Can Ghost Shrimp Live with Cherry Shrimp: A Detailed Answer!

Unlocking the Mystery: can ghost shrimp live with cherry shrimp peacefully? Discover the captivating world of shrimp compatibility as we explore whether Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp can thrive together.

Uncover the secrets of their shared habitat, behaviors, and care needs. Get expert insights and tips to create a harmonious aquarium environment for these captivating creatures.

Are you an aquarium enthusiast who’s been pondering the compatibility of Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp? These mesmerizing aquatic creatures have captivated the hearts of hobbyists and experts alike.

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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the intriguing question: Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp coexist harmoniously in the same tank?

Join us as we navigate these unique shrimp species’ nuances, behaviors, and care requirements to help you make an informed decision.

Can Ghost Shrimp Live with Cherry Shrimp?

Can cherry shrimp live with ghost shrimp? Ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp can coexist peacefully in the same aquarium as they are generally compatible and have similar care requirements. 

These two shrimp species make excellent tank mates, creating an aesthetically pleasing and diverse aquatic environment.

Can Ghost Shrimp Breed with Cherry Shrimp

While introducing them to their new tank is essential to ensure proper acclimation and provide adequate shrimp care to maintain their well-being.

By creating a suitable habitat and providing appropriate nutrition, hobbyists can enjoy the harmonious cohabitation of these delightful shrimp species, enhancing their aquarium’s visual appeal and biodiversity.

Shrimp Harmony: Exploring the Potential for Coexistence

Compatibility is vital when blending different aquatic species in a shared habitat. Ghost Shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus) and Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) are popular shrimp species that often find themselves in aquarists’ curiosity.

While both species possess distinct characteristics, behaviors, and care needs, keeping them together in an aquarium setting is an exciting possibility.

Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp: A Closer Look

Ghost Shrimp, known for their semi-translucent appearance and delicate presence, can measure up to 2 inches in length.

On the other hand, Cherry Shrimp, valued for their vibrant red color, typically reach sizes of around 1.5 inches long. Both species share intriguing similarities regarding their aquatic behaviors and preferences despite their differences.

Behavior and Habitat

Red Cherry Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp thrive in similar tank conditions, favoring densely planted environments with ample hiding spots. This shared affinity for planted tanks offers a common ground for these shrimp species to coexist.

Both types of shrimp are known for their scavenging behavior, diligently consuming detritus and algae. This shared trait can lead to a balanced ecosystem as they contribute to the tank’s overall cleanliness.

Coexisting Considerations: Unveiling the Secrets of Compatibility

Creating a harmonious habitat for Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp requires careful consideration of various factors. Let’s delve into these aspects to understand the dynamics of coexistence better.

Tank Size and Population:

Aim for a tank size of at least 10 gallons to foster a thriving environment for both species. Larger tanks offer more space for the shrimp to explore and establish territories.

Maintaining a ratio of one shrimp per gallon is recommended to prevent overcrowding. This approach ensures that each shrimp has sufficient resources and space to flourish.

Water Parameters and Quality:

Both Ghost and Cherry Shrimp prefer stable and pristine water conditions. Aim for a temperature range of 72-78°F (22-25°C) and maintain a neutral to slightly alkaline pH between 7.0 and 8.0.

Regular water testing and maintenance are crucial to sustaining optimal water quality. Consider using a reliable water conditioner to remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water before introducing it to the shrimp tank.

Diet and Feeding:

Ensuring a balanced diet is essential for the well-being of Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp. These omnivorous creatures relish a varied diet of algae, detritus, biofilm, and specialized shrimp pellets.

Providing a mix of high-quality food sources guarantees that both species receive the necessary nutrients to thrive.

Territorial Considerations:

While Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp are generally peaceful, territorial disputes can arise if the tank lacks ample hiding spots.

Introduce decorations, aquarium plants, and driftwood to create secluded areas where shrimp can retreat. This practice reduces stress and minimizes potential conflicts, promoting a harmonious coexistence.

How to Make Cherry and Ghost Shrimp Coexist?

How can red cherry shrimp live with ghost shrimp? Cherry and ghost shrimp can coexist in the same aquarium, but there are a few things you need to do to make sure they get along.

To create a suitable environment for both cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp to coexist in an aquarium, you can follow these steps:

  • Get a large tank. A ten-gallon tank is the minimum size for keeping cherry and ghost shrimp species together, but a larger tank is always better. This will give the shrimp plenty of space to swim and hide, which will help to reduce aggression.
  • Provide plenty of hiding places. Ghost shrimp are slightly larger and more assertive than cherry shrimp, so they may bully the smaller shrimp if they don’t have anywhere to hide. Add plenty of plants, rocks, and driftwood to your tank to provide hiding places for all the shrimp.
  • Keep your tank clean. Cherry and ghost shrimp are sensitive to water quality, so keeping your tank clean is important. Do weekly water changes and test your water parameters regularly.
  • Feed your shrimp a balanced diet. Cherry and ghost shrimp are omnivores, so they need a diet that includes animal and plant matter. Feed them various foods, such as algae wafers, shrimp pellets, and frozen brine shrimp.
  • Monitor the cherry and ghost shrimp’s behavior. If you notice any aggression between the shrimp, it may be necessary to separate them. This is especially important if you have a small tank or if there must be more hiding places for all the shrimp.

