Top 7 Exotic Types of Rabbit Snails (That Will Amaze You!)

Rabbit snails, also known as Tylomelania, are a unique and fascinating species of freshwater snails that have gained popularity among aquarium enthusiasts for their striking colors and intricate patterns. There are hundreds of different types of rabbit snails, but some are rarer and more exotic than others.

In this rabbit snail care guide, we will explore the top 7 rare and exotic rabbit snail types that will leave you amazed.

From the vibrant orange and black zebra rabbit snail to the mesmerizing galaxy rabbit snail with intricate patterns, each unique snail brings beauty and wonder to any community tank. 

rabbit snail lifespan

Whether you are a seasoned aquarium hobbyist or just starting, these rare rabbit snails types will capture your attention and spark your curiosity.

Join us as we dive into these extraordinary, peaceful creatures’ world and discover rabbit snails’ beauty and diversity. 

What Are the Different Types of Rabbit Snails?

Rabbit snails, also known as Tylomelania or Elephant snails, are a genus of freshwater snails belonging to the family Pachychilidae. They are popular aquarium snails prized for their unique appearance and peaceful demeanor.

There are over 70 different species of Rabbit Snails, each with its own distinct color patterns and size variations. Some of the most popular types of Rabbit Snail species include:

  • Yellow Rabbit Snail: This species is commonly available with a bright yellow shell and long antennae. They are relatively small, reaching only about 1.5 inches in length.
  • Blue Poso Rabbit Snail: This brightly colored snail has a bright blue shell with yellow stripes. They are one of the larger Rabbit Snail species, growing up to 3 inches long.
  • Black Rabbit Snail: As the name suggests, this species has a black or dark brown shell. They are another larger type of Rabbit Snail, reaching up to 3 inches in length.
  • Yellow Flake Rabbit Snail: This snail has a yellow shell with brown speckles. They are a medium-sized species, growing up to 2 inches long.
  • White Spotted Giant Sulawesi Rabbit Snail: This large snail has a brown shell with white spots and can grow up to 4 inches long.

7 Exotic Rabbit Snail Species

Rabbit snails are an exotic and fascinating addition to any freshwater aquarium. There are seven different species of these cone-shaped snails, with the orange rabbit snails being the most popular. 

When it comes to snail carerabbit snails require proper care to ensure they remain happy and healthy. They prefer a planted aquarium with driftwood and biofilm for grazing. 

Here are 7 exotic rabbit snail species List you can consider for your tank:

  1. Golden Rabbit Snail (Tylomelania gemmifera): Named for its golden-yellow body, these snails have dark brown or black shells with 9 to 10 whorls.
  2. Orange Poso (Tylomelania zemis): This species exhibits a bright orange coloration with a dark brown or black shell. Orange poso snails can reach five inches long.
  3. Yellow Poso (Tylomelania zemis): A selectively bred variety of the orange poso, this snail has a yellow body and either a dark brown or mixed light-and-dark shell.
  4. Chocolate Rabbit Snail (Tylomelania perfecta): These rabbit snails exhibit a chocolate brown body coloration and a sandy shell color.
  5. Black Rabbit Snail: A rare variety with an unknown species name, the black rabbit snail has a black body and matching black shell.
  6. White Spotted Rabbit Snail (Tylomelania patriarchalis): This species has a salt-and-pepper coloration—a black body dotted with tiny white spots. Their shells come in various shades of brown, red, and white.
  7. Gold Spotted Rabbit Snail (Tylomelania towutensis): Similar to the previous variety, these rabbit snails have dark bodies dotted with golden yellow spots. Their shells are mixed with shades of brown, black, and yellow.

Which Type of Rabbit Snail is The Most Rare?

Rabbit snails are considered one of the most rare aquatic snail species in the aquarium hobby.

Compared to other snail species, rabbit snails can grow quite large, with some reaching the size of a golf ball. Their unique appearance and peaceful nature make them popular for many aquarists. 

Out of the ones listed, the rarest rabbit snail is likely the Black Rabbit Snail. Information on its specific species is unknown and is not commonly available in the aquarium trade.

Another contender for the rarest title is the Sulawesi King Rabbit Snail. These snails are highly sought after for their beauty and large size, but finding them can be difficult.

Do rabbit snails reproduce asexually?

No, rabbit snails need a mate to reproduce. They lay single eggs that hatch into baby rabbit snails, but this happens slowly so that you won’t see an explosion of baby snails!

How can you tell the difference between rabbit and trumpet snail?

What is the difference between a rabbit snail and a trumpet snail? Look for the ears! Rabbit snails have two long antennae that resemble rabbit ears, while Malaysian trumpet snails have shorter, stouter ones.

Do rabbit snails get along with other snails?

Yes, rabbit snails generally get along with other peaceful snails like nerite snails. Avoid housing them with aggressive species like assassin snails.

What snails are similar to rabbit snails?

Mystery snails share similar care needs and peaceful behavior with rabbit snails. Mystery and Elephant Snails make great tankmates.

Can rabbit snails live with mystery snails?

Yes, rabbit snails and mystery snails can be good tankmates. They have similar care needs and will only compete for food sources somewhat.

What is the best substrate for aquarium snails?

Most aquarium snails do well on various substrates like sand, gravel, or aquarium soil. The key is to avoid sharp edges that can damage their delicate bodies.

What size tank does a chocolate rabbit snail need?

Chocolate rabbit snails grow to a good size! They need a tank size of at least 20 gallons to provide enough space and avoid overcrowding.

Can you feed snails algae wafers?

Yes, algae wafers are a supplemental food option for many snail species. However, it’s not their primary diet. Offer blanched veggies or sinking fish food for a more balanced diet.

Do rabbit snails eat shrimp?

Rabbit snails are primarily herbivores and algae eaters. While unlikely, they might scavenge on already dead shrimp but won’t actively hunt them.

What conditions do rabbit snails like?

Rabbit snails prefer warm (76-84°F), slightly hard (7.2-8.4 pH) water with stable water parameters. They need calcium for strong shells, so keep an eye on water hardness.

How do you feed rabbit snails?

Rabbit snails enjoy a varied diet. Supplement their algae grazing with sinking pellets for added nutrients.

Will rabbit snail eat plants?

Yes, rabbit snails will nibble on live plants, especially Java ferns. They prefer algae and decaying plant matter, so offer blanched veggies like zucchini to keep them happy and your plants safe.

Where are rabbit snails from?

Rabbit snails, also known as elephant snails, hail from the lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia. These fascinating freshwater snails are popular in the aquarium hobby.

What vegetables do rabbit snails eat?

Rabbit snails enjoy a variety of blanched vegetables like zucchini, spinach, and green beans. Offer them small portions and remove uneaten food after a day to keep your tank clean.

Do rabbit snails need a filter?

Yes, rabbit snails benefit from a filter for good water quality. Filtration helps remove waste products and maintain stable water parameters, creating a healthy environment for your rabbit snail to thrive.


In conclusion, the world of aquatic pets offers a vast array of intriguing creatures, and among them, the rabbit snails stand out with their unique charm. These captivating creatures have become a favorite among aquarium enthusiasts due to their vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and intriguing behavior. Exploring different rabbit snail types opens up a new dimension of underwater wonders.

Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or a curious beginner, incorporating these snails into your aquatic oasis can bring a touch of elegance and tranquility. So, dive into the captivating world of types of rabbit snails and witness firsthand the mesmerizing beauty they add to your underwater kingdom. Let these fascinating snails become the stars of your aquarium, enchanting both you and your guests with their delightful presence.

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