How to Get Rid of Malaysian Trumpet Snails! (3 Proven Ways)

Have you noticed an explosion of tiny snails taking over your peaceful aquarium? Those little guys are most likely Malaysian Trumpet Snails, and while they aren’t harmful to your fish, their rapid reproduction can become a nuisance. But, how to get rid of Malaysian trumpet snails in your tank?

Don’t worry, though! Removing these prolific population boomers is possible without using harsh chemicals or upsetting your aquatic ecosystem.

Malaysian trumpet snails are a common pest in freshwater aquariums. They are known for their rapid reproduction and ability to overtake a tank quickly.

These small, cone-shaped snails can quickly become a nuisance, clogging filters and creating unsightly waste.

malaysian trumpet snail

But fear not; there are proven methods to rid your aquarium of these unwanted guests. This article will explore three practical ways to get rid of Malaysian trumpet snails.

From manual removal to natural predators, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method, helping you choose the best solution for your specific situation. Say goodbye to Malaysian trumpet snails and restore balance to your aquarium with these tried and tested strategies.

Keep reading to discover three proven methods for getting rid of Malaysian Trumpet Snails and restoring balance to your underwater haven.

What is the Problem with Malaysian Trumpet Snails?

While Malaysian Trumpet Snails are generally peaceful tank inhabitants, their rapid reproduction rate can quickly lead to an overpopulation problem. This can overwhelm your aquarium’s ecosystem, leading to excessive algae growth and competition for resources with other tank inhabitants.

Their burrowing behavior can also stir up the substrate, potentially affecting delicate plants and creating cloudy water conditions.

Trumpet Snail

Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) can quickly become a problem in a freshwater fish tank. These pests are known for multiplying like crazy and can quickly take over a tank, especially if there is an abundance of leftover food for them to feed on.

Their ability to reproduce rapidly can make it challenging to control their numbers, as they burrow in the substrate and hide during the day. One of the best way to get rid of trumpet snails is to introduce an assassin snail to your tank. These snails will hunt and eat the MTS, helping to keep their population in check.

Another way to rid your tank of MTS is to remove any snails you see manually. You can do this by scooping them out of the substrate or using a snail trap baited with lettuce or a sinking pellet.

How to get rid of trumpet snails in aquarium? Limiting the amount of excess food in your tank can also help to low number of snails, as they reproduce more when abundant food is available.

You can use a chemical treatment to eradicate MTS from your tank without getting your hands wet. However, this should be a last resort, as it can harm other beneficial snails in your tank.

Overall, the simplest way to control MTS is to limit their available food and introduce natural predators like assassin snails or chain loaches.

How to Get Rid of Malaysian Trumpet Snails Naturally?

How to get rid of trumpet snails in aquarium? There are several natural methods for controlling Malaysian Trumpet Snail populations. Introducing snail-eating fish like Assassin Snails or Clown Loaches can effectively reduce their numbers.

Another option is manually removing snails and their egg clutches. Finally, implementing a strict feeding schedule and avoiding overfeeding help limit their food source, naturally curbing population growth. Keeping the tank clean and maintaining good water quality can also help control Malaysian Trumpet Snail populations.

Regular water changes and gravel vacuuming can help remove excess food particles and organic matter these snails feed on. Scrutinizing live plants before adding them to the tank is also essential, as snail eggs may be present on the plants.

By taking these preventive measures and implementing control methods, you can effectively manage the population of Malaysian Trumpet Snails in your aquarium.

How can I get rid of the Malaysian trumpet snail? Controlling the population of Malaysian Trumpet Snails can be a challenge, especially when your tank is full of snails. As a proud owner of a planted tank, I’ve found three proven ways to tackle this issue.

One trick is introducing a ramshorn snail clean-up crew, which will eat the pest snails and help keep their numbers low. Another method is to add just one assassin snail, which will feast on snails until they die off. Lastly, you can feed less and provide enough food for your pleco or puffer to help clean up.

While Malaysian Trumpet Snails aren’t inherently harmful, their rapid reproduction can throw your aquarium’s ecosystem out of whack. Here are three effective methods to keep their numbers in check:

Method #1: Manual Removal

How to get rid of malaysian trumpet snail? If you really want to remove Trumpet Snails from your tank, one effective way is to remove them manually. Look for the smallest snails, especially the baby ones, as they are easier to remove. Prepare a container with sand, a vegetable (like zucchini or cucumber), a float, and bleach. Place the snails in the container for an hour or two, and they will die. This method can help control the snail population.

Method #2: Snail Eaters

One effective way to control the population of trumpet snails is by introducing snail eaters into the ecosystem. These creatures, such as zebra and dwarf cichlidssuck the snails out of their shells and consume them. As a result, the population of snails drastically decreases as the snails die off, and only a few survive.

Method #3: Snail Trap

Snail Trap is a popular way to control the Trumpet Snail’s Population. Snail traps are designed to attract and capture these pests effectively. Place the trap in the tank and wait for the snails to enter. Once trapped, remove and dispose of the snails. This non-toxic and humane method allows you to eat snails and reduce their numbers in your aquarium.

By implementing one or a combination of these methods, you can effectively control Malaysian Trumpet Snail populations and maintain a healthy and balanced aquarium environment.

How can you eliminate and kill Malaysian Trumpet Snails from your aquarium tank?

Eliminating Malaysian Trumpet Snails can be challenging. Try manual removal, traps, or gravel vacuuming. For stubborn cases, consider fish like pea puffers that eat snails.

How do I get rid of Malaysian trumpet snails in my aquarium?

How to remove malaysian trumpet snails from your aquarium? You can use snail traps, reduce overfeeding, introduce snail-eating fish, manually remove them, or try chemical treatments.

What will eat Malaysian trumpet snails?

Certain loaches, like clown loaches and pea puffers, enjoy munching on Malaysian trumpet snails. Their strong jaws and specialized feeding habits make them natural snail predators.

How do I get rid of a snail infestation in my aquarium?

How to get rid of Malaysia trumpet snails? To control snails, try manual removal, traps with bait like veggies, or fish like pea puffers. Adjust tank maintenance to reduce food sources for fewer snails.

What kills Malaysian trumpet snails?

While tricky, predatory fish or a copper treatment can eliminate Malaysian trumpet snails. But be cautious with copper, as it harms some fish and plants.

How do you deal with trumpet snails?

To deal with trumpet snails, reduce overfeeding, manually remove them during water changes, introduce snail-eating fish, use snail traps, or try chemical treatments like copper-based medications or snail-killing chemicals.


How do you get rid of Malaysian trumpet snails? In conclusion, dealing with Malaysian Trumpet Snails in your freshwater aquarium can be daunting, but with the right approach, you can regain control and restore the balance in your tank. Prevention is critical, so always be cautious when introducing new plants or fish to your aquarium. Regular maintenance and monitoring will help you catch any snail population growth early on, reducing the need for drastic measures. 

So, how to get rid of malaysian trumpet snails? If you find yourself facing an infestation, several effective methods are available, such as manual removal, natural predators, and chemical treatments. Choose the method that suits your needs and preferences, ensuring the safety of your aquatic environment. By following these steps and staying vigilant, you can successfully manage and eliminate Malaysian Trumpet Snails, allowing your aquarium to thrive in all its beauty and serenity.

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