Assassin Snail Vs Malaysian Trumpet Snail: Tankmates or Foes

Assassin Snail Vs Malaysian Trumpet Snail: As a beginner or experienced aquarium hobbyist, it is crucial to understand the dynamics between different species before adding them to your tank.

In the world of freshwater aquariums, two popular species commonly debated are the Assassin Snail and the Malaysian Trumpet Snail.

Both of these snails can be beneficial in keeping your tank clean and balanced, but they have vastly different behaviors that can either make them great tankmates or fierce foes. 

Assassin Snails Size

As its name suggests, the Assassin Snail is known for its predatory behavior towards other pond snails, including the Malaysian Trumpet Snail. On the other hand, Malaysian Trumpet Snails are known for their ability to burrow in the substrate and help with aeration.

In this article, we will delve into the characteristics of both snail species, discuss their interactions in the aquarium, and provide tips on how to keep them together or separate in your tank successfully. 

Assassin Snail Vs Malaysian Trumpet Snail: Tankmates or Rivals?

Assassin Snails and Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) are often debated in the aquarium community as to whether they make good tank mates or if they will become rivals. These two species can sometimes be at odds in a new planted tank.

Assassin Snails are known for their ability to take down pest snails, such as MTS, but if the population of MTS gets out of control, the Assassin Snails may have a hard time keeping up.

MTS are known for their ability to reproduce quickly, so a tank with Assassin Snails might also need to watch for an influx of MTS babies. Both species have their benefits, but monitoring their interaction is essential to ensure a harmonious tank environment.

While some aquarium enthusiasts have had success keeping Assassin Snails and MTS together without issue, others have found that the two species can often clash.

If you’re considering adding either of these snails to your tank picture, it’s wise to research and understand the potential risks and rewards of each. It’s always good practice to keep a close eye on your tank inhabitants and be prepared to make changes if things start to go sideways.

With the proper monitoring and care, it’s possible to have a successful tank with both Assassin Snails and MTS living together, but it may take a bit of trial and error to find the right balance.

What is the problem with Malaysian trumpet snails?

Malaysian trumpet snails can become invasive aquarium pests. They reproduce quickly and can overwhelm the tank, disturbing the substrate and competing for food.

What is the alternative to the Malaysian trumpet snail?

Consider mystery snails or trapdoor snails for your tank. They offer algae control without the rapid breeding of Malaysian trumpet snails.

How can you tell a Malaysian trumpet snail?

Look for a long, pointed shell, much like a sugar cone. Malaysian trumpet snails are brown, gray, or cream-colored with growth rings.

Will assassin snails eat snails bigger than them?

Assassin snails usually target smaller snails. However, a group of assassins may work together to take down a larger snail.

Do bigger snails eat small snails?

Be cautious! While some large snails are carnivorous and eat smaller snails, most are herbivores and wouldn’t. Identify your snail species for a specific answer.


In conclusion, the battle between Assassin Snails and Malaysian Trumpet Snails in the aquarium world is intriguing. While both snails are essential in maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem, they can also become rivals under certain circumstances.

Assassin Snails, with their predatory nature, are excellent at controlling populations of pest snails. They are efficient hunters and can help keep unwanted snail numbers in check. However, their aggressive behavior can threaten peaceful tank mates, including Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

On the other hand, Trumpet Malaysian Snails are quite beneficial scavengers and algae eaters. They have a peaceful nature and are known for their ability to aerate and condition the substrate. They can coexist with a wide range of tankmates and contribute to the overall balance of the aquarium.

Ultimately, the compatibility between Assassin Snails and MT Snails depends on the specific conditions and dynamics of the aquarium. Careful observation and consideration of the tank’s inhabitants are crucial when introducing these snails.

So, if you’re wondering about the clash between the Assassin Snail Vs Malaysian Trumpet Snail, remember to assess the needs and temperament of your aquarium’s residents before making a decision.

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