How to Get Rid of Ramshorn Snails in Aquarium (Solved)

How to get rid of ramshorn snails in your aquarium? Dealing with an infestation of ramshorn snails in your aquarium can be a frustrating and concerning problem for many aquarium owners.

These small, spiral-shaped snails can quickly multiply and take over your tank if left unchecked, potentially causing harm to your fish and plants. 

Fortunately, several effective methods exist for getting rid of ramshorn snails and preventing future infestations.

Ramshorn Snail

This article will explore the most common and effective ways to rid your aquarium of ramshorn snails, including manual removal, natural predators, chemical treatments, and preventative measures.

Following the advice, you can successfully eliminate ramshorn snails from your aquarium and create a healthy and balanced ecosystem for your aquatic pets. Say goodbye to unwanted snail populations and enjoy a beautiful and thriving aquarium again! 

How to Get Rid of Ramshorn Snails in Aquarium?

Ramshorn snails are a common pest in freshwater aquariums, often introduced through new plants or substrates. These snails reproduce quickly and can soon overrun a tank if not controlled.

One of the best methods to eradicate ramshorn snails is by introducing assassin snails, which feed on other snail species. Another option is to quarantine new plants and substrates to prevent the introduction of new snails.

Ramshorn Snails

Avoid overfeeding your fish and shrimp, as excess food can lead to an increase in snail populations. Additionally, consider adding a loach or puffer fish that feeds on snails.

Perform regular water changes and cut back on feeding to help control the snail population. Zucchini, cucumber, and pea can also be used as bait to attract and remove the snails from the tank.

Assassins are great snail control in invertebrate and shrimp tanks, where there may be a problem with ramshorn snails, pond snails, and other pest snails. Assassin snails are peaceful towards shrimp and beneficial snails and will not harm them.

They will primarily feed on snails and plants, feed less, and any uneaten fish food that dissolves and creates ammonia. Assassin snails are not known to reproduce rapidly, so you won’t likely end up with a hundred of them in your tank like happens with some snail species.

The shell of ramshorn snails will eventually get big and measure around 1 inch in size. White ramshorn snails can produce up to 50 eggs a month, and great ramshorn snails are 0.3 inches or 0.8 centimeters in size. In large numbers, they can be a problem.

How to Stop Ramshorn Snails Breeding

Ramshorn snails can be prolific breeders, and understanding their needs and implementing some strategies can help control their population in your aquarium. Here are some methods you can try:

1. Reduce food availability:

  • Overfeeding: This is the biggest driver of snail reproduction. Avoid overfeeding your fish, as any leftover food sustains snail growth and breeding. Stick to a regular feeding schedule and only offer what your fish will consume quickly.
  • Blanched vegetables: While vegetables offer good nutrients, limit their use as they can also fuel snail growth. Opt for smaller portions and remove uneaten pieces promptly.

2. Remove clutches manually:

  • Ramshorn snails lay transparent gelatinous clutches on glass, plants, and decorations. Regularly scan your tank for these clutches and carefully remove them with a siphon or tweezers.

3. Introduce snail predators:

  • Loaches: Certain loaches like Yoyo, Clown, and chain loaches enjoy munching on snails. However, choose fish compatible with your existing tank inhabitants, knowing they may only partially eradicate the snail population.
  • Assassin snails: These specialized predators target other species, including Ramshorn snails. However, they require separate feeding if no other snails are present, which might harm shrimp or small fish.

4. Utilize traps:

  • Bait traps: Place blanched vegetables or sinking pellets in the tank overnight. Snails gather on the food source, allowing you to scoop them out in the morning easily.
  • Commercial traps: Some traps attract and trap snails using specific scents or lures.

5. Maintain good water quality:

  • Proper water parameters with minimal ammonia and nitrates can discourage snail reproduction. Regularly perform water changes and maintain filtration and aeration.

Important notes:

  • Eradication is difficult: Eliminating Ramshorn snails is usually only achievable sometimes. Aim to control their population to a manageable level.
  • Chemical treatments: Avoid using chemical snail removal products unless necessary. These can harm other tank inhabitants and disrupt the aquarium ecosystem.
  • Consider their benefits: While sometimes seen as pests, Ramshorn snails can be beneficial scavengers, eating algae and detritus.

Remember, finding the right balance is key. By combining these methods and understanding the factors influencing snail reproduction, you can effectively manage the Ramshorn snail population in your aquarium.

Best Way to Get Rid of Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn snails are omnivorous creatures that can quickly multiply in a planted tank, causing a population outbreak if not controlled.

One of the best ways to get rid of ramshorns is to soak some dead snails in a container filled with water for a few days, as they are attracted to decaying matter.

Another method is to reduce the amount of plant matter and gravel in your tank, as these provide enough food for the snails to thrive.

Adding assassin, nerite, or dwarf nerites to your tank can also help control the population. If the infestation is too severe, you may need to manually remove as many snails as possible and monitor the tank closely to prevent another outbreak.

I have a 5 gallon display tank overrun by ramshorn snails a month ago. I noticed they were eating the aquatic plants, my shrimp, and other snails.

After trying different methods, I found that soaking dead snails in the tank for a few days helped reduce their numbers. I also added a few assasin snails to control the population. Now, the tank looks much cleaner, and the ramshorns are no longer visible to the naked eye.

How to get rid of mini ramshorn snails?

Mini ramshorn snails love food scraps! Reduce feeding, manually remove them, or try a snail trap for easy morning collection.

How to get rid of ramshorn snail eggs?

Removing eggs alone won’t stop ramshorn snails. Focus on adult control: reduce food, manually remove snails, or use traps. Eggs will naturally decline with fewer adults.

How to remove ramshorn snail eggs?

To remove ramshorn snail eggs, scrape them off surfaces using a credit card or similar tool. Regular water changes and reducing overfeeding can prevent future infestations.

How do I get rid of snails in my aquarium naturally?

To naturally eliminate snails in your aquarium, introduce snail-eating fish like loaches or pufferfish. You can also use snail traps or remove them manually.

How do I get rid of aquarium snails humanely?

Avoid using chemicals or harmful methods to get rid of aquarium snails humanely. Instead, manually remove them with a net or trap them using vegetables like cucumber or lettuce.

What are the ramshorn snails predators?

Mini ramshorn snack menu: pufferfish, loaches, assassin snails, crayfish, and Gouramis. But beware, these predators that eat snails might munch on plants, too!

What kills aquarium snails?

Caution! Harsh methods harm fish, too. Try natural solutions: snail-eating fish, traps, manual removal, reduced feeding. Chemicals are a last resort.

Will vinegar kill aquarium snails?

Vinegar can kill snails, but it also harms fish & disrupts tank balance—safer options: snail-eating fish, traps, manual removal, and feeding less.

What causes snail infestation in aquarium?

Snail explosions stem from excess food! Uneaten fish flakes and debris fuel their growth. Control portions, remove leftovers, and enjoy a balanced aquarium.


So, how to get rid of ramshorn snails? After carefully considering the issue of ramshorn snails infesting your tank, it is clear that several effective methods exist to get rid of them. One option is introducing chain loaches into the tank, as they are known to consume snails and shrimp. Another method is using larvae pellets to attract and catch the snails. Additionally, introducing predators such as planaria, scud, albus, and corneus can help control the snail population.

How to get rid of ramshorn snails? It is also important to regularly clean the tank and remove any excess food or debris that they’re eating. Lastly, incorporating driftwood can help create a less hospitable environment for the snails. Combining these methods and closely monitoring the tank’s temp can effectively eliminate ramshorn snails from your aquarium.

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