7 Best Bleeding Heart Tetra Tank Mates for A Community Tank

You’ve fallen for their blushing red hearts and elegant, shimmering scales – the Bleeding Heart Tetra is a true showstopper! But to create a thriving community tank, you need suitable roommates. Finding the perfect Bleeding Heart Tetra tank mates can be tricky, considering their delicate nature and specific needs.

If you want to add diverse and colorful fish to your community tank, the Bleeding Heart Tetra is a great choice.

These small, peaceful fish are known for their vibrant red dot on their bodies, making them a standout addition to any aquarium.

But compatibility is key when it comes to choosing tank mates for your Bleeding Heart Tetras.

Bleeding Heart Fish

In this article, we’ll explore the various tank mates for Bleeding Heart fish, ensuring a harmonious and thriving community tank ecosystem.

Fear not, fish-loving friends! This guide dives deep into the world of compatible tank mates, exploring seven species that will coexist peacefully and enhance your Bleeding Heart Tetra’s beauty and personality. Get ready to discover the perfect companions for a vibrant, harmonious underwater world!

From other peaceful schooling fish to bottom-dwellers and algae eaters, we’ll cover a variety of options that will complement the Bleeding Heart Tetra’s temperament and water requirements.

By selecting the right tank mates, you can create a visually appealing and balanced aquarium that both you and your fish will enjoy. 

Bleeding heart tetras are peaceful aquarium fish that make a beautiful addition to a community tank. Here are 7 of the best tank mates for bleeding heart tetras:

  1. Corydoras Catfish: These peaceful bottom feeders are an excellent choice for a community tank with bleeding heart tetras. They help to keep the tank clean by eating leftover food and algae.
  2. Rummy Nose Tetra: These tetras are similar in size and temperament to bleeding heart species of Tetra and will school together beautifully.
  3. Ember Tetra: Another peaceful schooling fish that is a good choice for a community tank with bleeding heart tetras. They are small and active, and they will add a splash of color to the tank.
  4. Harlequin Rasbora: These peaceful schooling fish are a good choice for a community tank with bleeding hearts. They are small and colorful, and they will add a touch of whimsy to the tank.
  5. Celestial Pearl Danio: These peaceful fish are a good choice for a community tank with heart tetras. They are small and colorful, and they will add a touch of elegance to the tank.
  6. Dwarf Gourami: These peaceful Gouramis are an excellent choice for a community tank with bleeding heart tetras. They are relatively small and colorful, and they will add a touch of personality to the tank.
  7. Shrimp: Shrimp is suitable for a community tank with bleeding heart fish. They are peaceful and will help keep the tank clean by eating algae and detritus. However, avoid dwarf shrimp, as bleeding hearts may nibble on them.

Remember to do your research before adding any new fish to your tank. Make sure that the fish you choose are compatible with each other and that your tank is big enough to accommodate all of the fish comfortably.

Some Fish To Avoid When Keeping Bleeding Heart Tetras in A Community Tank

Avoid keeping larger and more aggressive fish as tankmates for Bleeding Heart Tetras, as they are known for their peaceful temperament. Rosy barbs, barbs, and territorial loaches may cause issues with your tetras.

It is recommended that the tank be maintained with tetra species and other peaceful tropical freshwater fish. Please note that these tetras are mainly found in the Amazon River basin, so they are used to the freshwater conditions of that region.

To ensure their health, keep water parameters such as temperature, pH, and hardness in the proper range. Proper acclimatization before adding them to the tank reduces stress. 

If you have any concerns about your Bleeding Heart Tetras’ feeding behavior, we recommend offering them a variety of high-quality live and frozen foods, such as daphnia, brine shrimp, freeze-dried bloodworms, and flake and pellet foods.

These colorful tetras also enjoy grazing on algae and plant matter in the tank. To mimic their natural habitat, ensure proper filtration and water flow are set up in the tank.

Are bleeding heart tetras aggressive?

Bleeding heart tetras (hyphessobrycon erythrostigma) are peaceful towards most fish but can fin nip if kept alone or in small groups. School them for a calmer demeanor.

Are bleeding heart tetras fin nippers?

Bleeding heart tetras can be fin nippers, especially if kept alone or with fish with large fins. School them in groups of 6+ and avoid angelfish or bettas.

What size tank does a bleeding heart Tetra need?

Bleeding heart tetras thrive in a tank of at least 20 gallons. They are schooling fish, so it is ideal to provide enough space for them to swim together.

How long do bleeding heart tetras live?

Bleeding heart tetras can live for 5 to 8 years with proper care in a well-maintained tank that mimics their natural habitat.

How big do bleeding heart tetras get?

Bleeding heart tetras grow to be around 2.5 inches (6.4 centimeters) long. They are small, peaceful fish perfect for a community tank.

What is the habitat of the bleeding heart tetra?

The bleeding heart tetra hails from the slow-moving, tea-colored waters of the upper Amazon basin in South America. These areas are rich in vegetation and have acidic, soft water.

How Long Can Fish Acclimate to a New Tank?

Aim for 30 minutes to 1 hour to acclimate your fish. Float the sealed bag in the tank water to adjust the temperature, then gradually add tank water to the bag every 15 minutes. Watch for fish stress and change the timeline if needed.


In conclusion, finding suitable tank mates for your bleeding heart tetras is crucial for a harmonious aquatic community. By considering potential tank mates’ temperament, size, and water requirements, you can create a thriving and peaceful environment. Remember to prioritize species that share similar preferences and behaviors to ensure compatibility.

Famous tank mates for bleeding heart tetras include peaceful community fish like neon tetras, Corydoras catfish, and small Rasboras. Avoid aggressive or fin-nipping species that may stress or harm your gentle tetras. By selecting compatible tank mates, you can create a visually stunning and balanced aquarium that showcases the beauty of these captivating fish. So, take the time to research and choose wisely for a successful bleeding heart tetra tank mates setup.

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