Best Ember Tetra Tank Mates: (3 PERFECT Companions!)

Those fiery red flashes of color – that’s what you get with an Ember Tetra tank! But let’s be honest, watching them dart alone can feel a bit…empty. That’s where the magic of Ember tetra tank mates comes in. 

If you are looking for the perfect tank mates for Ember Tetras, Look no further! This article will explore three ideal companions that will thrive alongside your Tetras.

These small, vibrant fish are known for their social behavior and peaceful nature, making them a great addition to community aquariums. However, choosing tank mates that will not outcompete or harm these delicate fish is essential. 

Ember Tetra

We will discuss the compatibility, care requirements, and benefits of keeping these recommended tank mates with Ember Tetras. From colorful shrimp to small, peaceful fish, there are plenty of options to enhance the beauty of your aquarium and provide a harmonious environment for your fish.

Stay tuned to discover the three perfect companions that will make a great addition to your Ember Tetra tank!

Are Ember Tetras Friendly?

Ember Tetras are known for their friendly and peaceful nature, making them a great addition to a community tank. These small, colorful fish only grow to about an inch in size, so a 20 gallon tank is the minimum recommended tank size for them.

They tend to school and interact with each other, especially in a well-planted tank with plenty of hiding spots. They accept a wide variety of tankmates, including neon and rasbora species.

Ember Tetra and Shrimp

Many aquatic enthusiasts suggest keeping Ember Tetras in a heavily planted tank with dwarf gouramis and corydoras. They feed on dry foods like flake food and frozen brine shrimp, and they also eat egg fry. Overall, Ember Tetras has a great personality and gets along nicely with other fish in a community tank.

Ember Tetras are small fish, so they should be kept in a small group or school to feel comfortable. They prefer a swimming space and plenty of plants to relax in. They also tend to snack on tiny food particles in a heavily planted tank.

What Fish Can You Put with Ember Tetras?

What fish can live with ember tetras? When stocking tank mates for Ember Tetras, we recommend pairing them with bottom-dwelling Corydoras catfish and surface-dwelling Hatchetfish or pencilfish.

Cory catfish are peaceful bottom dwellers that help keep the tank clean, while hatchetfish and pencilfish add an exciting dynamic to the upper levels of the aquarium.

Ember Tetras are small and peaceful, so choosing companions with similar temperaments that won’t intimidate or outcompete them for food is crucial.

The Corydoras catfish are excellent scavengers, and their presence at the bottom of the tank complements the Emerald Tetras’ vibrant colors and mid-level swimming patterns.

Hatchetfish and pencilfish, on the other hand, bring activity and visual interest to the surface of the water. Combining these three species will create a harmonious and captivating aquatic community that will thrive and delight any observer.

Best Ember Tetra Tank Mates (3 PERFECT Companions!)

Ember tetras are peaceful and relatively small fish, making them ideal for community tanks. They thrive in schools of at least 6 fish, and their orange and black coloration adds a vibrant touch to any aquarium. When choosing ember tetra tank mates, consider these 3 perfect companion suggestions:

  1. Corydoras Catfish: These bottom-dwelling scavengers are great for keeping your tank clean. They’ll eat leftover food and algae,
  2. Hatchetfish: These hatchetfish stay near the water surface, adding another dimension of movement to your tank. They’re peaceful and relatively small, making them ideal tank mates for ember tetras.
  3. Pencilfish: These peaceful fish occupy the middle and upper levels of the tank, similar to ember tetras. Their slender bodies and colorful markings make them a beautiful addition to any aquarium.

Remember, it’s always best to research potential tank mates before introducing them to your tetras. Ensure they have similar water parameter requirements and won’t outcompete your ember tetras for food or space.

Are ember tetras aggressive?

Ember tetras are peaceful community fish. They thrive in schools and don’t bother tankmates. However, a lone ember might chase tankmates to establish dominance.

How many ember tetras should be kept together?

Ember tetras are schooling fish and thrive in groups of 6-10 individuals. This promotes natural schooling behavior and reduces stress.

What is the behavior of the ember tetra?

They are shoaling fish, preferring to swim in loose groups for safety. They’re peaceful and stay in the middle tank area. While shy initially, they become active swimmers in a well-planted tank with a shoal of at least 6-10 tetras.

Can Ember Tetra live with Betta?

Maybe. Ember tetras are peaceful, but bettas can be aggressive. A larger tank (20+ gallons) with plenty of hiding spots for the tetras is needed to increase success.

How many ember tetras can you have in a 10-gallon?

A 10-gallon tank can comfortably hold around 6 ember tetras. This provides enough swimming space for a small school and stabilizes water quality.

Is 5 ember tetras enough?

Yes, 5 Embers is a good starting point for a small school. They are happiest in groups of 6 or more, so consider adding more as your tank grows.

What substrate is in the Tetras tank?

Tetra tanks can use various substrates, but sand is a popular choice. It’s gentle on bottom-feeding tetras and helps create a natural look.

Do ember tetras breed easily?

Yes, ember tetras are considered relatively easy to breed for intermediate aquarists. They are egg scatterers and require good water quality, hiding spots, and a slight water temperature increase to spawn.

Can Rasboras live with tetras?

Yes, Rasboras can generally live peacefully with tetras, especially similar-sized, peaceful tetras. Just avoid fin nippers and large tetras that might bully the smaller rasbora.

What kind of water do ember tetras like?

They prefer soft to moderately hard water, similar to the slightly acidic to neutral range (pH 5.5-7.5) of the Araguaia river basin.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect tank mates for ember tetra is crucial in creating a thriving and visually captivating aquarium ecosystem. By carefully considering the needs and compatibility of potential companions, you can establish a harmonious community that enhances the beauty and vibrancy of your tank.

We have explored the three best tank mates for ember tetra: bottom-dwelling Corydoras catfish, surface-dwelling hatchetfish, and pencilfish. These species not only share compatible temperaments but also add unique dynamics to different levels of the aquarium.

Pairing Ember Tetras with Cory catfish creates a balanced environment. The catfish help maintain cleanliness, while the Tetras showcase their vibrant colors. The addition of hatchet fish or pencil fish brings activity and fascination to the upper levels, completing a mesmerizing underwater tableau.

Remember, when introducing new ember tetra tank mates, always ensure proper acclimation and provide an adequately sized tank with plenty of hiding spots and swimming space. Regular monitoring of water parameters and providing a well-balanced diet will ensure your aquatic community’s overall health and happiness.

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