Can Black Skirt Tetras Live with Angelfish: (Expert Advice)

The world of aquariums has intriguing combinations, but some pairings are more harmonious than others. One question that frequently pops up among fish enthusiasts is: can black skirt tetras live with Angelfish?

Like many things in the aquatic world, the answer is more nuanced than a simple yes or no. These two species present a fascinating dynamic. With their sleek, flowing fins and playful personalities, black skirt tetras add a touch of energy to any tank.

Angelfish, on the other hand, exude elegance with their graceful movements and distinctive, almost ethereal appearance. But can these contrasting personalities coexist peacefully?

This blog post delves deep into the compatibility of black skirt tetras and Angelfish, exploring their behavior, tank requirements, and potential challenges. 

how many black skirt tetras in a 10 gallon tank

We’ll equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your aquarium. Let’s dive in and find out if these two fascinating fish can share a harmonious underwater world!

Can Black Skirt Tetras Live with Angelfish in Aquarium?

Black Skirt Tetras are peaceful schooling fish that can coexist with Angelfish in a freshwater community tank. However, some factors must be considered.

Angelfish are known to be territorial and may become aggressive towards smaller fish species, such as neon tetras. Black Skirt Tetras are larger than neon tetras, but their fin-nipping behavior may still threaten the angel’s fins. In a large enough tank with plenty of hiding spots,

Black Skirt Tetra Tank Size

Black Widow Tetras may be fine tank mates for Angelfish. It is essential to monitor their behavior closely to ensure they are not causing undue stress to the Angelfish.

On the other hand, adding larger cichlids or other aggressive tank mates to the angelfish tank can lead to aggression and potential harm to the smaller Black Skirt Tetras. It is best to choose tank mates with a temperament similar to that of the peaceful nature of the Angelfish.

Additionally, it is crucial to keep smaller fish that can fit in the angelfish tank and not be seen as potential food. Breeding angelfish pairs may also become more territorial and aggressive towards tank mates, so it is vital to consider the tank dynamics before adding any new fish species.

What Fish Can Live with Black Skirt Tetras: (Top 5 Black Skirt Tetra Tank Mates)

Black skirt tetras are known to be hardy and can thrive in a tank without any issues. When choosing tank mates, it’s important to consider their behavior and size. Angelfish make great companions for black skirt tetras as long as they are at least 6 inches in size.

The larger tank will provide enough space for both species to swim and not feel cramped. Plecos and catfish are also compatible tank mates; they are bottom dwellers and won’t compete for space with the tetras.

Remember that black tetras have small mouths and may eat smaller fish, so it’s best to avoid keeping them with fin nippers or genetically modified specimens that can’t defend themselves. They’ll thrive in a community tank if it is at least 10 gallons and well-cycled.

Tips To Curb Glofish Tetras Nibbling at Angelfish’s Fins

GloFish tetras, with their vibrant colors and active personalities, can bring a dazzling touch to any aquarium. However, their nipping behavior can become problematic, especially when sharing a tank with delicate Angelfish. Here are some practical tips to curb gloFish tetra nibbling and keep your angelfish fins safe:

1. Provide Ample Hiding Spots:

  • Angelfish feel vulnerable when exposed, making them more susceptible to nipping.
  • Decorate your tank with caves, plants (natural or artificial), driftwood, and rock formations to create hiding spots where Angelfish can retreat.
  • This reduces stress and offers places for the Angelfish to claim as their territory, discouraging the tetras from venturing too close.

2. Increase Tank Size:

  • A larger tank provides more space for both species to roam and reduces the chances of interaction.
  • The larger the tank, the less likely the gloFish tetras will feel the need to nip at the Angelfish’s fins.

3. Diversify the Diet:

  • A varied diet rich in high-quality flakes, pellets, and live or frozen foods can curb the tetras’ nibbling behavior.
  • This satisfies their nutritional needs and reduces their urge to nibble at fins.

4. Consider Tank Mates:

  • Adding more active fish to the tank can divert the tetras’ attention and reduce their focus on the angelfish fins.
  • More significantly, peaceful fish species like Corydoras catfish or schooling fish like neon tetras can create a more balanced environment.

5. Keep Water Conditions Optimal:

  • Maintain stable water parameters – temperature, pH, and ammonia levels – as fluctuations can increase stress and aggression.
  • Regular water changes and a good filtration system are crucial.

6. Observe and Monitor:

  • Keep a close eye on your fish’s behavior.
  • If you notice any signs of persistent nipping, separate the affected fish temporarily to give them time to recover.
  • Consider removing the gloFish tetras or rehoming them if the problem persists despite your efforts.