By following these tips, you can help to ensure that your cherry and ghost shrimp coexist peacefully in the same aquarium.

Here are some additional tips for keeping cherry and ghost shrimp together:

  • Choose shrimp of similar size. If you mix large and small shrimp, the giant shrimp may prey on the smaller ones.
  • Introduce the shrimp slowly. Add the cherry shrimp to the tank first, then add the ghost shrimp a few days later. This will give the cherry shrimp time to adjust to the new environment before the ghost shrimp arrive.
  • Be patient. It may take some time for the shrimp to get used to each other. If you see any aggression, don’t panic. Just keep an eye on the situation and intervene if necessary.

You can easily keep cherry and ghost shrimp together in the same aquarium with care and attention.

Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp Breed?

Can ghost shrimp breed with cherries? No, ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp cannot breed. They are two different shrimp species, and their genetic makeup is incompatible. Even if a ghost shrimp and a cherry shrimp were to mate, the offspring would be infertile.

Ghost shrimp are freshwater shrimp, while cherry shrimp are brackish water shrimp. Ghost shrimp can breed in freshwater, but their offspring need brackish water to survive. On the other hand, Cherry shrimp can only produce in brackish water.

In addition to the different water requirements, ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp have other breeding behaviors. Ghost shrimp lay their eggs in clusters, while cherry shrimp carry them under their abdomen until they hatch.

For these reasons, it is not possible for ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp to breed. However, they can live together in the same aquarium if the water conditions are compatible with both species.

Here are some additional tips for keeping ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp together in the same aquarium:

  • Provide enough hiding places for both species. Ghost shrimp are more skittish than cherry shrimp, so they will appreciate having places to hide.
  • Monitor the water quality closely. Both ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp are sensitive to water quality changes.
  • Feed both species a varied diet. Ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp have different dietary needs, so it is essential to feed them various foods.

With proper care, ghost and cherry shrimp can coexist peacefully in the same aquarium.

FAQs about Keeping Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp Together

Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp Breed Together?

While Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp belong to different genera, crossbreeding between them is highly unlikely. Their genetic differences prevent successful interbreeding.

Do Cherry Shrimp Live in the Same Tank as Ghost Shrimp?

Can Ghost Shrimp Be Kept with Cherry Shrimp in the Same Tank? Cherry and Ghost Shrimp can live together, provided their habitat requirements and tank conditions are met. Creating a suitable environment is essential for their harmonious coexistence.

Are Ghost Shrimp Suitable Tank Mates for Cherry Shrimp?

Can ghost shrimp and red cherry shrimp live together? Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp can make compatible tank mates when introduced to a well-maintained tank with ample hiding spots and resources.

Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp Coexist in a Community Tank?

Can I keep red cherry shrimp with ghost shrimp? Both shrimp species can coexist in a community tank with other peaceful shrimp species. While the distinction may seem small, it can impact your choice of species, as smaller shrimp are more susceptible to predatory fish predation than larger ones.

What are the similarities between Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp?

Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp are shrimp species that can live in an aquarium.

Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp be kept in a planted tank?

Can ghost shrimp live with red cherry shrimp in a planted aquarium? Yes, Ghost and Cherry Shrimp can be kept in a planted tank.

What are some suitable tank mates for Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp?

Some suitable tank mates for Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp include whisker shrimp, other species of shrimp, and small fish.

Can Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp live together in the same tank?

Can ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp be kept together? Yes, Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp can live together in the same tank.

How to breed Ghost Shrimp?

Ghost Shrimp is relatively easy to breed. Please provide them with a suitable breeding tank and ensure clean water and enough food.

What species of shrimp are suitable to breed with Ghost Shrimp?

Ghost Shrimp can be bred with other shrimp species but not Cherry Shrimp.

What are the differences between Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp?

Ghost Shrimp and Cherry Shrimp have different physical characteristics and behavior.

Are Cherry Shrimp hardier than Ghost Shrimp?

Yes, Cherry Shrimp are generally considered hardier than Ghost Shrimp.

Will ghost shrimp eat cherry shrimp?

Yes, ghost shrimp can eat cherry shrimp. Ghost shrimp are opportunistic feeders who eat anything they can catch, including smaller shrimp. If you keep ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp together, it is essential to provide plenty of hiding places for the cherry shrimp so they can avoid being eaten.


In conclusion, the fascinating world of aquarium shrimp always captivates enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or just starting, understanding the compatibility of different shrimp species is crucial for a thriving aquatic ecosystem. While both ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp are popular choices among aquarists, it’s important to note that they have different care requirements. Ghost shrimp are known to be more aggressive and may pose a threat to the smaller and more delicate cherry shrimp.

Therefore, it is generally recommended to house them separately to ensure the well-being of both two species. However, each aquarium setup is unique, and individual shrimp behavior can vary. With careful observation and proper ghost shrimp tank conditions, it is possible to create harmonious cohabitation between ghost shrimp and cherry shrimp. So, if you’re wondering, “Can ghost shrimp live with cherry shrimp?” remember to consider the specific circumstances of your tank and make an informed decision based on the ghost shrimp needs and compatibility of your shrimp inhabitants.

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