep the tank clean and provide a good diet for your fish. This will help ensure that your Betta or Guppy lives a long and healthy life.

Commonly Asked Questions about Guppies and Betta Fish (FAQ)

Can Betta Fish Live with Mollies?

Yes, betta fish can live with mollies in a larger tank of at least 30 gallons. However, it’s important to ensure that the mollies have enough room to swim and hide.

Can Neon Tetras Live with Betta Fish?

Yes, neon tetras fish can live with bettas in larger tanks of at least 20 gallons. However, it’s important to ensure that the tank is set up correctly and that there are plenty of hiding places for the fish.

What Do Guppies Eat?

Guppies are omnivores, so that they will need a variety of proteins, vegetables, and fruits. You can give them prepared betta food as well.

Can Betta Live Together?

Yes, betta fish can live together in larger tanks of at least 20 gallons. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the tank and ensure there is not too much aggression between the fish.

Can Betta Fish Live with Goldfish?

No, betta fish should not be kept with goldfish. Goldfish require a much larger tank and cooler water temperature than bettas, so they should be kept in a different tank. In addition, goldfish are known to be aggressive and can bully or even injure a betta fish.

Can 1 Male and 1 Female Betta Fish Live Together?

Yes, you can keep one male and one female betta Splendens fish in a tank of at least 10 gallons. As long as the tank is set up correctly and there are plenty of hiding places, the two betta fish should coexist peacefully.

Can Betta Fish Survive with Tetras?

Yes, betta fish can live with tetras in tanks of at least 10 gallons. It’s important to ensure that the tank is set up correctly and that there are plenty of hiding places for the fish.

Can Guppies Eat Betta Food? 

Yes, guppies can eat betta-based food. However, it’s important to ensure that the diet is balanced and that the guppies get all the necessary nutrients. In addition, it’s best to feed them small amounts of betta food at a time so as not to overfeed them.

How Many Guppies Do You Recommend I Put with the Betta?

It’s best to start with two or three guppies. This will give the betta enough space to swim and hide and provide guppies with plenty of room to swim around.

Will female bettas attack guppies?

Yes, female bettas can be aggressive towards guppies due to their territorial nature. Consider a betta sorority or peaceful tank mates instead.

Can I keep betta with guppies?

While technically possible, keeping bettas with guppies risks aggression due to betta’s territorial nature. Consider a larger tank, female bettas, or peaceful tank mates instead.


So, can betta live with guppies in the same tank? Overall, guppies and bettas can live together in the same tank. As long as you take the proper protections and steps to ensure their living environment is ideal, they should get along just fine. If you are interested in raising both fish species, try it – but do your research first!

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