TOP 7 Best Black Skirt Tetra Tank Mates (Experts Advice)

What are the best black skirt tetra tank mates? Black Tetras are popular among aquarium enthusiasts for their vertical black coloration and peaceful behavior. However, choosing suitable tank mates for these fish is essential to ensure a harmonious and thriving aquarium community. 

Based on expert advice and recommendations, this black skirt tetra care guide will explore the top seven best tank mates for Black Skirt Tetras.

From peaceful companions with similar water parameter requirements to colorful schooling fish that will add diversity to your tank, we will cover a range of options to consider when selecting tank mates for Black Skirt Tetras.

how many black skirt tetras in a 10 gallon tank

Whether you are a beginner looking to create your first community tank or a seasoned hobbyist seeking to enhance your current setup, our expert suggestions will help you make informed decisions for a successful and enjoyable aquarium experience with your Skirt Tetras. 

Are Black Skirt Tetras Fin Nippers?

Are skirt tetras fin nippers? Black Skirt Tetras gymnocorymbus are known to be somewhat nippy and aggressive, especially towards smaller tankmates. They’re not typically fin nippers but can occasionally chase or bother more vulnerable fish in the tank.

How Long Do Black Skirt Tetras Live

Keeping them in a group of at least 6 is recommended to help spread out any aggression they may have. In my experience with black skirt tetra fish, they’re better suited for larger tankmates who can hold their own.

They might also be kept with non-aggressive fish like Neons Tetra or Danios, but always watch for any signs of aggression towards other aquarium fish in the tank. Providing a clean, large enough tank with proper tankmates and water changes can help mitigate any potential issues.

For those considering adding Black Skirt Tetras to their community tank, be sure to closely monitor their natural habitat and be prepared to remove any fish that may be getting picked on. 

What Are Tetras Compatible With?

When considering what fish to add to your aquarium, it’s important to choose species that are compatible with each other. Tetras are schooling fish that generally get along well with a variety of other fish.

Some good tank mates for tetras include Danios, guppies, mollies, and platies. Larger tetras like the white skirt tetra and the diamond tetra can also be housed with angelfish or even some larger Gouramis. 

However, it’s best to avoid pairing tetras with aggressive fish like tiger barbs or bettas, as they may harass or even attack the tetras.

If you want to add some variety to your tank, consider adding bottom-dwelling fish like Corydoras catfish or shrimp. Tetras are versatile fish that can thrive in a community tank with the proper companions.

Here are seven great black skirt tetra fish tank mates, keeping in mind their peaceful nature and active swimming style:

  1. Neon Tetras: These brightly colored, schooling fish are a classic companion for Black Skirts. They share similar water parameters and activity levels, creating a visually stunning and harmonious tank.
  2. Cardinal Tetras: Another beautiful schooling tetra; Cardinals bring a splash of red to your tank. They are peaceful and enjoy similar water conditions.
  3. Ghost Shrimp: These fascinating, almost transparent shrimp add a touch of mystery to your tank. They are peaceful and help clean your tank by scavenging for leftover food.
  4. Corydoras Catfish: These bottom-dwelling catfish are great for cleaning up uneaten food and stirring the substrate. They are peaceful and don’t compete for space with the Black Skirts.
  5. Harlequin Rasboras: These colorful fish are known for their peaceful nature and ability to school together, making a beautiful display. They also share water requirements similar to those of Black Skirts.
  6. White Cloud Mountain Minnows: These hardy fish are known for their adaptability and peacefulness. They are a good choice for beginners and are compatible with Black Skirts.
  7. Dwarf Gouramis: These peaceful labyrinth fish are a great addition to a community tank. They prefer slightly warmer water than the Black Skirts but can tolerate the same temperature range.

Important Considerations:

  • Tank Size: You need a bigger tank (at least 20 gallons) to comfortably accommodate all the fish.
  • Water Parameters: All tank mates should be compatible with the Black Skirt’s preferred water conditions (slightly acidic, slightly soft).
  • Temperament: Choose tank mates known for their peaceful nature to avoid aggression or territorial issues.
  • Diet: Ensure all fish have access to a varied diet, as some species, like Corydoras, require specific sinking and live foods.

Remember, some forums recommend researching specific tank mates and their requirements before adding any new fish to your tank.

How many black skirt tetras per gallon?

A good rule of thumb is 1 Black Skirt Tetra per gallon tank. However, if possible, aim for a larger tank for optimal space and swimming room.

What is the lifespan of a Black Skirt Tetra?

The Black Widow Tetra, with proper care, can live 3 to 5 years in captivity. These peaceful schooling fish thrive in groups of 5 or more in a well-maintained aquarium.

Are skirt tetras nippy?

Yes, skirt tetras can be nippy, especially towards slow-moving fish with flowing fins. Keeping them in a school of at least 6 can help minimize anal fin-nipping.

What tetras don’t fin nip?

Peaceful tetras less likely to fin nip include Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, and Rummy-Nose Tetras. Please keep them in a well-sized school for harmony and a better experience.

Are black skirt tetras friendly?

Black skirt tetras can be fin nippers with slow or long-finned tank mates. They are generally peaceful in schools of 5+ with similar-sized fish.

Where do black skirt tetras lay their eggs?

Black skirt tetras are egg scatterers. They prefer laying their eggs on fine-leaved plants in soft, slightly acidic water.

How many black skirt tetras are in a 10-gallon?

A 10-gallon tank can comfortably house 5 black skirt tetras. They are schooling fish and thrive in groups, so avoid keeping less than that.


In conclusion, finding the best tank mates for black skirt tetras is crucial for maintaining a harmonious and thriving aquarium ecosystem. These beautiful tetras bring elegance and charm to any tank, but their peaceful nature requires compatible companions. By considering their specific needs and temperaments, you can create a vibrant community that enhances your aquarium’s overall visual appeal and enjoyment.

Remember, it is essential to choose black skirt tetra compatible tank mates that share similar water parameters, size, and temperament. Peaceful community fish species like neon tetras, Corydoras catfish, and cherry barbs are excellent choices. These companions will coexist peacefully and add a delightful variety of distinct black colors and behaviors to your tank.

Take the time to research and plan your tank’s inhabitants carefully. This ensures the well-being and happiness of your black skirt tetras and their tank mates. With the proper companions, your aquarium will flourish into a captivating underwater world filled with lively interactions and stunning beauty.

So, create a thriving aquatic community with the perfect black skirt tetra tank mates. Your fish will thank you for providing a safe and harmonious breeding home.

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