Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails: (The Shocking Truth)

Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails in Home Tanks? Assassin snails are known for predatory behavior, feeding on other snails in aquariums. On the other hand, Nerite snails are popular amongst aquarium enthusiasts for their algae-eating abilities and aesthetic appeal.

But what happens when these two snail species come face to face in the same tank? The question on many hobbyists’ minds is whether assassin snails will eat nerite snails.

While snail assassins are indeed carnivorous and will consume other snail species, including nerites, the likelihood of them targeting larger and more active nerite snails is relatively low. 

Assassin Snails Size

Nerite snails are known for their hard shells and can often defend themselves against potential predators like the assassin snail.

However, it is essential to monitor their interactions closely and provide ample hiding spots for the nerite snails to retreat to if needed.

By understanding the dynamics between these two snail species, aquarium enthusiasts can create a harmonious environment for all inhabitants in their tank. 

Will Assassin Snails Eat Nerite Snails in Your Aquariums?

Do assassin snails eat nerite snails? One assassin snail will probably be unable to eat a nerite snail by itself due to the size difference. However, as mentioned in another forum thread, introducing multiple snails could result in them forming a gang and taking out larger nerite snails.

While they are known to help get rid of nuisance snail populations such as ramshorns and MTS, they may hurt your nerite snails if you have a planted tank.

Assassin Snail Breeding

It is essential to take care when introducing these predatory snails into your aquarium if you also have shrimp or other small snail species. While assassin snails primarily feed on snails, they may also consume alga and leftover fish food to stay alive.

Snails can live peacefully together in a well-balanced aquarium, but introducing assassin snails should be done cautiously. If you want to add nerite snails to your tank, keeping them separate from potential predators like assassin snails is best.

Your snail’s chance of survival may increase in a large enough tank with plenty of hiding spots and live plants. To avoid any potential conflicts, it is vital to research the compatibility of different types of snails before adding them to your aquarium.

Will Nerite Snails Crawl out of Tank?

Yes, Nerite snails are notorious for escaping tanks. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Natural behavior: Nerite snails are intertidal creatures, meaning they live in areas exposed to air and water at different times of the day. This means they have an instinct to crawl out of the water.
  • Exploration: Even in ideal conditions, Nerite snails are curious and crawl out of the tank to explore their surroundings.

While escaping isn’t always a sign of a problem, ensuring your water quality is good and there’s enough algae for them to eat is essential. Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your tank has a tight-fitting lid to prevent escapes.
  • You can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the rim of the tank (on the inside) to create a slippery barrier [4].

Will Assassin Snails Kill Nerite And Mystery Snails?

Assassin snails are known for their ability to hunt and eat other smaller snails, including Nerite and Mystery snails. Their predatory nature makes them a danger to these more giant snails in the tank.

They are efficient predators despite their small size and can easily capture their prey. Some aquarium owners use them to take care of pest snail populations, but introducing these fish may cause harm to beloved species such as giant Sulawesi snails.

Will assassin snails hurt Nerite snails? While they do not specifically target bigger snails, they may accidentally hurt or kill them while pursuing smaller prey.

Providing sandy hiding places for the larger snails to escape the assassins is essential. Clown loaches are another fish species that are natural predators of smaller snails, like pond snails, but they may also threaten larger snails in the tank.

What Snails Eat Other Snails in Aquarium?

Assassin snails are known to be carnivorous and are interested in eating other snails in the tank. Aquarium enthusiasts often use them to help keep the snail population under control.

As assassins eat snails, they can also hurt baby snails, so it is essential to consider this before adding them to your tank. While they may not eliminate a snail infestation, they can make a difference.

As mentioned in another thread, assassin snails can breed and multiply over time, which can be problematic if not managed properly. Having them in a tank with a certain number of snails is recommended to prevent them from overpopulating. 

It’s essential to consider a few things before introducing assassin snails to your aquarium. First, they may occasionally munch on brine shrimp, so avoid them if you have shrimp in the tank. Second, they can reproduce quickly, so you may end up with more snails than you bargained for!

What Fish Eat Assassin Snails?

Assassin snails (Clea helena) are beneficial additions to aquariums as they help control pest snail populations. However, they are not invincible and can become prey to some fish species. Here are some fish that eat assassin snails:

  • Clown Loaches: These peaceful fish are known for their love of snails. Their long, slender bodies allow them inside snail shells to act the snail efficiently.
  • Pea Puffers: These small but aggressive fish have a beak-like mouth that can easily crush snail shells. They are not recommended for community tanks as they can be fin nippers.
  • Certain Cichlids: Some larger cichlid species, such as Oscars and Jack Dempseys, will happily snack on assassin snails.

It’s important to choose fish that are compatible with your tank’s size and other inhabitants. If you want to control a pest snail population, other options besides fish include trapdoor snails and dwarf pea puffers.

Will assassin snails eat pest snails?

Yes, they are snail predators! They target and eat smaller pest snails like bladder, ramshorn, and trumpet snails, helping control their populations in aquariums.

Can assassin snails live with other snails?

No, not really. They will likely prey on any smaller snail species, including pest snails, but some more giant snails may be safe.

Will assassin snails eat nerite snail eggs?

Maybe. Snails Assassins prefer soft eggs, but nerite eggs are hard-shelled and likely uneaten.

Do assassin snails eat plants?

No, assassin snails are carnivores and won’t harm your aquarium plants. They focus on hunting other snails and worms.

What snails are safe with assassin snails?

Giant snails like mystery or adult nerites are generally safer with assassin snails due to their size difference.

Will assassin snails kill bigger snails?

Individually, no. But a group of assassin snails can overwhelm and kill larger snails if no other food source exists.

Will assassin snails eat my other snails?

Yes, they eat other snails. They target smaller species like bladder and ramshorn snails. If food is scarce, they might attack larger snails in a group.

Will assassin snails kill bladder snails?

Assassin snails are predators that specifically target and eat bladder snails, making them a natural pest control option for aquariums.

What kind of snails do assassin snails eat?

Assassin snails are carnivores that primarily eat smaller snails like bladder, ramshorn, and pond snails.

How fast do assassin snails eat snails?

Assassin snails eat 1-3 small snails every 1-3 days, depending on prey size. They need to be more speedy eaters!


So, will assassin snail eat nerite snail? In conclusion, it’s crucial to consider the compatibility of different snail species when it comes to maintaining a thriving aquarium. While nerite snails are famous for their algae-eating abilities and aesthetic appeal, concerns arise when introducing them to a tank inhabited by assassin snails. These predatory assassins are known for targeting and devouring other snails, including nerite snails.

Therefore, if you have nerite snails in your aquarium and are contemplating adding assassin snails, carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits. Remember, peaceful coexistence between these snail species may not be guaranteed, and the question “Will assassin snails eat nerite snails?” lingers in the minds of many aquarists.

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