Black Molly Pregnancy Stages: (How to Identify & What to Do)

If you’re an aquarist, there’s probably nothing more exciting than watching Black molly pregnancy stages and the development of black molly fry being born.

Mollies are hardy and easy-to-breed fish, making them the perfect species for beginner aquarists. But how do you know when your mollies fish pregnant?

And what should you do once they reach each stage in their gestation period? Our blog post is here to answer all these questions!

black mollies fish

We will outline the various black molly pregnant stages, so that you can ensure your beloved pet has her babies in the safest and healthiest environment possible. 

Get ready to learn everything valuable about breeding Molly Fish!

How Long Is a Black Molly Fish Pregnant For?

How long is a molly fish pregnant? Molly’s pregnancy can be as long as 40 days, with the child’s birth usually beginning at the end of the pregnancy.

Male and female mollies are reproductively young. Male Mollies mature from 10 months to 12 months, and molly females from 12 months to 18 months.

Suppose you plan to avoid molly fish breed and multiply their populations. In that case, it might be necessary to keep males separate before allowing the breeding mollies process to begin allowing for reproduction.

Once Mollie males have matured, they mollies breed naturally in utero. After the breeding is complete, the next steps will involve gestation molly fish period.

Is the Molly Fish Easy to Breed?

Molly fish is very easy to breed. Like Gipsy mollies, Molly fish can reproduce without causing direct human involvement.

Mollies (also “Poecilia Sphenops“) are living bearers, so Molly will have eggs on her belly and give birth to free-swimming fish.

pregnant black molly fish

The reason is that experts suggest that aquarists make their birth tanks. The larvae have more than adequate protection and are susceptible to fish from the same species that swim in a pool of fish.

Black Molly Pregnancy Stages

Before pregnancy, molly fish go through several stages. The birth period includes conception, egg formation, fry development, pregnancy, and real birth.

From conception to birth, the stages of pregnancy for a black molly fish are an incredible journey! 

Below we explain each of these black Molly fish pregnancy stages:

Here are pregnant molly fish stages?

Conception Stage

Mollies have a pair of ovaries and testes in their bodies, allowing them to mate. During the conception process, sperm from the male Molly is received by the black molly eggs before fertilization occurs.

Egg Formation Stage

After conception, the female molly fish may lay eggs in a protected area such as a cave wall or live aquatic plant. From there, the sperm enters the egg, and fertilization begins.

Embryo Development Into Fry

As pregnancy progresses, embryos turn into moly fries ready for delivery. These occur between 20 – 30 weeks after pregnancy.

The fries, because of their larger diameters, have larger stomachs. You can begin seeing a swollen abdomen that slowly takes a square shape.

Fry Development Stage

After conception and fertilization, fry development is the next stage. As the fry develops inside the egg, it undergoes various metabolic processes and movements that help it grow.

Pregnancy Stage

As the fry grows, the female’s abdomen will become swollen and enlarged due to the developing fry inside. At this point, the fry is considered a true pregnancy stage.

Real Birth stage

Once the fry is fully developed, they are expelled from the female and begin swimming freely in the aquarium. This marks the final stage of the Molly fish pregnancy real birth.

How to Identify Pregnant Black Molly Fish?

How to Tell If Black Molly Is Pregnant? You can look for various signs to identify if your black molly pregnant.

The most obvious sign of pregnancy in Molly fish is a swollen belly, which will become increasingly noticeable as the fry grows inside her.

Other black molly pregnant signs that molly is about to give birth, include increased appetite and a black gravid spot near the vent area. In addition to physical indications, you can also observe changes in your pregnant molly behavior.

Pregnant mollies tend to become more aggressive and may show signs of stress or anxiety.

Look for the above indications to identify if your Molly fish is pregnant. If so, you must take the necessary steps to prepare for the arrival of your fry!

Molly Fish Pregnant Signs

Behavioral Changes

Luckily fishers can identify a pregnancy with a pregnant Molly. When your little Molly is conceived, your calm behavior will start causing some aggressive pregnant molly behavior. However, it does not mean that Molly will attack anyone without cause.