7. Be Patient:

  • Establishing harmony in a community tank takes time.
  • Take your time with the results; be patient as your fish adjust to their new environment.

Implementing these tips can create a safe and harmonious environment for your goldfish tetras and Angelfish, allowing them to thrive together. Remember, patience, observation, and a little effort go a long way in creating a happy and healthy aquarium community!

Bad Tankmates for Angelfish: (Beware of the Bad Guys)

When choosing tankmates for your beloved angel fish, there are some bad apples to watch out for. Certain fish, like tiger barbs, can be aggressive and harass or even attack your angel fish.

Generally, it’s best to avoid putting fin-nipping fish in the same tank as your angels, as they can stress them out and even cause harm. Similarly, bettas are known to be territorial and may not make good companions for angel fish.

Additionally, larger adult fish that could swallow your angel fish whole should be avoided. It’s essential to create a harmonious community in your fish tank, so be mindful of the personalities and behaviors of the fish you want to keep with your angel fish.

Some specific species to avoid include serpae tetras, as they can be nippy and may nip at the long fins of angel fish. While generally peaceful, white-skirt tetras may become fin-nippers during the breeding season, which could pose a risk to your angel fish.

It’s always a good idea to research the compatibility of different fish species before adding them to your aquarium to ensure a better experience for you and your fish.

For those who want to keep smaller tetras with Angelfish, provide a tank large enough to have plenty of hiding spots for peaceful coexistence. 

Like a 55-gallon tank, a larger tank will give your fish room to establish territories and reduce the likelihood of aggression. It’s also essential to monitor the tank’s ecosystem and ensure the water parameters are stable, especially during cycling, to avoid sudden spikes in ammonia or nitrite levels.

In general, tropical community fish that are peaceful and similar in size to angel fish are likely to get along fine with Angelfish. However, it’s always best to observe the behavior of your fish closely and be prepared to make adjustments if any aggression or territoriality occurs.

By being mindful of your fish’s needs and personalities, you can create a harmonious and thriving community in your aquarium that both you and your fish will enjoy.

What tetras can be kept with Angelfish?

Angelfish do best with larger tetras, such as Skirt tetras, Columbian Tetras, or Rummy Noses. These tetras are too big to be seen as prey and school together for comfort.

Can Glofish Tiger Barbs Live With Angelfish?

No, Glofish Tiger Barbs are not ideal tank mates for Angelfish. Their nippy fins can damage Angelfish and stress them out. Consider peaceful community fish instead.

Will Angelfish Eat Glofish Tetras?

Yes, Angelfish may view glofish tetras as prey due to their small size. Keep a large tank with hiding spots to minimize this risk and introduce Angelfish last.

How To Stop Angelfish From Eating Glofish Tetras?

Angelfish see Glofish Tetras as prey.  Separate them or choose a larger tank (55+ gallons) with hiding spots for the tetras.

What fish not to put with Angelfish?

Avoid smaller tankmates than Angelfish, like neon tetras, or fin nippers like barbs. Angelfish might see them as food or get stressed by their activity.

What fish go best with black skirt tetras?

Black tetras do well with peaceful schooling fish like neon tetras, cardinal tetras, or Corydoras catfish. They avoid slow or small fish, which they might fin nip.

Can I keep Angelfish with ember tetras?

Generally not recommended. Angelfish grow large and may view ember tetras as prey. Peaceful tetras like neon or cardinal tetras are also considered safe tankmates.

Can I keep Angelfish with cardinal tetras?

Yes, with caution!  Adult cardinal tetras are generally safe with Angelfish. But young tetras might be seen as food. Get a large tank (over 40 gallons) with hiding spaces for the tetras.


In conclusion, several factors must be considered when deciding whether black skirt tetras can live with Angelfish. While both species are generally peaceful, their differing sizes and temperaments can create potential conflicts. To minimize territorial disputes, a spacious aquarium with plenty of hiding spots and visual barriers is crucial.

While some aquarists have successfully housed black skirt tetras and Angelfish together, it’s essential to closely monitor their interactions and be prepared to separate them if aggression arises. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and ensuring appropriate water conditions for both species is vital for their overall health and compatibility.

Remember, every aquarium setup is unique, and individual fish may have their personalities. Researching each species’ specific needs and behaviors and consulting with experienced aquarists or professionals before introducing them into the same tank is always recommended.

So, can black skirt tetras live with Angelfish? With careful observation, proper planning, and diligent care, a harmonious community aquarium that accommodates both species is possible.

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