Instead, Molly is not happy about fish affecting her resting place. Usually, pregnant moles prefer to hide during pregnancy by avoiding the temptation to use the bathroom.

Swollen Belly

Normally mollies will have between 10 and 120 fry. Plus, the Molly egg is rare since the animals live. Naturally, a fish of 4-6 feet (at maturity) will carry 100 tiny fry to show off. It has been proven that women tend to turn around their abdominal muscles as pregnancy progresses.

But just showing an increase in pregnant Molly’s belly may not be enough to guarantee what your girl is looking for. Aquarians can find many more black molly pregnant fish signs.

Increased Proximity to Water Heater

One curious sign of a Molly pregnancy is that she’ll stay closer to an aquarium heater. There isn’t any evidence that Mollie is so fond of doing it. Professional aquarists say that Molly was trying to keep her body temperature stable during pregnancy.

If you use lighting that includes UV light, you can also notice Mollies swimming on the seabed. The UV light emits heat, offering another useful solution for keeping your Mollie warm.

How to Care for a Pregnant Molly Fish?

Molly fish are popular freshwater aquarium fish, but what do you do if one of your mollies becomes pregnant? Most people have no idea how to take care of a pregnant Molly fish, and as a result, many babies die. 

In this video, we will show you how to take care of a pregnant Molly fish so that the mother and her babies can survive.

When to Separate Pregnant Female Molly?

How do you know when a black molly is about to give birth? Pregnant Molly, about to give birth, will become increasingly agitated, swimming erratically and hiding away from other fish.

You should also monitor the black molly gravid spot near the vent area to see if it darkens and begins to protrude. If these signs are present, you must separate pregnant mollies from other fish to protect her and her fry.

How Many Babies Do Black Mollies Have at a Time?

Black mollies usually give birth to between 10 and 120 fries at a time. After giving birth, the female may continue to hold some of the eggs in her body, which will be released as they develop over the following days.

It is important to note that the exact number of fry produced by each black Molly can vary depending on factors such as age, diet, and water conditions.

How Do Fish Have Babies?

The process of fish giving birth to their babies is known as spawning. This can occur in various ways depending on the species, but in general, female fish will release their eggs into the water, and male fish will follow behind them and fertilize them with sperm.

Once fertilized, the eggs develop into fry, which will hatch and swim away. Depending on the species, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the eggs to develop into fry.

How to Care for Molly Fry?

It would help if you kept an eye on mollies in the water tanks or the breeding boxes. Start at temperatures around 72 – 72 C. An aquarium heater helps keep fry cool.

Install the sponge filters to remove dirt. Aside from that, more is needed for the little guy. Aim to maintain the level of ammonium nitrates to 0 ppm.

To feed baby molly fish, baby brine shrimp, Daphne, blood worms, micro worms, vinegar eels, fry meats, and crushed flake food.

They are a good size for a small mouthful of fries. Let me know the number of eggs you feed them, three-five daily. This YouTube video describes Molly’s care.

Molly’s fry needs protection from her mother as well as adult fish. Their smaller sizes attract other fish. To rescue the fry, please follow these instructions.

How to Save Molly Fry?

Molly Fry is in danger of going bankrupt, and you want to help. Molly Fry is a small business that is in danger of going bankrupt. If they go under, it won’t be good for the local economy, and many people will lose their jobs.

Follow these tips to save Molly Fry and keep this small business afloat.

Provide Hiding Spaces

Aquariums need a suitable hiding spot to avoid problems for your child. Pregnant mollies enjoy dark and isolated environments. You may notice how often Molly stays with other tank mates. Tell me the best way to hide a pregnant molly:

Having Lots of Live Plants

The second best method of keeping molly fry is what you should have in an aquarium full of life and hidden places. If you don’t intend for your molly fish to breed or have any pregnancy molly fish, you may leave the fish with adult mollies. So the strongest fry survives hiding in the plant until it becomes large enough not to be able to tuck into their snack food. Then it is bigger than it is to prevent the food from getting eaten.

Remove the Mother from the Breeding Tank

Once mothers release their live babies, remove they to the breeding tank and then to the tank. Molly girls will eat babies within seconds. Always keep fish away from adults.

Give the Fish Sufficient Food

The baby molly should be given adequate nutrition so the fry can develop. The mother must use food to feed baby molly fish. Molly’s diet should include the following:

Dalmation Molly Pregnancy Stages:

Dalmatian molly fish pregnancy goes through several pregnant molly stages. During the first stage, a female molly will develop a swollen belly and dark spots on her lower abdomen.

This is when she begins to absorb eggs from her body into her womb. In the second stage, the fry will be visible in the abdomen and can now be seen from the outside.

In the third stage, as the fry approaches full maturity, they will become darker in color, and their fins will start to form.

The last phase of pregnancy for Dalmatian Molly fish is just before birth – known as birthing or ‘freshening’ – where the female’s stomach may become greyish-white in color.

Once your Dalmatian Molly has completed these stages of molly pregnancy, it’s black molly fish breeding time! The fry will emerge from their mother’s body and swim away independently.

It is important to provide Molly Fry with a suitable environment where they can thrive, including enough food, hiding places, and warmth during the birthing process.

Ensuring your Molly fish are healthy and happy will help them produce strong offspring, allowing them to live long and fruitful lives in your home aquarium.

Commonly Asked Questions about Molly Fish Pregnancy Cycle (FAQ)

How Many Days Black Molly Fish Give Birth?

How many days does a molly fish stay pregnant? This depends on the molly fish species, but a molly fish usually will be pregnant for between 28 and 48 days.

What Does a Black Molly Look Like When Pregnant?

What does a pregnant black molly look like? When a black molly fish is pregnant, you’ll notice her abdomen becoming swollen and dark spots developing on her lower abdomen.

How Long Before a Black Molly Gives Birth?

A black molly fish typically gives birth between 28 to 60 days after becoming pregnant.

What Do I Feed my Molly Fry?

Molly fry should be provided with a suitable food source that is small enough for them to eat. Options include baby brine shrimp, dried flakes, and freeze-dried bloodworms. Feeding the fry multiple times a day is important to ensure they are getting enough nutrients.

How Many Black Molly Per Gallon?

Molly fry should be fed a diet of fast, small, and nutritious live foods. Avoid overfeeding to prevent water pollution and stunted molly fish fry growth chart.

How Often Do Black Mollies Have Babies?

Mollies reach sexual maturity and become breeding powerhouses, creating a flurry of fry every 30 days. Offspring can be expected for up to 2.5 years as they continue reproducing!

How Do You Know When Your Molly Fish Is About to Give Birth?

When a molly fish is about to give birth, you’ll notice her abdomen becoming greyish-white. Additionally, the fry will become darker, and their fins will start to form. You may also witness the molly fish kitne bache deti hai moving around more than usual as she prepares to give birth.

How Do I Prepare for My Molly Fish Birth?

You must provide a suitable environment where your fry can thrive, including enough food, hiding places, and warmth during the birthing process.

Can female molly get pregnant without male?

No, female mollies need fertilization by a male molly (molly gender) for pregnancy. However, they can store sperm for months, giving birth multiple times after a single encounter.

Is my black and yellow molly fish pregnant?

Likely pregnant! Female mollies store sperm, so seeing a plump belly, especially below the belly fin, indicates pregnancy.

How many days molly fish pregnant?

Molly fish are pregnant for 6-8 weeks. This is a general guideline and the actual gestation period can vary.

How to tell if balloon molly is pregnant?

Spot a boxy belly! Balloon mollies are round anyway, but a pregnant one gets squarer. Watch for hiding and increased appetite too.


Identifying black molly pregnancy stages is important to care for your fish properly. If you notice any changes in Molly’s appearance or behavior, perform a gravidity test to determine if she is pregnant black molly fish. Provide her with plenty of food and a clean environment. Be sure to remove male fish from a separate tank as they will harass the female. By understanding the different stages of black molly pregnancy, you can ensure that your fish stay healthy and happy throughout molly fish kitne din mein bacche deti hai pregnancy and beyond.

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